Pastor calls for Quran burning on 9/11

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of 9/11, the Dove World Outreach Center will hold a Quran burning. Senior pastor Terry Jones, organizer of "International Burn A Quran Day," is also the author of the book Islam Is Of The Devil, which I'm sure is a convincing demonstration of intellectual rigor and celebration of diversity. The Dove World Outreach Center members are pals with the delightful folks from the Westboro Baptist Church, famed for their "God hates" fags" protests. From the Christian Post:
Islam-Is-Of-The-Devil-Front-Cover 0 When asked if he has ever participated in interfaith dialogues, Jones said “of course” and said he has talked to the CAIR director in Tampa, Fla. He also said he has invited Muslims to come to the 9/11 Quran burning event and is willing to dialogue with them during the activity.

Jones emphasizes that his church does not just speak out about Islam but also homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and abortion...

A survey released by (Christian group) LifeWay Research in April found that 42 percent of Protestant pastors believe Islam “promotes violence” and more than half agree with a statement by well-known evangelist Franklin Graham, who said Islam is an “evil” religion.

"Fla. Church Plans 'Burn a Quran' Day to Mark 9/11" (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)


    1. Why would anyone Agree to this? This is Satanic of the utmost!! Where in the bible or in any religion does it says Hate thy neighbor? Who gives this Church the right to throw stones at any religion. Do they have a glass CHURCH ? Do they not beleive in GOD? The Ultimate Part of any church/group/bible/WHATEVER is to LOVE one another. You know we are all suppose to be a part of the body as a whole. This Minister needs to pull up his pants because his true face is showing!!!

  1. I sense a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of palms slapped against millions of faces all at once…

    I hate that he shares a name with a Monty Python member: “He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy!”

  2. That asshole lives here in town. Basically he hates everyone who isn’t narrowminded, including Gainesville’s new out-and-proud mayor. I’m guessing he puts his hate of The Other aside long enough to fulfill customers’ ebay purchases for the business he’s running out of his church, and for which he’s being audited.

    Some time back he had a sign bashing Obama … one of the many clear violations of the rules regarding political speech of tax-exempt organizations like a church.

  3. Sorry for preaching to the choir, but I really have to quote this:

    “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love…Our aim must never be to defeat or humiliate the white man, but to win his friendship and understanding.” – Martin Luther King, 1958

  4. “He also said he has invited Muslims to come to the 9/11 Quran burning event and is willing to dialogue with them during the activity.”



    1. Will he be okay with Muslims tossing a few bibles on the bonfire? I guess pixleshifter beat me to that above.

  5. I misread that as “Dove World Outrage Center.”

    “Jones emphasizes that his church does not just speak out about Islam but also homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and abortion…”

    It’s good to know that he’s a well-rounded hater. I wouldn’t want to think that he was discriminatory.

  6. A survey released by (Christian group) LifeWay Research in April found that 42 percent of Protestant pastors believe Islam “promotes violence” […]

    Today apostasy is illegal in most Muslim countries, though it may not be subject to the death penalty. Executions for apostasy are rare, but allowed in many Muslim countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.

    Zaki Badawi, M.A. (2003). “Islam”. in Cookson, Catharine. Encyclopedia of religious freedom. New York: Routledge. pp. 204–8. ISBN 0-415-94181-4.

  7. Isn’t this the natural result of any faith based religion? My club is better than your club?

    Even a casual perusal of the Bible and the Koran will reveal two books filled with of violence, sexism, spite, jealousy, petty vengeance and hatred.

    This act seems like a consistent and logical expression of the word of the Christian God.

    My only problem with this burning is that children should not be allowed to play with fire.

    1. >Isn’t this the natural result of any faith based religion? My club is better than your club?


      > Even a casual perusal of the Bible and the Koran will reveal… This act seems like a consistent and logical expression….

      If casual perusal is the extent of inquiry, then all manner of things may appear consistent and logical. Sadly, many people, both religious and not, stop at that point. But many do not.

      Religion is not a monolithic structure. It is engaged in by myriad individuals, with a vast diversity of beliefs and principles, even amongst the major sects. Characterizing Christianity or Islam in a facile, categorical manner is akin to describing all Americans or all Europeans being a certain way. In fact it is even less useful than that, because, unlike either the USA or the EU, neither Christianity nor Islam (nor Judaism nor buddism nor…) even have a single ruling authority or agreed upon body of principles.

      Categorical, manichean thinking is the real problem here, and it is engaged in by religious and areligious alike.

  8. Quote:
    “42 percent of Protestant pastors believe Islam “promotes violence” and more than half agree with a statement by well-known evangelist Franklin Graham, who said Islam is an “evil” religion.”

    Now Lesson history:
    What about Inquisition: the institution of the Roman Catholic Church for combating or suppressing heresy.

    I am Agnostic, and think the world needs to stop the hating and killing, when we will be enough mature to understand that we can live in peace, if we respect and tolerate other people thoughts and beliefs?
    My beliefs are not better than yours and viceversa, just different.

    1. more history lesson:

      As a protestant I am sure pastor Terry Jones is opposed to most of what the Roman Catholic Church has done. The protestants arose in the late middle ages as an opposition to the Roman Catholic Church.

  9. “The Bible’s blind, the Torah’s deaf, the Quran is mute,
    If you burn them all together you’ll get close to the truth.”
    – Bright Eyes, “Four Winds”

    While I love the fact that our country has freedom of religion, I can’t stand people who use that freedom as a pulpit of hate. Sometimes, I wish we had freedom to punch people in the mouth.

    1. Seriously, I believe the goal is to make sure as many people as possible remember that they’re supposed to hate Muslims, in the face of all this “tolerance” nonsense.

  10. Burn them!? How wasteful!

    Why not donate them to science classrooms as memo paper? (along with all those Gideon bibles, torahs, etc)

    Bible paper is also great for fly-papering, Papier-mâché, and Piñata construction!

    1. How ’bout we open a Universal Tolerance Center somewhere, and paper the walls with copies of every religious text ever written. I’m not religious, but I could bring a copy of something by Richard Dawkins, I suppose. :-)

  11. Seriously? There are still such people in this world? Promote hate through religion? Went on to the link to read what the fuss about in their comment area, I saw lost cause in that group of over zealot Christian, to the degree of a cult.

    Another valid point to the statement “Religions divide people”, if you christian really can see Jesus, let me know what’s his facial expression when you guys decided to do this. If His face shows a grin/smile, perhaps that’s the Devil you are worshipping.

  12. There’s a trend amongst the screaming Right-wing to make the comparison between the US and Saudi Arabia. “Would THEY allow a synagogue to be built in Mecca?” and “Would THEY let missionaries preach the gospel during the Hajj?”

    This comparison basically says that the standard for democratic republic with constitutional guarantees concerning religious freedom and free expression should be the same as a mono-culture theocratic-monarchy.

    Setting the bar a little low, aren’t we?

    All the talk of “American Exceptionalism” is nonsense if your platform consists of stripping people of the very rights that made America exceptional in the first place.

    1. Even if Saudi Arabia doesnt have a church, most muslim countries have a church. Even if America’s a free country it doesnt mean people should abuse that right for spreading hate. Chew on that for a bit, okay?

  13. “Dove World Outreach Center”? I see they’re vying for the “Most Ironic Name For an Organization” award.

  14. If we could get these guys into the same cave with members of the Taliban, along with some good translators, I’m pretty sure that there would be some spectacular “inter-faith dialog” as both sides realize how much them have in common….

    I guess one advantage of profound ignorance is that you are unable to see that you are the same as your enemy.

  15. A blogger has said ‘remember to bring a Bible along on the … burning day.
    Muslims respect Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon Him) in the same they respect Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Both of these prophets, as well as many before them, were messengers of God and preached peace and love. So I disagree with the idea that a Bible should also be burnt on the day. There should not be any burning of the holy books at all. These books are not for burning; they are to be read carefully and the devine instructions contained in thms ar to be followed. Such following would bring peace, harmony and love. There should be better interfaith understanding a man of the stature of the Florida Pastor definitely understands it better. Ansari

  16. I was just thinking “wouldn’t an all out holy war be just great!?” and then this comes along to answer my prayers. . . maybe I’m the Messiah!

  17. Sensational much? If you’re going to post this extremist view from an alleged Christian, I should hope you would also post view from other extremist members of extremist factions of other groups. Better yet, you could post healthy, helpful ideas from regular people who are members of non-extremist groups, like a broad range of Christians, Muslims, etc. Then again, those stories wouldn’t ignite so much feedback.

    It’s a shame this otherwise wonderful blog seems to devolve into a Christian-bashing forum so frequently.

    1. Where have you been? In the last 48 hours alone there have been multiple posts about Iranian Muslims and American Jews (in the ADL) spouting hateful, extremist positions. This blog isn’t anti-Christian, it’s anti-nutjob.

    2. And it is a shame that Christianity (or Islam, or Judaism, or….) makes it all too easy.

      Sorry, but just because you don’t like what he is saying doesn’t allow the Christian side to disavow him as an “alleged” Christian. He preaches in a Christian church, reads from the christian bible, etc. He’s as much of a christian as anyone is, since there is no objective way to say who is or isn’t. It’s called the “no true scotsman” fallacy, and religious types are guilty of it more than any group I know.

  18. And this attitude is why the terrorists are against America. I guarantee that this is the kind of story that will shown to all the Taliban wannabees, not any stories about religious moderation.

    And don’t anyone say he’s racist. He obviously hates everyone equally.

  19. Yes, because hate will never breed more hate.

    Fun fact: some of these people want to bring about the Rapture, not world peace.

  20. @Brainspore

    A big part of being Christian is having a persecution complex. I think they get off on it.

  21. I wonder if pastor Terry Jones is doing this as another bad taste Monty Python sketch.

    No, seriously, though, this is just horrible… but these people are desperate for the end of the world, aren’t they? When did Christianity become a doomsday cult?

    1. I did a double-take when I saw “Terry Jones” on that book cover, it would just shake my whole world-view if it had been the real Terry Jones writing that.

  22. ISTM that he’s inviting Muslims in an effort to incite violence, so he can sue people and ruin them. This is how the WBC makes its money; I’m not surprised to see another of their friends trying the same tactic.

    This guy is just another sensationalist scam artist.

  23. and you still wonder why terrorists attack such people? stop this foolish act, you’ll only cause other people’s misery.. -,-

  24. Great way to spend *your* 15 minutes of fame Pastor Terry. Way to advance the message of peace and tolerance your Lord and Saviour gave his life for.

    “Me, what an asshole!” – Jesus on the subject of Pastor Jones

  25. A common, natural reaction to reading this type of story is to feel a kind of rising anger. Anger that people are so misled by wayward religious fervour; anger that such a faulty doctrinal path winds its way towards hateful deeds rather than loving ones. I’m sure we have some Hitchens/Dawkins etc. fans here. I think Dawkins in particular tends to promote a kind of angry, heated response to this type of incident.

    Wouldn’t a better approach to these kinds of religious activities be, to not react with anger, but with laughter? The kind of laughter that would erupt if adults gathered to burn fairy wands, or tarot cards, or horoscope calendars, because those things imposed on their belief in Santa Claus?

    If instead we reacted in horror, anger, and aggression to the Followers of Santa, would that help them to question their beliefs, or further reinforce those beliefs?

    (Having said that, I notice there are plenty of good comedic responses in the comments above!)

  26. The whole Python gang is being abducted by the Right: first Palin, now this?

    They’ll never take Cleese!

  27. I call a vote for forced tea bagging on this db.

    Isn’t always the kooky loons that give all religions a bad name.

    Peace, love, and noodly-ness

  28. On 9/11 this year, I’m going to head down to my local half price bookstore and pick up a copy of the Quran. I’m going to sit down and start reading it and do what I do with the Bible – I look through for the positive messages and take those as the word of God.

    …and in a solemn gesture of peace, I will pray for all my brothers and sisters – even the ones filled with hate.

  29. We have a law in Germany against what we call “Volksverhetzung” (“Incitement to hatred”, see translated Version here:

    I have heard people (read: Americans) saying that this is a violation to the right of free speech, but if you misuse your right to free speech to threaten other people’s freedom (of speech or religion or political views) than that right should become forfeit.

    This guy is trying (and probably with a certain degree of success) to get other people to join him in his hatred. In Germany he would definitely be prosecuted for it — and rightly. The right to free speech is important, but it also brings a lot of responsibility with it. I think Article 2 (1) of the German constitution sums it up pretty well:

    Every person shall have the right to free development of his
    personality insofar as he does not violate the rights
    of others or offend against the constitutional order or the
    moral law.

  30. I am a Christian and I can assure you that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, would not condon such actions. These so-called Christians think Islam is of the Devil. Isn’t passing judgement, and doing violent acts of the devil.
    Dr. Jones, YOU are no Christian. I will be praying for you and your congregation.
    Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  31. Hi I am from South Africa, I am apalled by what this man claims to be right!! I am a Muslim, The Muslims in South Africa like millions of others have decided to leave matters in Gods hands to intervene. WE WILL NOT BE BURNING BIBLES, TORATS ETC IN RETALIATION instead All we can do is pray that people with genuine intellect can distinguish between whats right and wrong. Islam does not teach one to be blasphemous against anothers religion instead to respect it. Off course there are some that use the name of our Almighty to their advantage or to justify their inability to fathom right from wrong exactly like what this man is doing. As a fellow human being who breathes the same air that everyone else breathes all we can do is Pray as this is our only solace.

  32. The pastor cannot be a true a advocate of the true teachings of Prophet Jesus(Upon him be peace and blessings). As an acclaimed ‘man of god’ his actions should be based on his teachings as a Christian. Is he therefore propagating that Christianity teaches hate, revenge, provoking violence, disrespect, and a host of other adversities being an off shoot from his call to burn the Quraan. As a Muslim I would testify that in the true teachings of Jesus (Upon him be peace and blessings)these vile lessons were never taught, since the Quraan has informed me so.
    I would plea with rational interested individuals and groups to exercise intellectual good sense and desist from such actions. If one is still steeped in carrying out such actions then at least buy an English/or translated Quraan well in advance and read through it firstly with an open and sincere heart. I am certain that there will be something in it which would extend to your guidance towards what is the true course of action in your life.

  33. I am a moderate non practising muslim and I’m very upset at what some people in a seemingly open minded and tolerant society are prepared to do. This is no different to what Saddam hussain was guilty of when the west sent in troops to “free” Iraqi people. On the other hand it is heart warming to see so many logical and considered comments on this web site. Thank god(?) for such people. Pastor Terry Jones and his flock should hang their heads in shame.

  34. This pastor was arrested for child pornography, maybe he should’ve read the verse of the quran that reads: ‘they seek to mock allah but allah mocks them’ (An Nisa)

  35. While you are at it, burn the Bible along with the Koran. The Bible is a book rife with genocide, incest, fornication, and the whims and obsessions of an adolescent Jehovah. The good news about monotheism is that it is only one god away from atheism, but the bad news is that monotheism is a petri dish for bigotry and hatred toward human kind.

  36. Maybe Pastor Jones should have the balls to invite Muslim fundamentalists – not the average Muslim working man or woman, farmacist, doctor or social worker like we have here in Brussels – to have a nice bordercrossing campfire chat during his medieval – or Nazi –bookburning orgy. He might discover to his delight that on issues, like homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion and countless others, they couldn’t agree more. A fantastic example of such unexpected harmony happened some time ago in Jerusalem where orthodox rabbis and imams hate each other so much that, as we say in Dutch, ‘they won’t allow the light to shine into each other’s eyes.’
    Yet, rabbis and imams crept together into some sinister backroom, plotting the ban of the Gay Pride Parade in the city. And it worked. Israeli and Palestinian gays were exiled to a football stadium far from the Holy City. It seems that since this successful assault on civic liberties, inter-religious relations have remarkably improved: they know now that they can trust each other on vital issues.
    And while at it, Jones might invite our former Cardinal Danneels who committed perjury during a police investigation about child abuse by the RC Church. Moreover, during a secretly taped discussion with a victim who had filed a complaint, the chaste cardinal suggested that the victim should ask for forgiveness. But why? Well, for descrediting the Church…. Jones must love him because who cares about the laws of men these days?

  37. People can burn all the quraans they want.there are millions of muslims that memorised the quraan all around the world what can they do about that???

  38. I personaly think that the pastor that wants to burn the Quran on september 11 should take some time and research and try to read and understand every single word of the Quran and then will understand that this holy book is all about love and respect, and how islam believes in every other religion and prophet including Jesus (may GOD be upon him)… and should also know that the taliban terrorists that caused the 9/11 nightmare are not considered muslims at all for the real muslims that follow islam how it should be…and for us GOD is the only one that can judge us and gives us life or take it…and a many many muslims were thrilled after what happenned…I consider that the taliban has changed the image of islam in the whole world and that this pastor that wants the take this hateful step is going to change the image of christianism from good to bad…

  39. Dear Pastor Terry Jones,

    I’m a 28yr old, based in melbourne australia. I am a follower of christ since i could read. I wouldn’t consider myself a religious person but I know enough thru Jesus’ teachings to love and respect your brothers and sisters, and to learn to forgive through patience and love.

    Sir with all due respect, I’m writing in to ask you not to burn the Koran.

    By doing this action, it in inspiring pain and hatred in others for our cause and religion. Not all muslims are evil. And those who did 9-11 does not stand for all muslims. We shouldn’t condemn the muslim people for the acts of a few extremists.

    We are no better than the extremist who murder and inspire hatred by burning the Koran. Jesus didn’t teach us to hate. He taught us to love and forgive.

    Burning the Koran isn’t the ways of a Christian. I’m not one to preach but I know this isn’t right. Pls pls.. don’t do it sir. This can create wars in countries, hurt people and crush beliefs. Christians in muslim countries who are suppressed will suffer more. In countries like indonesia and malaysia, there is already a spread of news in the muslim community against christians thru this act.

    It will incite wars in communities where christians are a minority.

    Don’t do it sir, pls find it in ur heart to follow Jesus’ love.


  40. Shockin! this minister is wacko! A true Christian would not do this. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. And the Dove outreach group funny – their name – and a Dove meaning a sign of peace, when peace they are not practicing. This is some break off group that are nothing but Racist!

  41. I would suggest him “Read” – Read the Quran before performing such a devilish act. Quran respects all the religion even there are beautiful stories of Hazrat Isaa (a.s.) or (Jesus) in Quran.

  42. This pastor is clearly not of sound mind and should be incarcerated immediately.

    All religions are essentially the same. Written thousands of years ago with the sole purpose of controlling the people. Usually with the aim of creating wealth and power. They also all contain some useful guidance and insight.

    Take Christianity for example. Taken from ancient Greek philosophy by the Romans. Who twisted and added to it to suit their own view of civilised culture and their insatiable lust for wealth and power. The Romans then spread Christianity throughout the world as they invaded land after land. Chrisitianity has since split into various factions. Factions that to this day fight against each other.

    What is a human being’s biggest fear? Death.
    What fear do all religions play on? Death.

    How do you control a people? Find out where it hurts and keep hitting. The Egyptians used whips. The Romans used blackmail and bribery.

  43. Our Lord Jesus said that to love your neighbour as your self.The pastor is wrong in burning the quran.Our Lord Jesus also said conquer with love.

  44. Our Lord Jesus said that we must love our neighbour as our self. He also said that to conquer with love.

    What the pastor is doing is wrong.

  45. pastor has sent a message

    ” muslims are extremist and devils but A PASTOR IS”


  46. I am not able to burn the Bible under any circumstances because it is ‘Allah” words, as well as the Holy Quran. I am a muslim who respect all other religions. Hope others do.

  47. Ok is it just me or does anyone else think the church in Florida that plans to burn the Quran on sept 11th is infused with hypocrisy? I mean if you’re looking for your 15 minutes of notoriety can you do something positive that won’t potentially bring more wrath down on our troops or any other loving non-judgemental person of america…You want people to remember you? Do what everyone else does-make a sex tape.

  48. The plan of Pastor Terry Jones to burn the Quran shows that he is suffering from lunacy or is a follower of Hitler. He is also obviously not a Christian or an American since he does not think or care about the backlash that will occur against Christians and Americans in particular. The U.S. Government which is so quick to be the policeman of the world should act and police its own people like Pastor Terry Jones.
    Stuart John Groser

  49. y y y y y y?????? terry jones u actn like a devil tryn 2 start a new war…….you should jus leave dem alone…. y do u want revange it dosent solve anything its not fair 4 them wat if they burned ur bible wat would u do how would u feel

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