The Disappearing Spoon


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cadmium paints are still a villain since their sloppy use add enough cadmium to the sewage to make it less usefull as fertilizer and wherever it ends up its poison. I hope cadmium paints get banned. Closing the flow of nutrients to make it a lot easier to feed future generations is much more important then giving them undigitilized artwork that do not fade.

  2. Xopher says:

    So this is how you go from thinking a spoon exists to knowing that there is no spoon?

  3. GreatRewards says:

    The spoon is a lie.

  4. jimkirk says:

    Mmmmm…liquid gallium…

  5. Thad E Ginataom says:

    Lay off the colloidal silver!

    It’s not the best thing since antibiotics, it’s what antibiotics replaced. Doesn’t just make you blue, it makes you blind too.

    And hey… I want to know what happens to the people who drink the molten gallium?

    Wouldn’t work here: 84F is a cool day!

  6. niche assignment says:

    The author has been “Blogging the Periodic Table” (brilliantly) over at Slate; the blog posts include material not in the book.

    Twenty-three posts up as of today:

  7. Anonymous says:

    In a related vein: Primo Levi’s Periodic Table is a fabulous collection of stories with an element theme for each one. Good stuff!

  8. Harrkev says:

    Amazon is not the only game in town, you know.

    Available from Barnes & Noble as a download, or hardback:

  9. Atomboy says:

    During a recent tour of the atomic bomb complex in Oak Ridge, TN our tour guide, a former engineer in the complex, described how they restarted a filter house/chimney complex too quickly and showered the immediate area with radioactive ruthenium.

  10. Anonymous says:

    someone actually sells molds & gallium for people to make their own gallium spoons:

  11. Astragali says:

    Mark, you’ve never heard of ruthenium? Surely you’ve listened to “The Elements” by Tom Lehrer… it’s in the first verse of the song!

    ( In case anyone hasn’t, there’s a Flash animation of it at – with the lyrics included…)

  12. cuvtixo says:

    Not just back in the 40s! This June because of cadmium levels, McDonald’s recalled movie themed (Shrek Forever After 3D) Drinking Glasses. A search on “cadmium” on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website brings up dozens of warnings and recalls. Scary stuff.

  13. MrsBug says:

    I am just finishing up this book from our library. It’s wonderful and written in an easy enough manner that those without a strong grounding in physics and chemistry can understand it. Wonderful!

  14. MrsBug says:

    Oh, also, see a Google search for argyria. Wow, that’s crazy. Zombie smurfs.

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