YouTube parody of "The Social Network"

Video Link. A YouTube-themed parody of the forthcoming "The Social Network" movie about Facebook. Written and co-directed by Jeff Loveness, a Jimmy Kimmel Live intern. To fully appreciate, watch the original.

[via Submitterator, thanks David Carroll]


  1. I love how faithful they were to the facebook trailer throughout. Love it! This parody rocks!

  2. Can’t wait for the one about LOLCATS.

    (angrily) “No! You can’t has cheezburger!”
    (crying) “Wheres mah bukkit?”
    (wistful) “Someday, old friend, it’ll be Caturday every day.”
    (accusatory) “I see what you did there! Ceiling cat was watching you!”

    Holycrap, this script practically writes itself.

  3. In all fairness to the original, I thought it was an exceptionally well-cut trailer; the “Creep” cover was really a good pick and the movie came across as interesting and exciting when every previous preview looked like a huge joke. I still laughed all the way through it, because, come on, facebook movie.

    That said, this YouTube movie needs to be put into production STAT.

  4. I was really hoping for that inaudible line “You think you invented YouTube? Shavavava YouTube!”

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