A public service announcement brought to you by the starship Enterprise


I'm a huge fan of wacky laboratory safety signage. This beauty comes to us from a public restroom in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, via reader XAdamDX and the Submitterator.

Remember kids, don't be a Spock!


  1. Next they should address Uhura’s skirt length. I approve, but it may not be the most appropriate for the workplace.

    1. I believe as long as the skirt is at least half an inch below minge base it meets starfleet requirements.

    2. If you’re concerned about things like “miniskirts in the workplace” or “lack of command positions for women” then you might as well just serve under Captain Pike. Sure he’s a more competent commander, but when Kirk finds a planet where smutty fantasies become reality he lets the crew take some shore leave, dammit.

  2. Cute red mini-dresses are also ergonomically sound, and improve the morale of your cow-orkers and comrades. Do your part.

  3. what is this – a frick’n cheat sheet?

    there better be SOME food left over after all this nonsense.

  4. Wouldn’t Spock’s viewfinder consume more work space if it was mounted vertically?

    Not saying that’s a good reason to look down into it, but then again the man could have a chair too.

    Where as Uhura’s main work device sits in her ear all day….

      1. They don’t have a split version, and I find straight keyboards uncomfortable. I’ve been considering painting mine to get the Das Keyboard effect, but if you glance, you’ll notice the ‘P’ key seems to be in the right place. It is not, it’s one key over, ‘O’. This is actually more evil than blank (the ‘V’ key is like that too, which is even worse considering common copy/paste shortcuts…). This renders the keyboard extra unusable by people who are not me.

        But yeah, I’ve seen Das Keyboards before. They’re pretty cool–an ex-coworker had one for her office workstation. Particularly with the IBM-style switches. Those are awesome.

  5. If you combine the Clio “urine sample” and this ad regarging correct screen height, we could devise a pretty apt “urinal ad” for American Stancard.
    Wha’ d’ya tink? Let’s run it up the flagploeand see it it – – – – – – -.

  6. This is a very bad example – Spock is only part-human. Our ergonomics may not apply at all.

  7. I was at a Government office in Sydney today and noticed every (Acer) monitor was being held aloft by a stainless-steel swinging arm.

    But the Acer stand was still attached, serving no purpose whatsoever.

    Obsolescence managed to the point of aestheticim.

  8. There is not a single part of that email address that fails the geek awesome test.
    It is about like being named Max Power by your parents.

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