Pentagon orders Wikileaks to delete classified documents

morrell.jpg In a briefing at the Defense Department, Pentagon Spokesman Geoff Morrell ordered Wikileaks to remove classified documents and return them to the U.S. government.
spiderdrawing.gif"It was reported on Tuesday that Wikileaks had asked the Department of Defense for help reviewing approximately 15,000 classified documents that it obtained in an inappropriate and illegal manner, before Wikileaks releases those documents to the public. Wikileaks has made no such request directly to the Department of Defense. These documents are the property of the U.S. Government and contain classified and sensitive information. The Defense Department demands that Wikileaks return immediately all version of documents obtained ... Wikileaks' public disclosure last week of a large number of our documents has already threatened the safety of our troops, our allies and Afghan citizens... The only acceptable course is for Wikileaks to return all versions of these documents to the U.S. government and permanently delete them from its website, computers and records.
He also said that Wikileaks' claim that submitting information to it is safe, easy and protected by the law is "materially false and misleading," but did not say what measures it would take to compel Wikileaks: "We'll cross the next bridge when we come to it." DEFENSE DEPARTMENT PRESS BRIEFING [CSPAN]
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  1. It sounds awfully like a declaration of war. Even if it isn’t, isn’t it the province of the president or, at the least, of the AG to issue such… well not order but warrant? Genuine question.

  2. Return the documents? Does the DoD even understand what digital means? My only hope is that they want Wikileaks to forward the uncensored documents to the DoD so that the DoD knows exactly what was leaked.

  3. I can understand hysterical celebrities and dim-witted tech-illerati still not understanding the fundamental impossibility of removing something from the Internet, but I’m surprised that the United States government would… wait, no I’m not.

  4. One of the reporters basically asked him what he meant by ‘returning’ digital documents. He seemed a bit angry.

      1. Maybe Julian can hack mathematics so that SSL only works on commercial, wholesome, family-oriented transactions. That TOR only routes non-copyright infringing packets. Or maybe we can be safe if a State-issued ID is required to connect to the ‘tubes.

        Folks in glass empires shouldn’t fly drones.

    1. Are all these guys characters from the cold war era or what?

      I can just imagine them in a meeting trying to understand the diffence between cell phones and a wireless rounter.

      “So, its like a pager, right? All I don’t understand is, is itunes on the internet or not?”

      Lucky our opponents are hanging in pakistani villas, with no internet access, and not real budget to speak of.

  5. Seems to me the cat is out of the proverbial bag already.
    This is nothing but grandstanding..

  6. I love the use of the word “return”.

    You can’t return a digital document. You can send new copy and then destroy your copy.

    Give me my email back!

    I am also amused by the latness of this request, how long did these guys sit around chewing their fingernails before they decided to do this? only long enough for half the free world to download the docs. Wikileaks should take them down after arranging for 20 other sites to put them up the next day.

    1. And please get the pee out of the swimming pool, too.

      When I saw the spider, I wondered what this all has to do with David Thorne?

  7. Be sure to watch the video. In the Q&A session afterward, Morrell’s shouty contempt for the press before him is remarkable. It’s suggestive of the presumed relationship between government and the mainstream media that created such fertile ground for Wikileaks to behind with.

    1. Awesome. He loses it at 10:00 and goes completely arrogant-Agent Smith at 17:16.

      What a dick. Completely unsurprising though.

      Epic fail.

  8. Oooh, and such a deliciously stern[1] photo to go with the story!

    But seriously, what on earth else could they say? “Sure, let us help you out. OK, technically those are stolen documents, and I suppose there might be some vague principles about legal precedent, state privilege and national security or some such at stake, but I’m sure that’ll all come out in the wash.” Of course they’re going to respond to a request to help filter them with “but that’s our property, and … and, national security, and, you know — durka-durka-durka!!1!”

    The scary stuff is things like the Washington Post columnist calling for Mr Assange to be “disappeared” or assassinated or just plain executed; that and the comments on Fox News stories on the Wikileaks / Afghan ‘War Logs’ story. Check ’em out and be truly horrified.

    [1] (c) Linda Smith 2004

  9. You all act as though the DOD really expects to get the stuff back. I think they are requesting the return of the intel merely to lay the ground work for a court case. Gotta do step A before you can proceed to step B.

    Believe me, the DOD knows the cat is out of the bag. I imagine they want to eventually seize assets, make arrests and put the habeus grabbus on Mr. Assange.

    1. Given that he isn’t in the US he’s neither broken any laws nor under the jurisdiction of the US.

      The US military might as well ask for my sammich.

  10. When did it happen that it mattered to make sense for people who are in the business of killing by the thousands, by the millions even if we let them?
    Laughable, really? Well, you laughed long enough while Bush and Co. were destroying all they could already.

  11. Now, we wait. Be prepared for arrests of persons who are major players in WikiLeaks on charges of tax evasion, child porn and other unshakable blots in the coming months. That is, those who don’t suddenly drop out of sight, breaking all contact and refusing to say why they have become so frightened of strangers and ringing telephones.

  12. To make the Pentagon screechingly loud for nearly a mile the Department of Defense has ordered Wiki Leaks to install whistler tips on all their Spokesmen.
    “Yea I gottem’ on my car!”

  13. Spider added.

    Obviously, the material is already now public, and nothing anyone can do can change that. The demand is essentially a stunt, demanding an act of token obedience, backed by a threat of unspecified consequences that will never be the same.

    1. A lot of commenters (including OP) think the files being referred to are public, they ARE NOT. The pentagon guy is talking about the 15,000 docs that wikileaks has been holding onto for what they call ‘harm minimization.’ The War Diaries are out and about, but the rest are still somewhere on some wikileaks server, or on the HDs of a small known group of affiliates, and therefore can ACTUALLY be destroyed.

      They won’t destroy them, obviously. But it’s not as crazy as it’s being characterized here.

      That said, I’d like to think that wikileaks has rigged something up that would make the information public given a period of time. Like if it was a worse case scenario, say they were captured and tortured or something, they’d have the information automatically leaked, and it would be impossible to stop. Real smart stuff like that.

        1. Reading that article, the size is much, much larger than the 15,000 documents would require.

          I don’t know whats going on with that file, but you can bet your bottom its something crafty. Those Wikileaks guys are some smart mofos.

  14. The really frightening thing is that these morons are in charge of this country and that war. Every one of them needs to be replaced.

  15. It’s all a bunch of bull crap and lies. A scare tactic by the U.S. government. Here’s the facts: if Wikileaks could obtain such “sensitive and classified” information, then anyone can obtain them and publish them on the web. You won’t know who or where, but they are out there.

    If Wikileak had the files available, even for a couple hours for downloads, just like any other digital file, most likely copies of ALL those document files are already distributed on the internet. Sure Wikileak can take them off the site now. It is too late.

    The problem with the US government is that they really don’t understand the internet. Rather than trying to understand it, work with it, and use it properly, they try to use censorship and fear tactics to control it.

  16. By saying “return”, “delete” and demanding that they do all those things that we know can’t be done or even be enforced, the DoD is checking a box. They have procedures for things and they largely have to follow them. The DoD know that the information is out there and out there forever, but they can’t just shrug and act like they aren’t doing anything about it. This statement is for the benefit of people who think that the Internet is something tangible that can be contained, essentially my mom.
    The Wikileaks people have little to fear from the DoD, except maybe arrest if the AG decides to go after them; but then we get to have an exciting cat & mouse game with extradition treaties and the like. That said, Wikileaks may need to worry about the private contractor(mercenary), agent, officer, or other individual who gets their name mentioned in one of the reports even if the report doesn’t mention some specific action. Trust me, these cats don’t like seeing their names in print.

  17. Is there a way of getting these docs in a convenient commpressed archive that we could all download & keep seeded on thepiratebay to ensure that they don’t ever fully disappear?

    The Pentagon really needs to read up on the streisand effect… You can’t make us unsee what’s been seen.

  18. Sorry to put a damper on the fun – and it is truly fun – but I think there’s a small fact in the way of the snark. The DoD has requested/ordered the return of the set of 15,000 documents that WikiLeaks purportedly requested assistance redacting BEFORE publishing them. They are not talking about the set of documents already released to the public (some 90,000 documents if memory serves).

    Points made about returning digital documents stand on their own merit.

    Otherwise, carry on.

    1. Thanks CCinBmore, I spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out when they released the rest of the docs. Glad I’m not losing it.

  19. I’m gonna stamp my foot and make unenforceable demands in my best Barney Fife voice, because not doing so would make me look, you know, impotent.

  20. As far as I can tell, the US Government has about zero authority over a foreign organization. They can demand, order, shout, bully, etc all they want, but their only actual recourse would be to attempt to sue Wikileaks in Sweden, where it is based.

    Hah! Good luck!

    1. #35,

      In the words of President Obama (in a different context)

      Two words: Predator Drones

      I live in the same city as Julian Assange. If its okay to blow people up in Pakistan, why not here?

  21. If they declare war, I wouldn’t be surprised if hackers the world over interpret it as a reason to join Wikileaks or coalesce and create their own Wikileaks clones within protective countries like Sweden and Iceland.

    1. To the anons:

      “If they declare war, I wouldn’t be surprised if hackers the world over interpret it as a reason to join Wikileaks or coalesce and create their own Wikileaks clones within protective countries like Sweden and Iceland.”

      There’s absolutely no way to stop this even under the laws, if Sweden and Iceland aligned with the US on it. All the Wikileaks staff would have to do is go darknet, and then leak out selectively to the media. Unless the US has some genius plan to shut down the 1st Amendment, they won’t shut down the site’s public access face for submissions.

      I guarantee that the US is monitoring all traffic to/from the IPs as much as they can, especially for large data transfers by volume. Anyone pushing “large” files to them from an unsecured domestic IP is asking for an audit of some sort or another right now. But seriously–that is trivial to get around. Setup a drop box machine and connection elsewhere to route through. So, who would submit through email or https://wikileaks? No one.

      The real leakers will be given some random looking place like s in Fauxraqistan or wherever, and no one will be watching it. Then they’ll be told to only upload it from some random open wifi location in a very public place. The FBI can then go harange the poor admin at the Milwaukee Starbucks while the leaker goes scot free, unless they’ve got some sort of canary trap thing going.

      If the US did “capture or kill” Assange, all it would do is galvanize the other side. Our government is internet-hours possibly, based on this spokesman, from stepping in the mother of all Internet cow pies.

      “I heard an unsubstantiated rumor from a suspicious monkey-like fellow that, if all the wikileaks servers don’t maintain continuous heartbeat connection with one another, the surviving servers will automatically release MORE documents.”

      If they don’t have that, they’d be silly not to. But I’d heard that rumor as well.

  22. “We’ll cross the next bridge when we come to it.”

    Threats like that are likely to create allies for Wikileaks, contrary to the DoD’s apparent intention.

  23. Which is a scarier thought, that Wikileaks is shut down, or that it is co-opted? Internet really has to get on a redundancy for this when if they ever shut it down.

    So which is scarier, that wikileaks gets shut down, or that its all already just smoke a mirrors, controlled burns, totally institutional.

  24. Why do you guys think he looks so angry? HE KNOWS what he’s asking to do is ludicrous. HE KNOWS he looks like a buffoon. He got the short straw to go out there and say this stuff. These people aren’t complete idiots. They do things for reasons which APPEAR stupid, but they have a motive in mind. What is it? I have no way of knowing. For all I know it’s comedy relief so when they do something truly horrible, they can say at least we were entertained.

    1. Oh crap, you just invented the Ironic Pentagon Drinking Game ™. Ironic because its the Pgon
      encouraging the right thing.

  25. In a briefing at the Defense Department, Pentagon Spokesman Geoff Morrell also ordered that bells be unrung and that farts be returned to those who “dealt ’em.”

  26. My guess is that this is a procedural move, and it’s simply the first step of their legal strategy for going after Wikileaks. These guys aren’t complete idiots.

  27. Each and every American needs to find their copy of these Classified documents and email them directly to the DoD, so that we show full patriotic compliance with keepin’ ‘merica’s secrets safe.

    If anybody needs a copy to send in, let me know.

  28. I heard an unsubstantiated rumor from a suspicious monkey-like fellow that, if all the wikileaks servers don’t maintain continuous heartbeat connection with one another, the surviving servers will automatically release MORE documents.

  29. -Wikileaks’ public disclosure last week of a large number of our documents has already threatened the safety of our troops, our allies and Afghan citizens…-

    He meant to say
    Wikileaks’ public disclosure last week of a large number of our documents has already threatened the to expose the illegal and pointless nature of our war, our profit margins and the bottom line of our lobbyists.

  30. @ Joe

    Would it make sense then for supporters of Wikileaks to begin uploading large dummy files in an effort to jam the monitoring process?

    It wouldn’t stop the US from spying on the IPs but it would make it much harder for them to pick the real threats out of the false positives.

    Hmm… wasn’t that in Little Brother? :P

  31. ok this is maybe a dumb question, but if the DoD was really serious about bringing down Wikileaks, wouldn’t all they have to do is just initiate a massive DDOS attack to knock it off the net? They would have the resources to keep it going indefinitely. Sure it’s not a permanent solution as the info and servers, etc could just migrate to another location, but it would seem to me to be the simplest way to silence Wikileaks in the short-term.(not that I’m trying to give the Pentagon ideas, mind)

    1. I’m thinking the same thing, and I can only come to one conclusion: That Wikileaks has something that scares the US government, which is why the US is reduced to basically sending a very sternly worded letter.

      Have to say, I really want to know what’s in the Insurance File. C’mon, DOD, do something stupid.

      1. Wikileaks has people with bra-a-a-ins! Bra-a-a-ins!

        Which scares them to death. That and the fact they haven’t figured out how to do a really big DDOS without it affecting their systems.

    2. They need to establish a semblance of “casus belli” first, you know, tradition. I’d go with: “Wikileaks has WMD”. It worked just fine before.

      1. LOL That IS classic pretext. Then release clandestine recording of Assigne being hang to glorify their ruthlessness.

    Werent they the ones who launched a rocket into the side of their building and told everyone it was a commercial airliner?

  33. 18 Afghan nationals sponsored by kuwait and Saudi citizens, trained by an extremist cell that was unwillingly created by the CIA somehow amounted to an unlawfull invasion of Iraq, to destitute a dictator that was a friend of the Reagan regime and spared by Bush senior; first in the search of al-quaeda links then in the search of WMD and finally looking to enforce liberty and freedom. (Freedom to censor it seems)

    These documents -the first iota of truth in this ordeal- are a threat to the security of the troops? I would say that the real threat to the troops is the pile of lies, misinformation and screw-ups that put them in dangerous field in the first place.

  34. am i the only one who finds geoff morrell attractive? and reasonably well spoken? i mean sure, he’s the mouthpiece for the government side of the military-industrial-entertainment complex, but i think compared to other people we’ve seen in the DoD giving speeches (*cough* Rumsfeld! *cough*) i felt like i could actually understand the points he was making.

    plus, he’s cute in that “bad boy” sort of way.

    1. am i the only one who finds geoff morrell attractive?

      Can we hope so?

      I bet that your are also one of those who wanted so much to fuck Palin, weren’t you? (j/k)

      Seriously, he does his job well and I, for one, won’t welcome our new DoD overlords, simply because they never left. Also he is anything but laughable.

      We have a saying: “Le rire est la politesse du désespoir.” which freely translates to “Laughter is being polite when lost in despair.”

    2. When was the last time you got laid? Ask yourself. You might get the answer why you find him attractive.

    3. am i the only one who finds geoff morrell attractive?

      He’s a condescending prick. So that’d be a “yes.”

      (And he looks like Pat Sajak’s evil twin – the stuff of nightmares.)

      1. Actress Maureen Stapleton on George Bush:

        I’m not saying that I’d vote for him. I’m just saying that I’d fuck him.

          1. Everyplace online aims it at W, but I’m pretty sure that it was HW because I heard it long before 2000.

          2. I could see it being about HW. There’s kind of a symmetry to it. Stapleton is like a feminine Barbara Bush.

    4. While I in know way find this guy attractive, I do have a major crush on Julian Assange. He looks like a vampire working for justice. I wish I could meet him.

  35. not lookin gd for the pentagon..if they haven’t invented those memory eraser flash gadgets from MIB yet, than i dont think they ll “get all the files back”.

  36. I just watched Zoolander, and damn if this guy in the pic isn’t giving someone Blue Steel, Zoolander’s trademark look. Can he turn left?

  37. Is anyone having any success downloading the 1.4GB “insurance” file from Wikileaks? I’m on Cox Cable in Los Angeles and initially it was coming down at a pretty decent clip, then seemed to get throttled about 25% in. Then just terminated abruptly saying “file downloaded.” Now, when I try to download it, it won’t even download 1MB before saying “file downloaded.”

    Is this being throttled by the feds, ISPs? Anyone having any luck?

    I feel like I’m in fucking China.

    1. I successfully downloaded the file. From what I’ve heard, Cox is usually one of the first ISPs to step up and comply with whatever the government is asking it to do.

    2. Cox, OC. Last night no go; this AM 7ish
      restarted wget session, was working when
      I left.

      Don’t attribute to evil when it may simply be
      overload. Yet.

  38. I think he is absolutely right, and it is our priority as citizens of the world to email him back a copy.

    Try sending it a few times, in case he doesnt see it.

  39. If I was Julian Assange I would be hanging on to un-redacted, highly sensitive materials (assuming he has them) that have the potential to f*ck over anyone in the pentagon that might try to make trouble for wikileaks

    Kind of a mutually assured destruction for the digital age.

  40. Heard the stories about the Great Soviet Encyclopedia? During the peak of the Cold War they used to send out updates for the volumes, including to U.S. libraries, with demands that the superseded pages be *sent back*.

  41. Most people are unaware of this, but George H. W. Bush fucking Maureen Stapleton is actually how CERN intends to find the Higgs boson. The “LHC” is just a rather shabby room with a king-sized bed, liquor cabinet, and Cinemax. The pair have been banging in there non-stop for the past eighteen months.

  42. Ummm… yeah. Go ahead and shut down the site. Then what is the Pentagon gonna do? Go knock on the doors of the millions of people that downloaded the HTML dump of the website and ask politely for their hard drives? I think not.

  43. Last time I checked, the Government is not your friend. Internet neutrality and freedom of information all you want: you get egg on the face of the U.S. Gummint. . .and they Have Your Name?!?

    so very fucked. My sympathies and condolences.

  44. The idea of ‘returning’ digital information is laughable.

    And I love the idea of wikileaks.

    Still, the pragmatist in me would love to see a truly neutral examination of what they release – with cost/benefit ratios…

    1. Still, the pragmatist in me would love to see a truly neutral examination of what they release – with cost/benefit ratios…

      That’s not so much pragmatism as delusion. Asking for something “Truly Neutral” is like asking for a pink unicorn to materialize and vomit skittles onto your crotch. Such a thing does not exist.

      1. Well that’s a bit harsh, and nitpicky. Yes, ‘truly neutral’ is a fantasy ideal. My point remains the same though – “who watches the watchmen?”. While the world no doubt benefits from the oversight given by wikileaks, it also, I maintain might benefit from oversight *of* wikileaks…

        1. Who watches the watchmen?

          In this case, the many laws surrounding exposing classified documents, and Wikileak’s own harm minimization process. Thinking goes, they are classified for a reason. Wikileaks serves as a check on that reason, and the reason serves as a check on Wikileaks.

  45. Hello, Pentagon, it’s me, Orwellian. Um, did you know that the internet is on computers now? Yeah, that means that the files are a lot of zeroes and ones all over computers and servers (big computers, not people that bring you martinis) and there isn’t a file cabinet you can put a lock on. Oh, and remember how you have that cool cybercommand group with the cool logo? Maybe they can explain this to you. With puppets. “Kermit the Frog says multiple servers in multiple countries and anonymous filesharing sites.”

    Are we sure this isn’t the conspiracy thread? I have one where, no matter which political party has power, the bureaucrats are pretty much all a bunch of morons.

  46. They’re afraid people will read how elements of our own government trained and continue to support the guys that are killing our young service men & women.

    You know, like Reagan admitted Bush Sr trained and supplied both Saddam & Osama.

    The thing is, educated people already know we’re more likely to be murdered by our own government than by terrorists and everyone else is too brainwashed to believe it no matter how much evidence you rub their nose in.

    Government is a tool to exploit the working class for the benefit of the privileged class and always has been. It’s not a capitalist vs communist thing. The USSR and China both changed from communist to capitalist but it’s mostly the same families in charge. Europe changed from monarchies to parliamentary systems but it’s mostly the same families in charge.

    As Carlin said: It’s a big club and we’re not in it.

  47. There is one major thing none of you reported:

    Assange is not a us citizen and is not leaving in the US and therefore does not have to follow the US law. The US law doesn’t apply in Finland.

    I am hoping that they will leak some crap out of Iran, Israel Burma and north Korea next. I can not wait for that!

    The only difference is that we already know that these governments are made of toxic garbages.

  48. ahh.. i had this copied and forgot to add.

    This wikileaks stuff.. it will lead to legislation mark my words our internet will end up tiered apart.
    Julian, Damn them to hell or admit you’ve sided.

  49. Assange should tell that guy to pack sand. What exact authority does the pentagon have over people from other countries, or citizens of the US for that matter?

    1. What authority? Outside of the homeland borders it is called leverage.

      Ask Irak or Afghanistan, for a starter. Then consider all those countries who participated in the CIA renditions. Then consider more specifically the anglosphere of poodles orbiting the US: UK, Australia, Canada (yes, my country).

      Being flippant is all good and well whenever you are of no relevance to the gov or DoD and their masters, like most of us are here. Once they have you on their radar though…

      1. By authority I mean legitimate authority. By leverage, I think you mean bullying.
        I will be as flippant as I want to be thank you.

  50. Yeah.. i hate hating on fun too BUT I would say they want back what hasn’t been released and/or anything they know wikileaks has, but hasn’t encrypted. Keep in mine Wikileaks wouldnt be getting these like an email. There is government “secret” level encryption on the files.

  51. just watched this video.
    “you are laughing, you are scowling, you seem to be confused”

    all I have to say is the obligatory
    “Christ, what an asshole”

  52. I finally was able to download the entire Insurance file late last night.

    I wasn’t prepared to definitively ascribe malicious intent just yet, but as some have mentioned Cox has a history and the feds have made much of their extensive schemes to wage “cyber-war.” It certainly would be in keeping with the M.O. of both.

  53. Some scripting-fu to help with searches. A script to extract keywords, list by frequency. Uses Cygwin utils.

    REM This is a windows batch file that sequences CYGWIN Unix utils.
    REM This batch file makes a list of all words in the Afghan War Diary CSV file, with frequencies.

    REM remove the formatting crap
    c:\cygwin\bin\tr [:space:][:blank:][:punct:] \n < afg.csv >

    REM sort alphabetically, ignore case
    c:\cygwin\bin\sort -f -b -d

    REM filter out duplicates; the -c adds counts to the output file
    c:\cygwin\bin\uniq -c < > afglist.txt

    REM list by frequency
    c:\cygwin\bin\sort < afglist.txt > afgfreq.txt

    That should help the Pgon keep track of things.

    Teach a man to slaughter a sacred cow, and he’ll never beg for a burger again.

    1. Dang it, your blog ate my “pipe redirection-symbols”. You feed the CSV into “tr”
      and you feed that output to “sort” then “uniq”
      then to “sort” again, with args as shown.

  54. OH NOES!

    If they backtraced it with the internet police…just think! The Consequences! They will never be the same!

    Poor Julian.


  55. And the Web archiving service notes:

    “…strange robots.txt file… Wikileaks is apparently preventing any of the Afghan War documents from being crawled. The documents are provided from multiple subdomains, all of which restrict crawler access. They also instruct the crawler to wait 7200 seconds before not doing anything.…”

    We want to crawl wikileaks for our FOIA collection but looks like we won’t be able to. :-|

    1. I think they’re trying to conserve bandwidth by not being indexed on Google e.a. on top of all the attention they are already getting.

      By now if you’re interested you’ll know where to find the material.

  56. It seems Swedish government officials are bowing to pressure from the Pentagon.

    HÃ¥kan Rustand, a deputy for the Chancellor of Justice, which acts as prosecutor in cases concerning protection of journalistic sources, said that his office may open a case to review Wikileaks status, and that the website needs a special Swedish media licence to benefit from constitutional protections.

  57. Ya know..i think its all well and good how everyone on here seems to have a “fight the power” mentality. I think its fine that you dont really are of think anything is wrong with this situation, and that is ok for people to publish these documents, you make jokes about it, etc,etc. But let me tell you all just 1 fact…this is the real world…this is not your mama’s basement. If you are a member of the military, and you take into your possession classified material and give it to the media…you are going to be executed…period. There is no romantic notion of being a hereo, no super actor lawyer is going to save you…you are going to die. Its time all of you grew up. I dont care if you work at walmart…if you go into the back office and steal a bunch of documents and give it to the media…you are going to be arrested.

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