The Alderaan Trail

Alderaan Trail Title-1.png Matt Marchini's designed the game I always wanted to be playing while I was playing The Oregon Trail. Alas, it's just a concept gallery. [Thanks, Judson!]


  1. Hah, perfectly done. The hunting scene and the funeral scene are awesome. “Here lies crap ass…”

  2. When I saw the picture in your post, I immediately thought it was from one of the Space Quests. But Oregon Trial in space would be much better than that hacky series ever was.

  3. I had a similar idea, except I was going to call mine The Orion Trail. Except that it turned out that someone else was doing a more serious version of the same thing. I’m not sure if he ever finished it. The mock-ups he did seem to be taken down and this is the last blog post about it I’ve seen. Nice guy, though. We emailed a little bit last year and then I got busy with teaching.

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