Vintage-style ads for Facebook, Skype and YouTube

500x_0805_ads_skype.jpg Brazil's Moma ad agency created a set of ads for newfangled tech companies in a mid-century style. [Ads of the World via Gawker]


  1. The look is 1950s, but the text occasionally sounds more like the 1890s–“vigorous family bonds,” “splendid and captivating,” and the like. Needs more “terrific,” less “magnificent.”

  2. Them what likes this kind of thing will also like the “Vintage Ads” contests on

  3. Very reminiscent of the art of Bob Clarke, who did some absolutely great work in Mad Magazine beginning in the 1950’s.

    And Clarke came to Mad from … the ad business!

  4. The ads were originally written in Portuguese, then translated into English. That’s why they read so funny.

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