Former softcore porn actress Jodie Fisher identified in HP CEO sex scandal

Above, while it lasts: the video demo reel on YouTube for actress Jodie Fisher (not Jodie Foster!), who was today identified by the New York Times, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News, AP, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal as the contractor at the center of the sex scandal that led to HP CEO Mark Hurd's recent ouster.

Ms. Fisher's film credits include a number of softcore adult films of the "Skinemax"/latenight HBO variety, filmed in the '90s: "Sheer Passion," "Body of Influence," and "Intimate Obsession," among them. She also performed in the television series "Silk Stalkings," and the noted B-schlocker "Blood Dolls."

Ms. Fisher, who is now 50, worked as a contractor with HP's marketing division from 2007 to 2009. She earned "up to $5,000 per event to greet people and make introductions among executives attending HP events that she helped organize," according to the AP. As an actress, her most recent role appears to have been on the NBC-TV reality dating show "Age of Love," in which twenty- and forty-something women desperate to make mortgage payments claw each other's eyes out for the affections of tennis star Mark Philippoussis.

She is now (wait for it! shocker ahead!) represented by attorney Gloria Allred. Following, a screengrab of her Facebook page, which reveals that she likes listening to Eminem.


    1. Out of all the reasons it would be amazing if it were Foster instead of Fisher, you go with undesirability of Jodie Foster? What?

    2. Also:

      “who would hit on Jodie Foster?”

      …probably more than would hit on some random BB commenter?

  1. So the between the lines is that Fisher could have had a pimp bust a cap in Hurd’s behind?

    1. Indeed, and she looks great. I should be so lucky to look that great when I reach that point in my own life.

      As an aside, the softcore movies were filmed when she was in her thirties.

      1. >> I should be so lucky to look that great when I reach that point in my own life.

        Luck has nothing to do with it. That’s work. Gotta be strict with the diet, workout HARD core, and stay the fawk out of the sun.

        Probably half her day is spent exercising. That’s what it takes.

        1. Luck has nothing to do with it.

          Diet & exercise yes, but luck also has something to do with it.

        2. Oh bite me.

          I do all that jazz, but you can’t get by so easily as a female. Not to mention some people will still find you too muscular or something.

          Boobs don’t stay firm on their own and no amount of chest presses will fluff them up again. Your options are surgery or deal with it.

          Facial skin changes. The knees, the ankles. Even if you’re the kind of person who can manage to put that much time into your appearance without sacrificing having any relationships, much job opportunity, going to school, or having a family… you still may find it’s just not enough.

          It blows.

          And yeah… some people are just fucking better looking than others. Some people can’t stay under a size 9 without eating less than 800 calories a day. Some people just have pancake boobs, narrow shoulders, or flabby knees.

          And no matter what you’re getting old.

          Luck has a lot to do with it actually. There is no amount of fucking exercise or diet that will keep your eyelids from drooping as you age, for instance.

          Nothing can keep the fatty deposits under your eyes from going away as you get older, same with the ones by the mouth.

          Once again, you have surgery or deal with it.

  2. I worked at HP for four months a couple of years ago, and then went looking for another job. It only took a few weeks to realize how screwed up that place was, culturally and ethically.

    1. Dell must be learning from someone then…

      Maybe it’s just a PC maker issue??

      -and I remember watching Intimate Obsession on Skin-a-max as a teenager….ahahahah.

    2. My first day at HP was also the same day I started looking for a new job.

      It didn’t help that my first day they also announced that they would be shrinking the product line I worked on from 5 new products a year to 2 products a year.

      Also, I came in as a contractor with the understanding that I could be hired as a regular FTE in 6 months. However, after talking to all my fellow contractors and realizing that they’d all been made similar promises years ago (none had been made FTE), I knew I had to find somewhere new.

  3. This is sad but I just find myself thinking:

    I’m nearly 30, I look pretty good for my age, I’d do softcore, I’m from the same city as her… why the fuck can’t I get a damned gig?

    *some one just got rejected (again) in favor of younger models (literally) and is bitter*

    Good thing I’m also working on that MBA! Looks like the “contractor” field is a good way to go. *roll eyes*

    1. Less than 30 and that’s considered too old? That’s just nuts. And truly sad.

      And I really hope you get a better job that greeting execs at events lol. Oh, and dallas is great for mba’s. There are plenty of jobs around here for them.

  4. A: Jodie Foster is hot
    B: This lady is like a piece of wonder bread, with vanilla ice cream on top, sprinkled with icing sugar.

  5. Carrie Fisher is involved in a sex scandal? Star Wars fans around the world will be outraged!

      1. So true. Right there with it is the original “Bad News Bears”. I watched it again recently, and was gobsmacked by the edginess of it. I mean, it was a ‘kids’ film’, right? The humor would definitely draw an ‘R’ rating these days.

        1. I love the original Bad News Bears! It’s edgy, but I consider it a classic. When I saw it as a kid, those kids were the only movie/TV representation of kids I could relate to other than the Little Rascals.

          It’s subversive as hell because it is a kids film, but how does it end? The team loses and the one shy kid finally gets the strength to tell the other team they can shove the trophy up their ass. And Walter Matthau allows the kids to drink beer when they lose.

  6. How does a b-grade, “softcore” porn actress get a gig with a Fortune 500 CEO as a contractor?

    Somehow I doubt it meant applying online via

    The story of how they met is truly intriguing. Maybe more like how Eliot Spitzer met his girls.

    Before her identity was revealed, she was referred to as a marketing contractor. Marketing? Maybe more like high-touch sales.

  7. As a man I have to say I don’t care if she is a current hard core porn star there is no way I would screw around and try something with a woman I work with.

    But if I did…

    You have to know when to sexually harass and when to keep your distance. Like a lion you have to look for the weak ones. 21 or 22 right out of college no real world experience who is receptive to older men. This is the Letterman way and it should work for about 1 year or so before you need to plan an exit strategy. 50 year old woman is to old and wise to the world to be tricked like this. Just ask Clinton or Letterman. The older ones get you in trouble.

  8. How does a b-grade, “softcore” porn actress get a gig with a Fortune 500 CEO as a contractor?

    Your small-mindedness is duly noted. For what we know, she might just have worked hard to get out of softcore and into a more rewarding career. After all, she has a degree in political science and is a single mother, according to her lawyer.

    1. I know several physicians who hard-core porned or hookered their way through med school.

    1. My sentiments exactly.

      If anything, shouldn’t we be talking about what Mark Hurd did, rather than Facebook-stalking his victim?

  9. i guess we lose ALL desirability if we have a brain (foster) and once we pass the age of 49 (fisher). what reason do i have to live i wonder?

    1. Nah… after that you realize how worthless the desirability really is.

      And everyone FEARS you for this!

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with her. Clearly sexy, so I guess she gets the whole “an attractive woman is only ever an attractive woman and is never a human being” thing a lot.

    Hurd’s a jerk if he harassed her, and her being a former skinemax star doesn’t make it any better. In fact, it makes Hurd all the more of an idiot. Adult movie actresses usually aren’t fools about the power of their own appearance, and usually have a strict work/play line. It’s like a bunny rabbit poking the grizzly bear with a stick (that…wasn’t intended as euphamism…)

  11. I think Hurd’s resignation puts the 2011 release of the Fingerbanger — HP’s entry into the tablet market — in serious jeopardy.

  12. Other HP projects in jeopardy because of Hurd’s departure:

    — Pocket Taco (phone)
    — EZ Clam (netbook)
    — P-Diddler (Diddy branded media player)
    — Max Dongler (Wi-Fi adapter)
    — RIM Tickler (Blackberry compatible base station)

  13. Unless your melon is dog-ass fugly, there’s no reason why the overall package can’t be worked into something approaching perfection. Look at Schwarzenegger. That guy has a face like a catcher’s mitt, but he parlayed a hell of a lot of gym time into a lucrative movie career and a governorship. The genetics part is overrated.

    The human body is actually very predictable. Keep it fueled properly, get regular rest, eliminate sun damage, build muscle in desirable proportion.

    It’s the DOING part where people fail.

    1. Yes, the “genetics” part is luck, and will be until people get the ability to modify their own genome.

      I’ll go with your “most people can improve their appearance and health through better diet and exercise” claim if you stop implying that everyone has the potential to look like a supermodel.

      1. >> if you stop implying that everyone has the potential to look like a supermodel.

        Never said it. Never implied it.

  14. When I open Yahoo earlier, her’s was the first picture I saw and I thought “she’s not hot”. But after watching the above video I realized how very wrong I was! So there is actually a woman near my age whom I could be attracted to, if only it could be reciprocated!

  15. Is this really the state of affairs now in the US?

    In order to advance your career, selling your body is considered perfectly acceptable?

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