Blackstar Warrior

"Gambler, smuggler, scoundrel, running his cons right under the nose of the galactic empire." [via io9]


  1. The only way this movie could be better if it was one of those new high-falutin’ high-budget well researched concept porn parodies.

  2. Could this PLEASSSSE be real? PLEASSEEEEE!! I want this to be George Lucas’s TV show. soooo bad. sooooo awesome!

  3. I was undecided whether I liked this or not until they did the split screen to show Vader’s reaction of the Imperial ship being hit. Awesome authentic touch.

  4. Did I hear a Wilhelm scream in that there trailer?

    Please oh please oh please make this be a real movie. Oh please.

  5. This thing is VERY cool! I love the simplicity of it…a couple cool dudes bum-rush into the bad guys’ place and save the girl. This is the kind of simple fun that made A New Hope so wonderful back in 1977. No midi-clorian crap, or computer animated characters, just good old fashioned, shut-em-up, fun.

  6. Well my time here is done on the interwebs. After watching this there is nothing more to find, read, watch. I can leave happy!

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