Cat Armor

CatArmor1.jpg "Miaowcenaeans, let us too for the fight prepare,
He said; and the cat leap'd down in arms:
Fierce rang the armour on the warrior's breast,
That ev'n the stoutest heart might quail with fear." Cats and Mice Gallery [Jeff de Boer via Laughing Squid]


  • just caught my cat downloading images from that website, and am now hearing metalworking sounds emanating from the cat’s ‘fortress of solitude’.

    should I be worried?

    1. Lozenge-camo sneakers? Oh, my. And your cat looks plenty swank – perhaps a feline C-93 or C96?

  • That may be armor for a cat, but it’s not cat armor.

    There’s an anime series titled El-Hazard. In it, there is a cat which literally wraps itself around the main character to form a protective covering. That’s what I call cat armor.

    Sorry I can’t find an image or video right now.

  • Has anybody tried dressing a live cat in such armour? I can see that going wrong in a number of ways.

    1. I totally agree. My cat almost tortures itself to death trying to remove a collar with a bell. I can’t imagine what would happen if I dressed it in this (yet a dark & deeply repressed part of me wants to try).

  • When the lady of the house called me to the computer with the words “I just found armor for my cat!”, horrific images of chastity belts ran through my head.


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