iPhone users have more sex


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  1. lionelbrits says:

    And someone carrying around an f/1.2 lens is much more likely to try to create “art” with it, whatever that means, than to “document”, whatever that means. If I point my f/1.2 lens at the Taj Mahal at day time my camera will in any case throw a fit.

    As ryuthorstuff points out, it’s nice to see some statistics backing up what photographers already know, but a pity to see statistics abused in such an absurd way.

  2. bobhughes says:

    whoaaa hold the phone – something from okcupid is being taken seriously?

    • Mim says:

      “whoaaa hold the phone”? Are you sure your dates are judging you harshly for your phone, or are they just looking for an excuse to avoid more of this? :-)

  3. bobhughes says:

    Then again, dates have judged me harshly for using a 5+ yr old cell phone. They’re not usually interested in hearing about how even most “recycled” phones end up in a pile in some 3rd-world country for barefoot children to pick through barefoot and melt down in fuming acid tanks in their disused shipping containers/labs /homes.

  4. Mim says:

    More sexual partners does not necessarily mean more sex…

  5. bob d says:

    What I’m getting out of that generally is that serious photographers have serious cameras and take more skillful photos. Pictures taken with multi-purpose devices tend to be casual candid snapshots, in which people never look their best. Camera-phones and “point-n-shoots” have flashes and little control over focus/depth-of-field, and blurry people aren’t attractive, and bad lighting is unflattering. Yup, not a lot of surprises in there. Oh, and also: iPhone users are liars.

  6. amingv says:

    That’s what happens when you ban pr0n from your app store…

  7. Caroline says:

    What’s interesting to me: I’ve been hearing about this all day, and it’s been phrased every time as “iPhone users get laid more!” This is the first time I’ve heard it phrased as “iPhone users are sluts.” And yes, Xeni’s phrasing was clearly ironic, which just adds a whole other layer of interesting. Both phrasings are jokey/ironic, but it’s interesting that Xeni went for the ironic use of “having lots of partners means you’re bad” when everyone else I’ve heard from — who have all been dudes — went for the jokey use of “having lots of partners means you’re awesome.”

    Xeni, was that a conscious shift for double-super-irony points?

  8. Court Magician says:

    The statistics are inaccurate – they’re presuming that an equal number of members own each phone type, thus more owners of x phone are having x happen to them. It’s more likely that more iPhone users are OKCupid members, then Blackberry next, then Android. And somewhere in the mix, there are people who don’t have a smart phone of any kind, where do they factor in?

    Actually, as the post is about photos, this is more specific to people who take photos with their iPhones & post them versus other smartphone users.

  9. stygyan says:

    Well, let’s talk some sense into this. Apple market share is about 10%. Gay people are about a 10% of humanity.

    Coincidence? I think not. And who has more sex than gays?

    And I speak as a gay owner of an iMac, who has a boyfriend who has another one.

  10. Brainspore says:

    And I speak as a gay owner of an iMac, who has a boyfriend who has another one.

    He has another iMac or another boyfriend?

  11. ian71 says:

    Twenty-two comments and nobody has mentioned ‘Grinder’ yet?
    I’m completely shocked.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The study doesn’t mention the n900 only because the very high numbers of of sexin partners would throw off the survey. (I’m sure I’ll be knee deep in ass just as soon as I quit messing with this kernel upgrade)

  13. bkad says:

    Or that attractive people are more likely to care about hot trends and popularity, hence the desire to own an iphone.

    Another theory would be ‘money’. iPhone user have extra dollars to spend. And wealth is correlated, well, with just about everything positive in this world. Physical attractiveness, health, and dating success, for starters.

  14. watchout5 says:

    Could you also imply that by them having more sex that more iPhone users have STD’s?

  15. scifijazznik says:

    I met my iPhone-using girlfriend on OKC a couple of months ago. I’ve been grinning like a mule eating garlic ever since.

  16. ryuthrowsstuff says:

    That’s what surprised me. They essentially backed up standard techniques for portraiture with entirely too many statistics. They did not, however, mention that a slight telephoto lens (80mm or equivalent) works best.

  17. Jane says:

    There’s this explanation:

    “After getting f**ked in the a$$ by Apple for two years, letting some random dude in for one night doesn’t seem like such a big deal.”

    (From “Top 10 Reasons iPhone Users Have More Sex Than Android Fans” – http://www.esarcasm.com/17069/iphone-users-sex/)


    Or maybe it’s because the iphone is smaller and vibrates better. ;)
    But, I really like the iPhone’s feature, especially the new iP4 facetime, I don’t want this are made use of in sexual. You know iPhone got many top features.
    BTW, you can get the magic iP4 features from iFunia iPhone column.

  18. lionelbrits says:

    Correlation, causation. The keys are like right next to each other!

    Maybe attractive people have different priorities than less attractive people, and buy cameras with different features or appeal.

    • Tim says:

      Or that attractive people are more likely to care about hot trends and popularity, hence the desire to own an iphone.

  19. lionelbrits says:

    Also the f/number thing made me a little sad. At 200mm, a lens at f/4 is probably going to make you look prettier than a 35mm lens at f/1.8. If I recall correctly, the blurries are the same “size”, at the same f/stop, but with a telephoto thing, the background details don’t look so far away, so that leaf-that’s-as-big-as-your-head 10 m behind you still looks as big as your head, but, being blurry, gives a nice non-distracting green pillowy backdrop for your model.

    tl;dr: smaller f/number + lots of mm = pretty

  20. Captdrastic says:

    I was expecting to see disproportionately high sluttiness in male iPhone users due to the success of the Grindr app. But it doesn’t look like the data supports that. iPhone users seem to get more play, regardless of gender.

    In unrelated news, I’m getting rid of my Droid. :P

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