Mark Ryden's new art book, and signing Thursday in San Francisco!

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Last Gasp has just published an 11" x 14" hardcover book presenting the paintings and drawings from Pop Surrealist master Mark Ryden's incredible Snow Yak Show. The exhibition, held in Tokyo last year, featured exquisite snow, fur, and ice-drenched paintings depicting a winter weirdland of yaks, Yetis, nudes, and, er, Abe Lincoln. If you're in San Francisco tomorrow evening (Thursday, August 12), you can ask Mark to personally sign your copy at the SFMOMA from 5:30 to 8:30pm!

Mark Ryden at the SFMOMA

Mark Ryden's Snow Yak Show book (Amazon)

Also still available, the excellent and inexpensive Snow Yak Show Microportfolio Postcard Set I blogged about earlier this year.


  1. Not my kind of art but it reveals mad skills and a very ambiguous imaginary. Ambiguity, like doubt, is good. :)

    Yet, does it come with a Rx of Dramamine for guys like me?

  2. Although the posted time is 6:30, Mark will start signing at 5:30pm. Hope to see you there in your best yak outfit.

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