Brody's Ghost: Mark Crilley's 6-part graphic novel


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  1. Anonymous says:

    surprise ghost sechs!

  2. urbanspaceman says:

    I’ve been an Akiko fan since the mid 90s. Though I asked about Mark Crilley and his latest works every chance I got, local comic shops had me thinking that he hadn’t had a book out in 10 years. They never told me word one about Miki Falls. Goes to show, my town and its comics scene suck! Thank you, Boingboing, for setting me straight!

    Glad to see Markie’s got a brand new bag, sort of a fusion between Moebius and Matt “Post Brothers” Howarth with a healthy dash of Tezuka tossed in for good measure! This is one book I’ll definitely be scarfing up as soon as finances permit!

  3. TombKing says:

    The Akiko books are great fun. I stumbled across them at the library trying to find something my kid would be interested in. I ended up liking them more than he did.

  4. The Mudshark says:

    These instructional videos are great!

  5. rebdav says:

    Beldandy is back, and it looks like she is pissed!
    Maybe this is how she earned her wings.

  6. Anonymous says:

    mark, you are the verry verry best artist since art began i love your art and even though im a boy (im not gay) i love you :D

  7. Thomera says:

    Akiko was the first comic I collected as a young girl and I still love to read it! Be sure to check out the Flights of Fancy collection, it’s almost better than the series.

  8. Anonymous says:

    His style reminds me of the french-belgian flow of cartoonish heads and faces with realistical proportioned bodies. I must commend boing boing for not falling onto the common mistake of labeling anything that takes oriental inspirations as “manga”. Keep up the good work.

  9. Anonymous says:

    OOooooOOOooo nice!

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