Justin Bieber slowed down

"Turn Justin Bieber into Sigur Ros in one easy step," writes in reader Yossarian . Slowed down 800%, the young star's inane "U Smile" becomes a languid, half-hour ambient epic. [via Submitterator] Update: If that link is dead, try this one. Update: hoax claim!


  1. I’m actually listening to this *right now*

    I’ll reserve judgement until someone provides me with some 800% sped up sigur ros.

  2. I would be curious to know what tools were used. It seems like there is some reverb or other sustain added to the slowed-down track.

  3. The new magic is being able to slow stuff down without changing the pitch *and* without it creating horrible stretching artifacts in the sound. Not to be missed.

  4. You can’t slow down by more than 100%. It’s really slowed down 91%, so it plays back at 9% or 1/11 speed.

  5. moby already did this in 1994 with “Hymn.Alt.Quiet.Version” (33:43).
    sounds about the same, anyway.

  6. See, I you never know what two things might have in common. I’d rather go deaf than listen to either.
    Actually, Bieber might be more honest, though. Sigur Ros is the embodiment of the emperor wearing no clothes..

    1. Having seen them perform, I couldn’t disagree more. They may not be to your taste, but they are very talented.

  7. I just did the same thing with two rounds of Amazing Slow Downer and Audio Hijack Pro. It’s legit!

  8. This would probably be funnier if I had any idea what the original sounded like. Is it the kind of music 40 year old indie dorks like me usually like?

    1. Much as you’re right about there being a hoax here, you’ve obviously not spotted the upload date of the Photon Wave Orchestra song to see which song is the hoax.

      1. You are right –
        I am trying to figure out how two separate individuals decided to speed up the same song at the same rate independent of one another. Something about this seems VERY fishy…

    2. It’s not a fake .. it’s a fake fake .. or something. If you take that track, speed it up 8x, the result really is bubblegum.

      It’s been run thru some filters, but it’s unmistakable.

      It seems this Photon Wave track, released April 1st (according to your link), managed to troll us some 6 months later. And the article is accurate (or close to, it is post-processed, not purely 1/8th speed).

  9. I used “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch”/”Paulstretch” to put the file back to normal. You can do this yourself. It really is Justin Bieber.

    But the song seems to be altered, it’s very hollow, fading in and out with a lot of flanging and reverb.

  10. I just used the app soundstretch (from libSoundTouch) to speed the track back up by 1000%, and it gets it back to a close enough tempo that my iPhone (using SoundHound) recognizes it as U Smile.

    I think the hollowness might just be an artifact of stretching it so dramatically.

  11. Wow, this is a major improvement for JB. I figured I’d give it a minute or two, and now 15 minutes later I realize that it is still playing in the background.

  12. post-bubblegum pop? i love it. since i have never heard the 8oox faster bieber, i have to say i’m a fan. but i have always been a sucker for canadian music! i was in buffalo, ny the same week j.bieb was in toronto for a concert. there were fliers and radio stations pushing the show and concert tix up for grabs if one registered. had i know it was going to sound like this, i’d have totally made the effort to attend! i wonder if he is going to hook up with godspeed you black emperor!? would that be “post-canadian”?

  13. @MrScience Wow! The artifacts in the re-sped-up version grind off the icky bubblegum veneer and make that into a very listenable, catchy and slightly trippy song. Gonna have to try that on a few more of Mr. Bieber’s gummy treats.

  14. I just sped up the track and this is not a hoax. it wasn’t exactly 800% and there was definitely a lot of reverb and stuff added afterwards, but it is still very much the Bieb.

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