Hitchcock vs. The Birds (spoiler: the birds win)


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  1. imag says:

    F-ing brilliant. I’ll bet Hitch would have loved that.

  2. Donald Petersen says:

    Better than the movie’s real trailer. Even the slowly crescendoing siren works.

    The actual trailer is kinda long and slow, but has its moments.

    “Surely the birds appreciate all we’ve done for them… don’t you? Beautiful cage, fresh water, no other birds to bother you, none of that blinding sunlight…”
    (caged bird pecks his finger)
    “Ow! Now, why would he do that? Most peculiar. What on earth…?”


  3. Anonymous says:

    ……I think that Hitchcock would have LOVED this little video; lots of irony!camish

  4. Anonymous says:

    that’s Barcelona ;)

    those pigeons always WIN

  5. dethwolf_x says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    This is Plaça Catalunya (Catalonia Square) in Barcelona.
    we have serious plague of pigeons in the city. the birds always win there xD

  7. mjfgates says:

    Those are some seriously efficient pigeons.

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