Science cookie cutters


I've posted in the past about biological anthropologist-turned-geeky Martha Stewart Not So Humble Pie—especially the magical way she has with science-themed baked goods.

Now there's a quick way for less-ambitious cooks to capture a teeny bit of the Not So Humble ambiance—a set of four science cookie cutters, featuring beaker, flask, test tube and atom shapes. In the picture above, you can see the results, as decorated by Ms. Humble (though she's not the one selling them).

Bonus for Oklahomans (and how often does that happen?): If you live in the OKC area you can arrange pick-up on these cookie cutters and save yourself some shipping costs.

(Thanks to Sophia C.—my favorite Belgian—for pointing this out!)


  1. I ordered mine last week, got them very quickly and am planning to cook up a big batch this weekend for our lab picnic! FUN!

  2. I’d use sprinkles for precipitates.

    irksome, d’ough! what kind of half-baked comment is that?

  3. Cutting the cookies in those shapes will be the easy part. The hard part comes when it’s time to ice them as well as she did in the photo (good luck with that!).

  4. Can these be sold to communities with glassware sales restrictions? Afterall they will be used to manufacture stimulants. Now I’m off to find my stash of refined sugar…

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