Giant bubbles on the beach

Enjoy this peaceful, and impressive, mid-afternoon thought-break, courtesy reader Demarcus via Submitterator.


  1. My father-in-law used to have a bubble wand and it was so much fun to play with those things. He could make three or four bubbles and then surround them with an even bigger one, if the weather conditions were right. He’d often go to the beach just like this gentleman did, and entertain children (and their parents!) for hours until he ran out of bubble mixture.

    1. Win!

      This video is right up there with the best unicorn chasers. I’m almost afraid to scroll down on the main page and find out what unpleasantness it’s chasing. Must be something pretty bad if the chaser is this good.

  2. Those kids are stoked! It’s worth every penny just to watch their faces when those things launch.

  3. We played with the commercial one that you can buy in many stores, this summer south Alpena, Michigan. The wind was fresh off the beach, and we were able to generate bubbles up to half the size that this fellow did, and the kids thought they were fantastic. I didn’t get a feel for how the bubbles burst until I watched this video, and like the first commenter, I am fascinated by how they pop.

  4. There’s a local guy who builds bubble machines, every one of them unique, and shows up at parks and concerts with them when the weather’s suitable.

    Most of his machines don’t make big bubbles, but rather unbelievably huge swarms of regular-size bubbles… he can get tens of thousands of them flowing like a river out of the machine.

    It’s not as beautiful as these giant ones, but the kids (and, sometimes, dogs) love popping them and dancing about in them. More bubbles gives more audience participation.

    I love that guy!

  5. If anyone ever wonders what sort of things one might find in a directory of wonderful things, send him or her to this post!

  6. Last week on vacation I bought a “bubble thing” to make giant bubbles for my son’s (and my) amusement. I haven’t been able to make bubbles as big has this gentleman’s… yet.
    I have been using a mix of palmolive dishsoap and baking soda (and water), but my bubbles are very fragile. Does anyone in BB land know of another good bubble mix?

    Beautiful video.

    1. There are MANY recipes on the internet for bubbles but the BEST bubbles are made with glycerin. You can find this in the laxative section at a drug store. Some people use white corn syrup in place of the glycerin but I’ve never tried it. Since they are both glycerin, I guess they could be interchangeable!

      Check out this website – the measurements are in metric but you can find conversion pages all over the web, too.

      Good luck and have LOADS of fun!

  7. I’m torn. The video strikes me in the uncanny valley just enough to make me wonder if the bubbles are, in fact, CG.

    I’ve dealt with large bubbles in person, and they do look unreal and behave in curious ways. And to create digital bubbles of such veracity would be an impressive feat, one which makes it seem less likely. Yet something in the nature of the inability to discern depth and distance of those bubbles properly bothers me. Also, the way the children chase after them makes it seem like they’re not seeing the same bubbles we are.

    I really can’t be sure of what I’m seeing.

    ~D. Walker

  8. The bubbles are NOT computer graphics, but are in fact the creation of a great bubble-smith, Sterling Johnson who lives in the Bay Area. Sterling can often be seen at the Exploratorium (disclosure – I work there) making his wonderful magic in our parking lot, or blowing hand-bubbles inside.

    1. They’re using their CAMERA phones to photograph the bubbles. Relax, buddy, they’re just as enraptured as the kids.

  9. Huh, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim…”

    Now fewer people can enjoy it, which totally flies in the face of posting a video online in the first place. Guess they’re holding out for that “mad giant-bubble money”.

  10. Who is Mark Day, and why does he hate people seeing giant bubbles? I didn’t get to see them. :-{

      1. Heh. And actually, you’re right.

        I found the original video. But what an idiot. The takedown notice did not redirect to his website, so he really doesn’t gain anything from taking it down.

        He could have asked the poster to include a link to the original video and his website, or added this as a comment.

        But instead, he made me waste 10 minutes of my time Googling for it. As such, I’m loathe to post the link. On the other hand… giant bubbles!

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