Gone but not forgotten: Bearforce 1


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  1. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    I am built like the bear in the pink. I wish I could meet the guy in the yellow.

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Is ‘Eurovision’ a genre?

  3. seanpatgallagher says:

    Bear Baiting… is that what we’ve come to?


  4. DM Stith says:

    I just know there are some hairier gayer men out there with better dance moves than these.

  5. bcsizemo says:


    -gratuitous use of lens flare, check.
    -equally gratuitous mid crotch camera angle, umm yeah…

    And I’m not sure, but I don’t think they are wearing underwear (that or really loose boxers).

    If we didn’t have that excellent F me Ray Bradbury video then I’d ask for a unicorn chaser or something.

  6. cooldice23 says:

    as a straight hairy big guy (not obese, just a big man), i love these guys. i have always loved my masculine look, and have been confused and dismayed by our feminization of the male aesthetic.

    when i first discovered these guys, i showed my wife and said ‘best boy band ever’. yay to BF1 for showing that there need not be only one standard for beauty, male or female.

  7. turingcub says:

    I would give these guys a thousand bucks to cover “F**k Me Ray Bradbury” from yesterday.

    (That is, if they got replaced with bears who were hot. Sorry! Sort of!)

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Jonas Brothers will never be this age.

  9. Oxblood Ruffin says:

    Chunk-men in pastels, where have you been all my life?

  10. turingcub says:

    In my defense, this is my dating pool; I’m supposed to be picky.

    And yeah, the video and song itself is pretty horrendous. I run screaming when they play stuff like this at bear nights (and they always do.)

    @Bcsizemo: more for ME! :)

  11. franko says:

    i love these guys so much. nice tip of the hat (crotch?) to all the gay classics.

  12. gardenprophet says:

    This has made my week. I am very happy you shared the love (so to speak).

    Hilarious retro remixing? Check.
    Gratuitous crotch grabbing? Check.
    Un-syncopated gyrating? Check.
    Random close-up on someone’s face with lens flare? Check.

    This has everything I’ve every seen in every top 40′s music video from the last decade.

  13. highlyverbal says:

    “…will have to hold us over until the Jonas Brothers get to their age”

    I am confused, the Jonas Brothers already are their own ages.

  14. bcsizemo says:


    Nice remake from some high school girls…

    It gets funnier ever time I watch any of them.

  15. Axx says:

    Only heard of these guys when in Utrecht on business and noticed a large hair-covered Ferrari parked on the side of the street which said “Bearforce 1″ on the side.

    I believe there was also a teddy bear on the dashboard.

  16. apoxia says:

    I’m surprised they managed to fit so many copyright infringements into one song. They musn’t have had any money left over after paying all the royalties.

    Seriously bad dance moves, perhaps they came up with them themselves, or hired the laziest choreographer in existance.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit! This made my night. Thank you.

  18. torgone says:

    Heh … rimshot ..

  19. malthusan says:

    You know what? That was awesome.

  20. surrealestate says:

    Yeah, but what does it sound like slowed down by 8 times?

  21. Mantari says:

    I CAME!!! Thanks, BoingBoing. Also: DUTCH!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Get real. I love the beginning with the number of this German Drag that was the craze in Ibiza in the late 70s. Pacha, Zoo, those were the days.
    They are singing hits that no Jonas Brothers will ever make and have never known.
    A boiled down YMCA with a touch of “GAP”.
    What’s not to love about them.
    That is simple fun, humor, good ambiance for gay or straight beer belly drinking lads and masculin drooling woman sorry gals all these man will always be “gay”. But hey it won’t be the first gay men woman dance to and love.
    Is this the only remix they ever made?
    Give us some more please! Paramedics please revive them. Reunite as all groups do …its fashionable.

  23. dm10003 says:

    Why is even a story in August 2010?

    As a gay American bear of the same age as BF1 I can assure all you viewers that this retro use of perfectly good furry chests and jaws is and always was DOA.

    I wish them well though, espesh pinky. Woof.

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