Anime Themes Recreated with Household Items

A few days ago, Japanator posted this fun tribute to K-On!!, where a group of musicians recreate the opening and closing theme of the anime with household items. It looks like the video stems from Nico Nico Douga. K-On!! is the second season popular anime about a group of high school girls who form a band (the first season is known as K-On!). The show has been getting a good amount of buzz in within the U.S. anime fandom for a while now and, at this year's Otakon, Bandai announced that it would be releasing an English dub of the first season.


  1. For this geezer, where the tune is from matters a lot less than the clever instruments and awesome musicianship on display here. Truly fantastic! I’d love to see/hear more.

  2. Having watched the first season of K-On!! a few months ago, I cannot recommend it enough. I truly have not had such a good time with a ‘coming of age’ anime in a long time. All I can hope is that the English voice dub is up to the task (but I tend to dislike dub so I won’t hold my breath).

  3. I was watching K-On related youtube crap all evening(coverbands, etc).

    I go to boingboing for a change of pace and lo and behold: K-on weirdness. Ugh.

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