Middle-aged woman, unaware of video camera, drops cat into trash can

A middle-aged woman throws a cat into a trash can. It happened near the Sacred Heart School in Coventry. Too bad for her there was a camera pointed at her. She will be identified, maybe with the help of a Boing Boing reader! The cat lived.

Daily Mail: So who is the middle-aged woman who stopped to stroke the cat.... before cruelly dumping kitty in the litter? (Via Cynical-C)


    1. If it was a mouse or a rat she put into the bin..
      would she still be “suffering from mental illness”
      and would anybody care?

    1. Heh, I liked it the way you phrased it the first time.

      This can only end badly for this woman. You do not mistreat cats around the Internet. I do not condone it, but her life will be a living hell once she’s identified, regardless of how the police choose to proceed.

  1. Human

    -abs admits he’s in a mood, but even when he’s not he doesn’t value human life very highly, especially when compared to a cat

  2. You can bet she *will* be driven to dementia once the Internets discover and broadcast her identity, address and contact information.

    Go Internets Go!


  3. British people are just plain evil. Which is why they have so many CCTVs all over the place. They can’t help themselves. I wonder what Cory Doctorow has to say about this incident.

    1. Uhm, I am not British… but still take offence at your incredibly stupid comment. Its mental Giants like yourself (stereotyping a whole nation based on extremely limited exposure/knowledge/wisdom) that will be the downfall of civilisation.

  4. On the plus side, the article says:

    “A police spokeswoman said: ‘The cat was left in the bin for 15 hours but emerged unhurt.

    ‘The RSPCA were informed and the investigation into the incident will be led by them, as it is a matter of animal cruelty.

    ‘The police will support the RSPCA’s investigation and are currently collecting CCTV of the incident'”

  5. I’m going to say fake, followed by (I hope). Also, how many freaking cameras does this guy have on his house? I see at least three in the Daily Mail article. What the hell is up with the British? Cat-tossing, neighbor-filming, freaks!

    1. Whoa! Please don’t go using the Daily Mail to represent British people. Its exactly the same as using Fox News coverage to represent Americans.

  6. Please, people, let the punishment fit the crime. The cat was not in any realistic danger unless the garbage was just about to be collected.

    It was a pretty antisocial thing to do, but let’s not overreact… especially if she is suffering from mental illness, there may not be much point to it anyway.

    1. Okay, we’ll just shove her in a trash can that may or may not be about to be collected and mashed into pulp and….no harm done.

    2. What are you, her husband or something??
      It is completely obvious from her immediate reaction (turning to the bin) that she meant to do it right away and also that she HAS DONE THIS BEFORE!
      Let’s put her in a plastic bin (top down) on a sweltering day and leave her there for 15 hours and she how she fares…..

      Posted by Concerned Cat-Loving Canadians!

  7. While we’re at it, can we prosecute the person that created this clip? 20 seconds of nothing at the beginning, 30 seconds of nothing at the end…for what?

    1. @mappo

      Agreed. Not properly editing video is the 21st century equivalent of 15-line Usenet sigs.

    2. What are you talking about, it would be a sin to not have the 20 second build up for the comedic timing.

      Seriously though, I hope that lady gets stuck in a garbage truck.

    3. mappo/23

      I would disagree.

      The 30 seconds before and after the event GREATLY increase the impact of the film.

      Especially the last 30 seconds: she commits this heinous act and then… she returns and picks him out? a neighbor rushes out? a police squad car arrests her? No. Nothing: the cat is going to die.

      Reminds me vaguely of “The Vanishing”. Evil blithely existing in the everyday and noone does (or can do) anything about it.

  8. I am with Lord Xenu on this one.
    Also I find it very scary how the Internet tends to run after everything waving pitchforks.
    Yes, it was a very disturbing event, but that does not mean it is okay to harass the hell out of that woman which very well might happen if she is identified.
    Look at what 4chan does. Do you really want to be the one condoning, and even calling for it?

    1. And here I was thinking it was about time we notified /b/ of the incident…

      /b/ for President!!!

  9. Also inclined to go with “mental illness” of some kind, possibly coupled with old-fashioned assholishness. Definite echoes of the “dog down the garbage shoot” scene from “As Good As It Gets.”

    1. In fairness to humans, unprovoked acts of animal-on-animal violence aren’t exactly a rare occurrence either.

        1. what the fuck does that have to do with anything?

          Did you read the comment I was responding to?

  10. She’s not demented. She looks around slyly to see if the coast is clear. She knows she’s tossing a pet into the trash – after deliberately luring it with feigned friendliness. She knows full well she’s doind something anti-social, to which the owner and others would object.

    And she’s quite proud of herself afterward, job well done, she saunters off proudly.

    She’s not a mental case.

    She’s just mean.

  11. For the “Mental Illness Crowd” – she looks both ways before she drops it in. She was being an asshole and knew it – people who are truly mentally ill (in my experience) don’t check first.

    1. I tend to disagree. I have worked with mentally ill people, and they are aware of social conventions.

    2. For the “Mental Illness Crowd” – she looks both ways before she drops it in. She was being an asshole and knew it – people who are truly mentally ill (in my experience) don’t check first.

      That depends on the type and severity of mental illness. (Not that I’m yet convinced of her sanity either way.)

    3. You… have experience with cat tossers… ? People who are wantonly cruel to any creature they know is able to experience suffering are mentally ill. Just because she deliberates on getting caught doesn’t mean she’s not insane – it only means she’s not *legally* insane. She knows right from wrong, or at least that she’d face consequences if caught.

      Serial killers are often abusive to animals while developing the courage or desire to harm humans. They are undeniably socio- or psychopathic, but not necessarily psychotic.

    4. Honestly i can tell that you don’t have a lot of experience in the field then. I can tell you with full confidence that she MAY have a mental illness, and still scout the place out beforehand. I can’t tell you what her specific case is, but I do have experience in the field, and this can absolutely be either way.

      All I’m saying is don’t judge people on preconcieved notions from what you gathered from bad TV drama character portrayals.

  12. I wonder if she has the slightest idea of the shitstorm she is about to experience.
    Cats called LOLA btw.

  13. Wow, I must be a horrible person.

    Apparently, I’m the only one who finds this a little bit funny. :-/

  14. @RedMonkey…. I’m with you. Crazy people don’t know they are crazy. That’s what differentiates them from sane ones.

    This woman is plain mean.

    Cruelty to any living thing (animal or human) who cannot defend itself is not acceptable behaviour. And for those who think the cat was not harmed, 15 hours in the bottom of a recycle bin does not seem like an enjoyable existence to me.

  15. Disgusting. This lady looks like she knows exactly what shes doing. I really hope they ( /b/, the police, whatever) find her.

  16. Too many sick bastards in this world.

    Please catch this woman before she inflicts some unspeakable cruelty upon a small child.

  17. Please Please Please Please someone find this woman. I need to know if this is real, she needs to be locked up in crazy town if she’s nuts, and she needs to be beaten to a pulp if she’s just a cat hater. Please Please Please someone go camp out on that street and watch for her, I’m sure she lives around there.

  18. As an aside at what point do you think the idea popped into her head?
    At 31 seconds, I see a light bulb so dim and flickering that it could only have been built by Lucas Electrics.

  19. Just want to chime in – it is always astonishing how fast people become akin to a raging mob once the correct trigger is pressed. Was this cruel ? Sure, hell yes ! But reading some of the comments above I am not entirely sure if some of the posters aren’t well deserving of similar labels…people who think that vigilantism as well as continuous surveillance is justified by the correct ends freak me out a lot more than even those that are as casually cruel, as is this woman.
    Oh, and ‘looks around slyly’ is not really a proof against mental illness. But even if she is rational, calling all kinds of shit down on her is just idiotic.

    1. Oh, yawn…

      A community collective calling for a swift reprimand in response to something the vast majority of it’s inhabitants find to be inappropriate and unacceptable is not the same some masked vigilante imposing his own unique morals on the masses.

      So, we resent the Man for bearing down with his rule, and we won’t allow the society to determine for itself what can and can’t be allowed, so who pray tell can set the boundaries? Or are we all entitled to act as we please?

      It’s people like you who actively try and promote a ‘do-nothing’ mindset that are going to be what damns us all. Whether it be apathy, cowardice, or complete ineptitude is no matter.

      I, for one, like the idea that people aren’t as ‘free’ to do whatever stupid, criminal, etc thing they want. Not because of an oppressive minority in charge…but because of the morality of their fellow man…something thought to be long-since dead.

      And you know what else? It’s the internet. This is a community with no regard to culture, race, religion, or sex. This is a massive collection of people with only one thing in common; humanity. How is it ‘enlightened’ to discourage humanity from frowning on evil behavior?

      fuck her up, /b/.

  20. I’m gonna hope this is another stunt a la whiteboard-quitting-HPOA girl. The (alleged) CCTV camera is just a LITTLE too conveniently trained on a trash bin. Wouldn’t be the first time the Daily Mail got punkd.

    1. In the article it’s explained that the camera is the householder’s and it trained on the spot where their car is parked, which, assuming they live in a row house, would be right in front of the trash bin.

  21. not condoning cruelty to animals here


    Scenario: woman lives in the neighbourhood in a ground floor or basement apartment. She has gotten used to cats worming their ways in through any open window/door/hole and peeing/shitting in her bed (among other places).
    Woman gets fed up with this, sees a neighbourhood cat, immediately formulates a plan, pets it while checking for witnesses and disposes of said cat.
    Understandable although this way is (IMO) inhumane.

    If you know people who have lived in this type of cat piss attack scenario, or you yourself have lived that way then you understand that way of thinking.

    OTOH, she may just be your everyday average psycho. Who knows.

  22. If it turns out that this is indeed dementia I’ll be sympathetic…but I must confess I don’t want any ambiguity here.

    Instead, I hope she’s “sane”, with a nice job, a family, a standing in the community…and I hope it all comes crashing down as the world sees what a horrible, horrible person she is.

  23. You can be crazy *and* not want to get in trouble because of your compulsion. The mentally ill avoid punishment/pain just like everything else, that doesn’t mean they are “guilty” of doing what they do. Eventually the pull might get too strong and they act recklessly but they can often keep it together when they really need to. Crazy does not equal complete lack of impulse control. That being said, I think this person just happens to be mean.

    1. Fear of punishment means you understand that what you are doing is wrong, and therefore are legally culpable in most legal systems I am familiar with.

      1. I’m just saying a mentally ill person can understand that something is wrong or inappropriate yet still do it because they literally can’t help themselves, for example a frontal lobe injury, a brain tumor or something like Turrets syndrome. To be truly crazy doesn’t mean running around like a maniac without any self-preservation, often they can pull it together for stretches of time until the compulsion wins out.

        Speaking personally, I think she is most likely a cruel person who hates cats, not crazy.

  24. Look, just because she is doing something cruel and anti-social, that does not make her a nutcase.

    If that logic held up, then everyone who committed a crime would automatically bementally ill, and jails would be 100% empty.

    1. I agree that not every violent or anti-social act is a mental illness, but…

      “If that logic held up, then everyone who committed a crime would automatically be mentally ill, and jails would be 100% empty.”

      I’m afraid that does not follow.

      According to a 2003 report from Human Rights Watch:
      “In the United States, there are three times more mentally ill people in prisons than in mental health hospitals, and prisoners have rates of mental illness that are two to four times greater than the rates of members of the general public.”

  25. Well, I’d like to congratulate the British surveillance-obsessed state for finally putting those asinine cameras to good use.

  26. Oh. C’mon people! The M.O. for getting rid of unwanted cats uber hier ist to put the disgusting little offsprings of Simba in a sack first…then that’s the time you dispose them in a nearby graveyard. eeeeewwww

  27. Mental illness?

    Ahhh… you’d like to think so, wouldn’t you?

    Naw, this is garden-variety humanity here. We’d like to think we’re all better than this, and that only the undermedicated or senile would be sociopathic enough to toss a poor widdle kitty into the trash.

    When Foghorn Leghorn says, “Nice girl, but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice,” he refers to cute little creatures that have been deliberately drowned. And let us not forget the dozens of mortal iniquities visited upon Sylvester, all for the amusement of children. Projectiles, explosives, falls from great heights… and somehow, most of us laughed.

    Now, cartoon animal abuses from yesteryear do nothing to explain or excuse this behavior, perpetrated upon a living, breathing animal. This is a reprehensible act, and the woman is conscious enough of this fact to furtively look around for witnesses before she dumps Puss into the bin. We well-off Westerners believe that the dog-eat-dog days before the middle of the last century, back when stray animals were nothing more then pests and varmints to be tossed in the river, shot for sport, or poisoned before they got into the henhouse, only to be replaced by countless others since they bred out of control, are well behind us. We like to think each of these little critters is valuable, and deserving of our compassion.

    And, religious or not, we like to think that we feel the same compassion for all of God’s Creatures, so we feed the stray cats at the workplace, we restrain our dogs from chasing and killing the squirrels, we gently capture the black widow in the bathroom and transport the wee murderess outside to a safe distance, and we wouldn’t dream of slapping at that mosquito sucking on the back of our neck this warm summer’s eve.

    But not everyone feels this way. Some people have no use for stray animals, and feel they are a pestilence. Some people do not suffer venomous creatures to live within their walls. Some people simply can’t be bothered to watch where they walk.

    People with a less-highly-evolved sense of animal compassion are everywhere. They may be less virtuous than you. They may have an unfortunate humanocentric outlook. They might be unapologetic carnivores. And yes, maybe some of them are just a tad crazy.

    But assholery is everywhere, often undiagnosed, usually untreated, rarely curable, but almost never fatal, alas.

    And isn’t that black car in the background the infamous Ford Sportka, the one that likes cats even less? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Guufs3mdgg

  28. I’d also like to add, the folks being an apologist for this “winner” really underestimate the ability for sane people to be cruel, selfish and dangerous.

    The fact she looks around before dumping the kitty is proof enough for me. She’s a miserable piece of shit.

  29. I’m just amazed that so many people on Boing Boing have the psychiatric training to make a definitive diagnosis of another person’s mental state based on a few seconds of low-res video.

    1. I’m just amazed that so many people on Boing Boing have the psychiatric training to make a definitive diagnosis of another person’s mental state based on a few seconds of low-res video.

      Agreed. She is clearly a Crappy Mutant.

  30. Mental illness?

    Occam’s Razor, folks. She’s just a run-of-the-mill cruel wenchbag of a human being.

  31. I LOL’d. I’ve been tempted to put an end to more than one stray cat in my neighborhood. There’s one that uses the space below my wheel chair ramp for it’s fucking litter box, making my deck smell like cat piss all summer. They kill the birds in my back yard. I want to poison them slowly for their horrible stink. I don’t care if they have moments of cuteness, stray cats are just another flea and disease carrying pest like opossum, skunks and raccoons. And don’t get me started on the assholes who let their damn house cats run around the neighborhood without a leash.

  32. A perfect bookend to a story I heard from a cousin while on a recent trip to Italy:

    Evidently a family living in Wales had brought their grandfather over from the countryside outside of Parma (IT) to live with them. The family owned a dog and the grandfather would dutifully walk the beloved pooch in the neighborhood much to the delight of the neighborhood kids who would coo and pet it. On such a walk one day the dog keeled over dead. The grandfather removed the dog collar and unceremoniously dropped the dog in the nearest trash bin. His reception on return to the house was as you might expect. He, on the other hand had no idea that he had done anything wrong. The “peasant mindset” in the translated words of my cousin. Still, I laughed for about 20 minutes…

  33. I take issue with being called an “apologist” for suggesting she’s mentally ill. Its much easier to think of her as mentally ill than as a soulless piece of crap who should be kicked down the stairs, that’s all.

  34. Yep, “Lola” is some asshole’s house pet left to run around outside without a leash, unsupervised and encouraged to piss and shit in everything but a litter box. Likely no collar or tags, judging by the picture in the article. Pretty much a worthless pet owner.

  35. Wait, I’m confused, aren’t we all anti-CCTV around here? Isn’t this a privacy violation for everyone walking down that street? Shouldn’t we be protesting the unfairness to this woman that this was even recorded?

    1. I don’t think Boing Boing readers are “all” anything, but yes, there’s a general aversion and suspicion regarding surveillance, especially ubiquitous government surveillance.

      Not so sure you’d get a such a clear anti-CCTV consensus regarding, say, a security camera in a convenience store, or, as in this case, a home owner trying to catch the people banging into his car.

  36. with proper keyboard training (pressing CTRL+DEL to delete cat pictures) this would not have happened.
    note she also did not empty the trash.

    bad computer skills saved another cat life.

  37. The whole thing plays out like a double-cross mob hit.

    “Meet me at 7:54pm by the green trashcan near the Sacred Heart School. I’ve got some news on that dog down the street. Come alone.”

  38. She is probably a bird lover. I wouldn’t stoop to such depths as the woman in the video (probably) but I bet she thinks bird killing machines (aka cats) should be kept indoors, that trash can had the nearest convenient door.

    1. Article from NYT magazine from 2007 about a “criminal” charged for killing a “stray” cat because he had seen them consistently killing endangered birds nearby:

      It struck me as interesting how cat lovers in this article said you can’t blame the cats because they were just eating birds, doing what cats do. By that reasoning, it ought to be acceptable for humans to kill stray cats as long as we eat them.

      You’re welcome.

  39. So apparently now putting a cat in a bin means you deserve to be beaten to a pulp. It all sounds rather Saudi Arabian.

    1. Animal abuse is a violent crime and should be treated like any other similar crime. And if she’s tossing cats into trash cans, what do you think she’s doing to her elderly mother or the children that she babysits? Animal abuse and human abuse are closely linked.

      One of these on her foot would give the neighborhood cats fair warning.

  40. This woman needs to be placed into a trash bin, proportionately sized for her, full of old cabbage and cat poo.

  41. @Donald Petersen: The cat wasn’t a stray.

    @everyone saying “I thought we were against CCTV”: This isn’t a government camera. As the article states, the homeowners installed the camera after their car got run into repeatedly.

    1. The cat wasn’t a stray.

      Oh, well, that makes all the difference in the world.

      @Antinous, can you really equate violence against animals with violence against people? Certainly, I have no doubt that just as Renfield began with flies, lots of violent offenders took that tiny leap from torturing, maiming, or killing animals to doing the same with humans. The disconnection of empathy would have to be similar, no matter the species of victim.

      But maybe I haven’t been around here long enough. Do you advocate the prosecution of carnivores? Licensed hunters? State-regulated exterminators? Overcrowded animal-control facilities that practice euthanasia? The 8th-graders I grew up with who routinely trashcanned smaller 7th-graders? Kids who explode ants on sunny days with magnifying glasses? The manufacturers or purchasers of old-fashioned spring-powered mousetraps? Drivers who mortally wound deer by accident and don’t stop? People who use Corry’s Slug and Snail Death (which *can’t* be much more pleasant than being dissolved by a pile of table salt, if you happen to be a luckless gastropod)? And where does one draw the line? Is cruelty against chordates simply cruelty, while agaist nonvertebrates it’s simply pest control?

      I don’t think you’re being intellectually dishonest or anything. I just wonder where we can “draw the line” in a manner that most people can get behind. A uniformly virtuous attitude toward the sanctity of all life is *not*, I would submit, an instinctive behavior for us. Ergo, if we have to manufacture an enlightened attitude toward lifeforms, shouldn’t it be consistent down to the smallest protozoan?

      And doesn’t that somehow lead us to agonizing over whether carrots feel pain?

  42. Classic Serial Killer behaviour: start out on animals and move on to humans. If she doesn’t have a few of the neighbourhood children in trash bins somewhere then she soon will have. STOP HER NOW BEFORE SHE BINS AGAIN!

  43. I’m thinking viral ad.

    User’s been around for quite a while (maybe someone keeping a long-time account for use with viral ads,) and has posted one video and no comments.

  44. Oi, you lot – less of the “British people” thing. I’m a Brit and find that fucking reprehensible.

    Poor kitty, 15h in a bloody bin :(

  45. This has happened before, remember Johnny Thin who put pussy in the well?

    Ding Dong Deelly
    Pussy’s in the Wheelly

    Who pushed her in?
    Fingerprint the bin!

    Oh what a wicked woman that
    Tried to burn poor pussy cat.

    We’ll quickly know her name I bet.
    By using the old Internet.

  46. While I have a great deal of admiration for non-violence and seeking healing rather than petty revenge, there are things that make me angry.

    Cruelty, especially animal cruelty, is one of them, and I feel little shame in thinking that these people are… not damaged, as that implies an external condition imposed upon them and that should be treated, no, not damaged but a kind of evil. A crucial part of them is wrong, and the only justice I want to mete out is poetic and escalated. I want to try to drum into them exactly the consequences of what they’ve done the hard way, the disempathetic b*st*rds. Righteous fury, that’s what it is.

  47. Do you advocate the prosecution of carnivores? Licensed hunters? State-regulated exterminators? Overcrowded animal-control facilities that practice euthanasia?

    Do you see a difference between putting someone in prison for committing a crime and locking them in your basement because you’re in the mood? She wasn’t planning to eat the cat or use it to make a coat. There’s nothing to suggest that the cat was causing her any problems. It’s simple abuse. Some people might not agree, but I see a difference between eating a hamburger and participating in a fox hunt.

    1. Some people might not agree, but I see a difference between eating a hamburger and participating in a fox hunt.

      Okay, thank you, that clarifies. I’m with you on that. Sometimes I feel that the only difference between lawful imprisonment and involuntary basement captivity is that ever-eroding phenomenon known as Due Process (depending on the current level of capriciousness embodied in the State), but I take your point.

      That said, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I equate the value of animals with that of humans. I’m a speciesist, I know, and though I think the Biblical idea that humanity has “dominion” over all the beasts of the earth is purest horsepucky, I still can’t bring myself to feel guilty for valuing dogs more than cats, cats more than cockroaches, dolphins more than Republicans, and girls more than boys.

      I’m happy to report, however, that my bigotry apparently does not extend to racism. I value minority Republicans just as much as I do white ones. ;^)

  48. “a difference between eating a hamburger and participating in a fox hunt.”

    That difference is in conventions.

  49. I’m not an animal person, so know that before I get flamed to death.

    I’m in agreement with the 2 people or so that have commented that perhaps having another animal roaming around isn’t the greatest thing in the world.

    People say their blood boils when they see stuff like this….well my blood boils when I see a neighborhood cat sitting on top of my car in the mornings. The scratches down the trunk from it’s claws, them randomly roaming through my yard looking for it’s next bird or squirrel. So when someone else’s pet damages the property I paid for why is that “cute”? Why is that okay?

    Frankly if the pet owner doesn’t care enough about their animal to keep it in the house/lot or on a leash then it should be taken away.

    Since the mods and others are pointing out that if a person does this, then obviously she will do it to humans as well: when have you seen people let their kids roam around the neighborhood for days at a time? Last time I checked that’s when social services takes them away from you. You know since we are being fair, equal, and balanced and all. Since an animals life is as important as your own. (As I stated I’m not an animal person, I don’t have pets. I’m not cruel to them, but I do have these thoughts and I don’t understand how people think it’s okay to let the animals they “love” so much run free.)

    I find most animal lovers treat their animals well and respect them, and then there’s the other 60% or so of the population. They have part time pets at best (especially cats.)

    1. Listen, I don’t agree with you on this, obviously I think cats and children should be able to wander around the neighbourhoods they live in and that you are some kind of grumpy-old-man-waiting-to-happen.

      But even if I DID agree with you, putting someone’s pet into a bin is still fucking wrong and if I’d seen that women doing that she would have ended up in a bin about five seconds later.

      1. Listen, I don’t agree with you on this, obviously I think cats and children should be able to wander around the neighbourhoods they live in and that you are some kind of grumpy-old-man-waiting-to-happen.

        And this is why we don’t have productive discussion on the internet. Just like in real life taking what other people say, turning it around in a fit of emotion, and making them wrong and you right.

        -I said:

        when have you seen people let their kids roam around the neighborhood for days at a time?

        Days at a time. Do you put your kids outside with a bowl of water and food? Do they sleep on the ground?

        Sure it’s all semantics, but it’s not semantics that people want to beat this lady into next week because they believe what she did is horrible.

        I’m just stating that I don’t see the difference between my neighbors cat scratching up my car and the owner just keying it. At least then I could sue them.

        Perhaps someone professional could ask this lady what hell she was doing or thinking? Perhaps that would shed a whole lot of light on this situation. (It just might be that is a mean old witch.)

    2. I think if you care more about the finish on your car than a living creature (especially one as friendly as this cat was) then there is no point in debating the issue with you. Obviously, you have very little empathy for anything but yourself and your possessions…


      ‘randomly roaming through my yard looking for it’s next bird or squirrel.’

      Sorry, is that supposed to inconvenience you somehow? Are you a bird or a squirrel lover? It doesn’t sound so from your post, so why do you care if a cat roams your garden?

  50. I’m an animal lover, but I’m willing to say that sure, cats can be a pain in the ass, and probably should be kept inside for their own safety. I know how hard that is, having grown up with cats the roamed around freely (with a collar and tags, mind you). But here’s the thing – if a person wants to go on a crusade to round up stray cats and have them euthanized, by all means, go ahead. If you can verify that an animal has no owner and is not fighting for survival in the streets, you can try to have them put down after they are trapped (I actually have no idea how this goes down in the UK, but in the US, it’s possible to start campaigns like this).

    But to put a cat in a plastic bin on a hot day like that? That’s inhumane. That’s horrible. And if she is the horrid kind of person that she APPEARS to be, I hope she gets every single spec of karma that is coming to her.

  51. Why don’t we have a name and address yet?

    Come on, people! Stop lollygagging! Let’s get on the ball here!

  52. I don’t believe the cat was ever in any danger. The moment the next person tries to throw anything in the bin, the cat would jump out. If the garbage truck arrives and dumps the contents of the bin in the truck, the cat will run off long before the contents are crushed.

    1. Of course the cat was in no danger at all.. In fact the woman was well aware of this and only pushed the cat in the bin in a totally well-intentioned attempt to satirize her neighbours’ negligence and make a lighthearted comment on society’s obsession with pets.

    2. Actually, that’s the part that came to me first: when someone finally opened the bin, that cat would come out snarling, scratching and biting.

      Scary, and quite possibly resulting in a trip to the ER for the human.

    3. In my country, bins are collected by a large truck, that picks up the bin, and tips in into the top of the truck.

      There is NO way a cat could jump out and not land IN the truck.

      Therefore, this cat could very easily have died from this act.

  53. Personally I’m feeling a bit bad right now.

    I have been warned, time and time again, that every time I masturbate, god kills a kitten.

    Maybe she’s not nuts… or mean.

    maybe SHE’S THE HAND OF GOD!!!!

    If that’s the case, speaking for myself alone, there are gonna be a shit load more cats in trash cans I fear.


  54. There’s a strong correlation between people who are cruel to animals, are abusive and cruel to people.

    This b**** knew exactly what she was doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if she regularly walks through that neighborhood. I dearly hope she gets exposed and busted. And then seeks counseling


  55. Animal cruelty is something I will never understand and makes me want to beat people that abuse animals. The worst I have seen so far is that dog which was tossed off a bridge. The sounds of the dog crying and screaming still haunt me.

  56. Cat hatred is a powerful force. For some reason I can’t understand but must be hardwired into human nature, some people develop cat hatred, and with it always comes a massive sense of entitlement. I’ve known people who feel perfectly justified killing any cat that wanders onto their property or any cat they see anywhere that offends them. A lot of time this group overlaps with bird lovers, but I don’t think that really explains it. I think cat hatred is a cultural phenomenon whereby humans take out their aggression on other humans. Cats wandering around represent their inability to control other people–they feel offended and enraged and often take action against the cats. Of course they do it secretly, because they are also cowards, every one of them.

    We had a bad run in with a cat-hater a few years ago, and I tried to explain to the guy that our cat was an indoor cat and we were doing everything we could to keep him inside, and ask him to help us out by calling us when our cat got in his yard. It only made him angrier. He was probably happier when he was able to rationalize his rage by thinking that we were deliberately letting our cat roam. Taking away his justification just pissed him off more. (Yes, he did try to kill our cat.)

    1. I’m no cat hater, but what you describe would anger me as well. You expected your neighbor to have to call you when your indoor cat escaped and was on his property? So he works for you now? If it only happened once or twice, sure–but it sounds like it happened a lot more than that. Don’t you think it would get aggravating after a while for your neighbor, your passing the buck to him like that? You should look after your own indoor pet, not let it escape, and be the one to take swift responsibility for finding it if it does.

  57. Not to be a total ass hat here, but the links Anon #114 put up actually point to more of a correlation between abusers using pets as psychological weapons than merely doing it for pleasure.

    But they also show that a large percentage of animal abusers also have a record of other crimes.

    Of course we also have this lovely fact:
    -# A child growing up in the U.S. is more likely to have a pet than a live-at-home father.

    Priorities people, we need to work on that.

    1. “-# A child growing up in the U.S. is more likely to have a pet than a live-at-home father.

      Priorities people, we need to work on that.”

      I grew up with a live-at-home father and no pets. Two unavoidable decades of abuse convinced me to never put myself in such a dangerous situation, so I won’t even date. Domestic abuse is a higher priority than the number and gender of parents in a home.

    2. well, it’d help if you show a study which accounts for poverty and then shows that having a live-at-home father somehow makes you less likely to do bad things. Otherwise your priorities go askew and righteous feelings abound.

  58. All of you may see her as a monster but I say finally someone is doing something about Toxoplasma gondii!!! And it’s about time. How many more blind babys, car accidents and dead sea otters do you need before we can legally throw away cats. :)A

  59. Clear fakery to me.

    Locked-off camera tricks are some of the easiest to pull off.

    All you need is for this woman to walk this way every morning. One day she strokes the cat. Next day she throws something in the bin.

    The bin lid wipes the cat as it opens and your left with less than 10 frames to smudge with photoshop.

    But surely the Daily Mail wouldn’t create outrage for no reason?

  60. I recently saw a study that showed definitively that some people have pets, while others do not. It was an interesting study. The researchers conclusions were that some people are assholes with or without pets, while others are not, with or without pets, and that whacky old women that throw cats in dust bins, may or may not be insane or beat children… but they are 100% dyed in the wool assholes.

    This was made even more interesting since the study found that 99.99% of all people die at some point in their lives.

    Where did I put that pie chart and link….

    1. WOW! Now that is a GREAT Recession based money saving idea…

      I can buy 16 lbs of cat food at Petco for $28.79, or… I can buy 40lbs of wild bird food for $14.39.

      My cats get a free range natural diet, and I save $14.40.


        1. ROTFLMAO!!!

          Too Funny.

          Nope. I like my cats. I consider them emergency food rations for when the rapture comes.

  61. People whom have cats as pets are fine. People whom obsess about cats and feel every cat life is more important than natural life or human life, they feel the cat must be saved over all others in this world. The cat lived! However, Many natural species don’t because of the cat. they are a scourge in Australia as the exist in a feral state and almost collapse the ecosystem there until the aboriginal developed a tast for the meat. Cats kill birds, reptiles, bugs, mice (the ones not in the house too), shrew, and most people let thier cat run loose. Here in California, all a cat has to be is not yours and on your property and it is entirely legal for you to trap that cat send that cat to the pound. Alot of states and counties forbid loose cats due to thier….well, evil intent on killing life!

    A psycologist once said “people whom treat cats better than people often are suffering from mental disorder as thier view on life is skewed”. Before you go on witch hunts for old women whom object to wandering cats, maybe you should inspect the law where this happens.

    And, maybe this hag knew the person in question and doesn’t like him. Because the person whom shot the video is in his own world, they probably don’t remember the run in with the woman as they may always be causing conflict with people and cannot remember the whole 200 people they pissed off last year. You have no right getting involved in this, this is a local problem and I thing Boing Boing should butt out. You are not the F*cking cat administrator for the world. If I keep seeing reverse discrimination (and it’s not the first article i’ve seen where Boing Boing goes too far) and bias at this site, I will not continue to support it. You are a political blog and you only support the comments that please you and delete the ones that don’t. that is a violation of free speech and not entirely what a blogging and commenting is about. You are just as bad a MSM as you groom everything for your view and only push that. No alternative views here?

    1. Anon #125. Wow. Rant much?

      Maybe the Australian Cat plague could help with the Great Australian Mouce Plague – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH4EFgRB4bU

      or the Great Australian Rabbit Plague – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgPhn4tYxJQ (Wait till the 33 second mark… gets pretty interesting there.)

      And the Cane toad plague, and on and on…

      And as to the politics here? Well I am not a Democrat. I pretty much despise the looney left. Much as I despise the religious right and I am not a Republican. I am independent and Libertarian (With a BIG L)… And I learn and enjoy the posts and many of the comments here whenever I am free to do so.

      If you don’t like it here and feel oppressed, then maybe BB isn’t for you.

    2. ‘If I keep seeing reverse discrimination (and it’s not the first article i’ve seen where Boing Boing goes too far) and bias at this site, I will not continue to support it.’

      Oh, no, PLEASE! How would we cope with losing such an obviously worthy anonymous poster?

    3. BLUH BLUH, ignore all the context and try to troll your way across life wont ya?
      If you really believe half of what you said you are freaking insane. A woman walks up to a home, catches a cat on its own yard, with its own collar, pets it and then dumps it on the trash, and your commentary is “MAYBE THE LAW THERE ALLOWED IT WHY IS BOING BOING OPPRESSING ME”

      Dear gentleman, please find a way to take your concerns rectally. Thank you.

    4. Anon says: “Here in California, all a cat has to be is not yours and on your property and it is entirely legal for you to trap that cat send that cat to the pound.”

      Patent nonsense disguised as legal authority. Gotta love the internet.


      “(a) Upon relinquishment of a cat to a public or private shelter, the owner of that cat shall present sufficient identification to establish his or her ownership of the cat and shall sign a statement that he or she is the lawful owner of the cat.
      (b) Any person who provides false information pursuant to this subdivision about his or her ownership of the cat shall be liable to the true owner of the cat in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000).”

      Take my cat [to the shelter], please. I could use the $1,000.

  62. I at first thought that perhaps the woman simply hated cats. But why stroke it first? I may have done some regrettable things in my past, but binning a cat for no reason isn’t among them. Could she possibly have been attempting to play a joke on the bin owner? Why the calculated glimpse around before shoving the cat in? I think mental illness is to simple an explanation, I bet the cat did something to her garden, this is in England.

  63. clear fakery? perhaps it was staged, for what reason i can’t imagine. but for it to happen as you suggest you would need the woman to wear the same clothes, carry her purse in the same way and have the same jacket in her left hand on different days. if that’s the case , then she IS crazy

  64. The lady in the video looked like she knew what she was doing from the beginning. Look at the furtive movements from when she starts petting the cat.
    We don’t have any info what the cat, the cats owner or other cats in the neighbourhood have done to her, leave her alone and let the police handle it.
    The lunatics writing in here about having the lady attacked are obviously unbalanced and way more dubious/dangerous characters than the object of their anger.

    Antinous (and others).
    There IS a correlation between animal cruelty and other cruelty. But in that regard, not all animal cruelty is equal. Animal cruelty for those sorts of studies refers to the torture of animals (using knives, rocks, walls, etc). This lady DISPOSED of the cat. It is cruel in the long run (killing it quickly is much more humane), but she performs no cruelty upon the cat.
    I really don’t think this would count as animal cruelty in any of the studies I’ve read.

  65. I really don’t think this would count as animal cruelty in any of the studies I’ve read.

    Perhaps if we put you into a sealed container in the sun in mid-summer for fifteen hours without food or water, you would change your mind. Understanding what constitutes animal cruelty doesn’t come from reading studies; it comes from having empathy. If the situation would cause you suffering, it probably causes other terrestrial vertebrates suffering.

  66. You miss my point (and inject all too much venom and vitriol)

    I clearly stated that this is cruel.
    But it doesn’t just require empathy, but also prediction.
    The cruelty you and others refer to (linking animal cruelty to other forms of violence) is generally the direct and immediate type which ONLY requires a normal dose of empathy to make the doer feel bad.

    This kind of delayed cruelty is more akin to NOT getting out and slaughtering the injured animal you just hit with your car. It’s something that is quite easy for most people to do.
    Myself, I have hit geese on two occasions and on both I got out of the car and searched for the animal, ready to take it to the vet or slaughter it if required. *I* see the unnecessary pain of the animal, and if I want an animal dead then I kill it with respect and gratitude like any other decent hunter.

    This woman, however, did an act of disposal, probably on perfectly egocentric grounds and without thinking of the cats prolonged agony. That does not constitute the same level of cruelty as the “torture animals” people do, even though the cruelty may in fact be greater.

    Cruelty through non-thinking does not require the same type of thinking (very low empathy, possible sociopathy/psychopathy) as does flaying the neighbours cat alive. It just requires not thinking about what will inevitably happen without your intervention.

    1. You seem anxious to exculpate this woman based on her putative inability to understand the consequences of her actions. She undertook a deliberate action, the consequences of which would be obvious to anyone over the age of, say, ten years. And yet, you ascribe her behavior to cruelty by inaction.

      She picked up the fucking cat and trapped it in a hot trashcan where it had a high likelihood of dying from heat or being crushed in the garbage truck.

      Wood chipper. Feet first.

      1. No, Antinous.

        I am merely pointing out that responses like yours show a mind even less stable than hers.

        Remember, you don’t have the facts, you don’t have the background and you don’t have the training to understand them even if you had all the facts.

        What you and others here are doing is advocating mob justice which is very, very wrong. It is by most definitions not better than her behaviour and shows the cruelty and lack of empathy for which many here attack this woman.

        Look at yourself, all of you, and really think things through.
        For most crimes we advocate incarceration or treatment. Yet for this one thing you all jump on the “burn the witch” bandwagon. Really, what the hell is wrong with you people?

        Again. You don’t know the background to the story. Let the police handle it (as I mentioned earlier) and stop with your mob justice ideas.

        1. People who dislike animals, who actively wish to cause suffering to an (in the biblical sense*) innocent, creature, to want to have it feel pain and misery rather than happiness and pleasure, and take gratification in that? That is the mind of someone who I would like to punch repeatedly in the head.

          * not remotely religious

          1. Yes, you might want to do that.

            But as you are probably not an idiot you would refrain from doing so and call in the appropriate authorities as you understand that being (almost) as big an asshole as the animal torturer and breaking ethical values as well as laws would be a lose lose proposition.

            Even as a kid I couldn’t pull wings off flies like many did. I hold absolutely no truck with hurting those who cannot defend themselves (including animals, carpet bombing, etc.). Yet I have the good fucking sense not to try to get one of the most dangerous mobs of them all (the whole collective intahnets) to harass someone who is probably guilty of a crime.
            If something happens to this woman you are all guilty!

          2. But rosyatrandom, you presuppose too much about her internal motivation. There is nothing to suggest that she wants it to feel pain and misery, that is just your interpretation of a short video clip. Stupidity is not a good defense, but it would alter the motivation as would a myriad of other things.

      2. And Antinous, your woodchipper comment just suggests you to be a rather unstable character.
        I’ve questioned BoingBoings decision to have a moderator with these apparent instability issues, and will continue to do so. Some of the most spiteful, angry and non-moderate comments to be posted on these forums tend to come from you. This does not reflect well upon the forums.

        1. Jesus Arikol, you sound just like Pat from Achewood, all self-righteous, superior douche-style. I’m sure you’re lovely though, and I’m equally sure Antonius enjoys the idea (woodchipper, feet first) but wouldn’t want to live in a reality where this happens for real to this woman. Let a man vent his anger. The lady in question? She’s already living the nightmare, and that’s enough for me.

          1. The thing is, I may be a self-righteous douchebag anyways (and may not be lovely at all), but what irks me is that the moderator is adding to the anger, hatred and ideas of attacking a human being.

            And what REALLY bugs me is that I’ve seen this same moderator behave similarly on multiple previous occasions, mostly only bothering to involve myself in futile online spats (after the first one) when I think that his hate filled rants may be actively harmful.

            Sure, I’m a douche but it has to be understood that pushing for violence (even in a silly online forum) may actually result in real violence. And the moderator of one of the more popular blogs in the world should have a bit more sense than that.
            If he (and the other people begging for blood) are stupid enough to think that their rage filled rants cannot influence a lone nutter somewhere..

            I believe his technique has been referred to as “nuclear moderation” or something like that.

            The self righteous one (who doesn’t want the stupid cat torturer killed, maimed, tortured, harassed or otherwise harmed)

        2. Well, if you look at the proportions, he actually loses his temper quite rarely. I think I’d be more afraid of someone who didn’t occasionally show some normal human anger.

          Just look at this thread. Only four words were actually objectionable, and you have to remember Aunty Noose reads ALL the comments. That would drive me into frothing madness within a week!

  67. OMG thats just horrible…. people like need to be punished what type of person does something like that “o look a cat let me pat it first then throw it in the trash” WTF

  68. In Britain it is very common to let your cat out, and it isn’t generally seen as bad pet ownership.

    I’m currently having a battle with a cat who likes to crap in my vegetable patches and rip the plants up. Yes, it does make me mad but I wouldn’t want to hurt the cat or cats that do it. That’s creepy. Instead I block off some areas with nets and plastic and have installed an I-R sonic cat scarer. I also balance things on places where they like to land so that they are unsure of their footing. None of this hurts them, but it makes my yard an unpleasant place for them. Sometimes they overcome my “solutions” but then I think of others. It’s a challenge and I’m starting to enjoy it.

  69. Admittedly cats are a scourge in urban society; maybe this cat has destroyed all her local bird populations and shits in her garden everyday?

    Cats are fun to look at on internets; but ultimately are irresponsible urban pets.

    That said; a bucket of water would have sufficed; attempted murder is taking it a little far.

  70. There are scores and scores of feral kitties in my neighborhood (the neighbors feed them, to my dismay), and I doubt a single one of them would suffer from the cornucopia of meats and old food that resides in a trash dumpster. I swear they are only making whining sounds because of the pleasure they are partaking in.

  71. Ok, hopefully she won’t be burned alive (or fed into a woodchipper feet first) by insane Boingers or Anonymous himself.
    Although our quite moderate moderator, Antinous, would probably feel real good inside after successfully inciting something like that. Or?

  72. The lady who dumped the cat in the bin is Mary ******…Unfortunately I can’t post her address or phone number but I do have it if anyone is interested. This grubby old cow needs to own up to her dastardly deed and give an explanation face to face to the people who own that cat…

  73. excellent, now the lynching mob has her name… jeez, it looks like I wasn’t just being self righteous, you people are nuts and have no idea of personal responsibility.

    Rubywoo1980, do you have even the slightest semblance of good sense? A bit in the brains department?

    This is what all the calls for blood have led to so far, now we can just wait as it is looking more and more likely that our moderate moderator gets his bloodwishes fulfilled.

  74. I totally do not get it … what is wrong with that woman???? why ??? why??? why??? i hope they catch her and prosecute her t fullest extent of the law .. this makes me sick to my stomach knowing peole like this thinknothing of it!!! just another sign how screwed up this world is getting.. an innocent kitten killed !!! selfish, evil, disgusting poor excuse for a human being… scarey and outrageous!! signed Alex

  75. Never mind that there is more than 200 Mary ******s living in the London area. How is it that some random person can claim that they know the person’s name, and it is accepted without question. It might be an ex-boyfriend looking for revenge. Can anyone confirm this clam? I couldn’t.

    Besides… I know for a fact that rubywoo1980 isn’t telling the truth. The real culprit’s name is Julia Child. Later that day I heard her brag, “For steamed cat, what you’re going to need is a really big bin. Not to be confused with Big Ben! Ho ho ho! I’m British.”

    You can trust me.

    I’m a random dude on the internet.

  76. Gee, if only so many people would get so incensed every time China dumped someone in a jail cell, or Saudi Arabia stoned someone to death. Maybe we’d all stop trading with them so much. Nah, that’s crazy talk.

    1. Are you by any chance trying to reduce your consumption of goods from those places? If enough of us take unilateral action, something might actually come of it.

  77. 159 & 160 are Red Herring arguments. It’s not about human rights violations around the globe, and it wasn’t a mouse or rat. It was a neighbor’s pet.

    These are interesting points on their own, but not relevant to this incident.

  78. These are interesting points on their own, but not relevant to this incident.

    They are at least as relevant to this particular blog post’s accumulation of comments as anything else is. Few of the commenters were up in arms solely because the cat belonged to someone. “Destruction of personal property” and “torture of a beloved family member” weren’t what caused everyone to fall over themselves baying for this woman’s blood. “Animal cruelty” plain and simple was enough. Or, more specifically, “cruelty to kitteh.”

    If we re-read the comments, is there much indication that the responses would have been greatly different had the cat been merely a stray?

  79. Come on people – we just don’t know, that cat could have been an evil shape-shifting sorceress bent on world destruction. That lady was probably trying to do us all a favor.

  80. FROM WIKIPEDIA (Cruelty to Animals article):

    Psychological disorders

    One of the known warning signs of certain psychopathologies, including anti-social personality disorder, also known as psychopathic personality disorder, is a history of torturing pets and small animals, a behavior known as zoosadism. According to the New York Times, “[t]he FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appears in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers, and the standard diagnostic and treatment manual for psychiatric and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.[52] “A survey of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats found all of them had high levels of aggression toward people as well, including one patient who had murdered a young boy.”[52] Robert K. Ressler, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s behavioral sciences unit, studied serial killers and noted,”Murderers like this (Jeffrey Dahmer) very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids.”[53]

    Cruelty to animals is one of the three components of the Macdonald triad, indicators of violent antisocial behavior in children and adolescents. According to the studies used to form this model, cruelty to animals is a common (but not with every case) behavior in children and adolescents who grow up to become serial killers and other violent criminals.

    It has also been found that animal cruelty in children is frequently committed by children who have witnessed or been victims of abuse themselves. In two separate studies cited by the Humane Society of the United States roughly one-third of families suffering from domestic abuse indicated that at least one child had hurt or killed a pet.[54]

  81. She has so many people mad at her right now. Do you think she might get some of them to leave her alone if she voluntarily sat in an empty garbage truck for 15 hours as penance? It would make for good TV!

  82. All the anti-humanity, pro-cat nonsense in these comments sickens me.

    “Humanity is a germ stinking up the shoreline”

    “she needs to be beaten to a pulp if she’s just a cat hater”

    Clearly you people have been brainwashed by the animal rights movement.

    It is frankly unnatural to propose beating this women to a pulp for the act of tossing a cat into a bin. A species that does not have loyalty to its own kind is one doomed to extinction.

    Her behavior is clearly abnormal but so is some commentators disproportionate regard for cats and disproportionate contempt for humanity.

    1. “Her behavior is clearly abnormal but so is some commentators disproportionate regard for cats and disproportionate contempt for humanity.”

      Considering the woman’s clear contempt for humanity, it’s no wonder the humanity clearly finds the woman contemptible.

      Like you said, a “species that does not have loyalty to its own kind is one doomed to extinction”.

  83. Funny, what scares me more about CCTV is not the government watching me, it’s the uncontrollable internet mob who is ready to jump on anyone it sees fit for punishment. Forget the law, forget fair trials, answer to no one and ruin people’s lives according to your whims. Yeah, that sounds right :/

  84. This is SO ef’d up! Why are the police protecting her?? They should be CONVICTING her! Someone needs to put this lady in a trash can for 15 hours, seems only fair.

  85. What happened to the poor cat? Hopefully he’s got a good home, or has since found one! Also, hopefully someone will drop that woman in a big dumpster, lock it, & walk away.

  86. There’s some seriously deranged people out there. How unfeeling do you have to be to do something like that ? She deserves bad things in life.

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