Fan replica of Fallout Plasma Rifle

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In celebration of the imminent release of the game Fallout: New Vegas, Ryan Palser made a replica of the A3-21 Plasma Rifle from Fallout 3. As Ryan says, "It is one of the only weapons still manufactured after the great war." He's posted a fascinating series of build photos over at Flickr. A3-21 Plasma Rifle


  1. In the title, you say it is from Half Life. In the description, you say it is from Fallout.

    Judging from the description, you meant to say Fallout in the title.

    However, it does kind of look like the laser gun from the first Half Life.

  2. Yeah, I saw the headline, then the picture, and thought, “looks more like an Enclave plasma rifle from Fallout.” Then I saw the text body and felt better.

    Headline typo notwithstanding, a nifty find. Want!

  3. …and is that yellow thing on the bottom a Ford V8-sized PH8A spin-on oil filter? Now I gotta check the link in more detail!

  4. This is one of the cooler looking weapons in the game, and it looks like he did a bang up job with it.


    FYI, the tweetmeme button sent to RSS still has it as halflife instead of fallout.

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