Johnny Cash mashed up with Eazy-E


I hope I don't need to explain to you why this mashup is completely amazing. Other than that a friend just posted it on Tumblr I know nothing about it, if you have any details, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, this was done by DJ Topcat and is from the new Bootie Top 10 collection. This makes sense since DJ Topcat is also responsible for "More Than On Point" which is one of my favorite mashups ever and is from the Bootie - Best of 2007 mix.


    1. The term “mash-up” may be recent, but Homo sapiens combining This with That is ancient and eternal. What are we all, if not mash-ups? BTW, what do you think all of music, film, literature, indeed all culture is anyway, if not “mash-up?” Please be so kind as to show me an artist who creates in a vacuum.

  1. I just want to know if this was produced before or after “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.”

  2. @ rider:

    me too! is any one else sick of these novelty/gimmicks besides me? it never adds anything new to my appreciation of either song, in fact does just the opposite.

    1. Every once in a while a great mashup is made. The two that come to mind immediately are “The Grey Album” (Beatles & Jay-Z) and “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers” (Beatles and Wu Tang).

  3. I’ve never understood why mashups have to be considered a fad, because many of them are pretty fun, and draw on the same song mixing techniques that have dominated hip hop for decades.

    However, the Bootie folks make fantastic mashups and their Best of CDs are almost always great.

    This is a terrific find, btw.

  4. I thought that was pretty cool, so now I’m going to whinge about it (sort of).

    There’s something that often bugs me about lots of mashups of hiphop + a more melodic and generally more interestingly written song, like this one or DJ Danger Mouse’s whole Grey Album – the boring, dick-waving hiphop track gets included almost completely, like it’s so deserving of respect its lyrical integrity must be preserved, and the more interesting piece gets included only in the form of a looped riff to put behind the rapping, and a repeated chorus.

    Mashups where neither piece is hiphop don’t seem to suffer that problem. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to fall into the standard hiphop production style – make a loop to rap over, make a longer sample for a chorus, and go…

    I say all this coming from a very limited DJ background – any mashup type stuff I’ve done has been around playing two whole tracks in sync, more or less from start to finish, with just cross fades & level mixes between them, and an occasional sample snatched from one track thrown back in later. So of course my way is better, you know…

  5. Not a mashup, but The Gourds doing Snoop Dogg still ranks as the best country/Rap crossover I’ve ever heard! Puts some serious twang to that funky ass shit!

  6. Thanks for the proper crediting Corporation and Sean Bonner. You both are class acts. The producers make these tracks, and we curate them, and then give them away for free – simply for the love of music. So we all very much appreciate when the crediting is there, so THANK YOU. :-)


    PS. Mashups have never gone away, the good stuff stays more underground and better producers and productions pop up every year. Mashups are just another form of music production and creativity, much like the remix. The ‘fad’ days are over, just like remixes were a ‘fad’ when they first started coming out.

    PPS. We’ll be sure to blog this post on the Bootie mashup site too!

  7. I enjoyed that. it takes what are the seemingly disparate influences from my childhood and sticks them together for a pretty fun ride. TopCat’s put together some pretty great jams for those Bootie collections. Like #1 said, these two have got a lot more in common than most would think.

  8. I absolutely love Mashups… always liked the juxtaposition of two seemingly “opposite” music genres like heavy metal and rap.

    Anyways, if you like mashups, definitely take a listen to Girl Talk “Feed the Animals”

  9. Mashups are a legitimate genre. They’re works of art, some better than others. The bigger appreciation I have for it (other than liking listening to them) is knowing that kids these days have tech toys that are fairly ubiquitous, easy to use, and are upping the chances of there being more independently-released, free, awesome music for old fogey me to download and play and send to friends on mix CDs, etc. (Yeah, I still do those. They’re like arts and crafts for old ladies like me.)

  10. Well, rap and hard rock have quite a bit in common IMHO (esp in terms of listeners: same young male demographic for example). What really makes a mashup good, to us — and shows the real creativity of a track, is bringing two artists or genres together that cater to totally different audiences (be it style, sex, gender, age, etc.). Those are the kind that really excite us. The Rap/Rock thing has been a bit done to death, and are generally pretty easily made, often simplistic mashups.

    Although, don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying there aren’t still good rap/rock mashups out there! We love it all. For us, the point of mashups is using ALL genres and eras… often in new ways. We feel that’s what mashup culture is about, combining all kinds of music and cultures into something new.

  11. Thanks guys I made this for fun I didn’t think it would get any buzz like some of my previous hits. More than on point,50 ways to kill your lover,Safety Booty etc. I was talking with a friend about my mom’s current husband having done time in Folsom, and him telling me about all the LA Gangsters in there in the late 80’s. So the light bulb went off in my head and in about 30 minutes I slapped this together. I really wanted a Folsom Prison instrumental but I had to make do with loops from song off the live album.
    If anyone wants to make a video mashup please do,
    I’d love to see what people can come up with.
    You can download all my tracks past and present free from my website. Cheers TC :)

  12. Hey guys, I decided to make an Eazy E vs Johnny Cash Mashup album due to the success of my Folsom Prison Gangstaz mash that blew up on Boing awhile back.
    It’s just an early test demo of 11 songs and I have not chosen a name yet. I was thinking maybe “Eazy Cash”? give it a listen and let me know what you think? :) TC

    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Mashup Album by DJ TOPCAT

    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Ring of Gangstas-108bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Tennessee Hooker-94bpn (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Sippin on redemption-92bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Just take your guns to town-95bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Muthaphukin Rusty Cage-110bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-I crawl the line-101bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-24hr Rhythm-109bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Hittin the man-95bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-God’s last werdz-82bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Gangstaz-106bpm (master).mp3
    Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Black Boyz in the hood-90bpm (master).mp3

    Demo album link

  13. Speaking of this track — it made the cut… Best of Bootie 2010 is out! Came out just yesterday at 5am. Best of Bootie is our annual mashup album album where we mix the best mashups of the last year – as chosen by Bootie, the world’s longest running & biggest mashup club night & hub site! Get it all for free, here: + Bonus album: Best of Bootie Rio!

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