Monkey rides a goat


Pleasant dreams!


  1. I don’t mean this is boring, though it is kind of hypnotic. I just meant it was a great bedtime image.

  2. this is the perfect picture to re-discover some items from your music collection.
    seriously – try it out.
    works perfect with both older works of Public Enemy as well as the Public Enemies original Soundtrack….

    1. Good call! It works well with gabber, minimal and drum&bass, too, and has every Rammstein track I tried so far hilarious.

  3. I look at this video and I think… “Speed”. I think it would have tricked the Dennis Hopper character for a long time.

  4. Someone should show this clip to Werner Herzog, who said the following in his film Encounters at the End of the World:

    “Why is it that a sophisticated animal like a chimp does not utilize inferior creatures. He could straddle a goat and ride off into the sunset.”

  5. My son reliably informs me you are wrong. He tells me it is actually a man in a monkey suit riding a goat. I believe him because he is five and is therefore an expert on this kind of thing.

    1. Would your son be able to clarify if the goat that the man in the monkey suit is riding is two men in a goat suit or just a really big goat?
      Or….is the man in the monkey suit really small?

      This was supposed to be getting me to sleep and now it looks like I’m going to be up all night trying to figure it out.

  6. Try watching this GIF while listening to the Joaquin Phoenix version of Ring of Fire. Totally worth it.

    1. Terrible form…he’s not posting at all!

      It’s hard to post when your ankles are tied together under your steed, which is what it looks like to me. I can’t tell if his hands are tied to the goat’s collar as well, but honestly I hope so. Otherwise he’d likely be dragged under the goat’s hooves if he fell off.

  7. Now that’s an effed up calvary charge.

    All it needs is a bugle cry – just substitute a kazoo for the bugle.

  8. It goes so well with Led Zeppelins “Ramble On” that I’m crying with laughter. This monkey (and goa) made my day!

  9. Sit for a moment and consider: somebody took a quick inventory and found he was in possession of:
    1. A speedy goat
    2. An agreeable capuchin, with
    3. Monkey-sized suit, complete with
    4. Bowler hat
    5. Loaded camera
    6. Gassed-up camera car
    7. An idle lunch hour near what looks a lot like the Angeles Crest road.

    Did this person ever dream that some eighty-odd years down the road, millions worldwide would glimpse a couple dozen frames of his masterwork on their *telephones* and laugh out loud?

    We’ve made someone’s afterlife, have no doubt.

  10. Definitely not a monkey. Some small dog like a pug or something with a dummy body, fake arms and legs.

    I challenge anyone to find a monkey with a head like that! The arms and legs are too long.

    Plus a monkey would not likely sit still for that ride! A small dog might.

    I think I see the TAIL sticking out back…

    What do you primatologists or animal trainers think?

    1. Definitely not a monkey. Some small dog like a pug or something with a dummy body, fake arms and legs.

      And that “goat” is clearly just a bunch of cats taped together.

  11. That animation jogged a dim recollection from my childhood. I believe that clip is from a Little Rascals episode. Specifically, this one:

    >> The gang heads out to go swimming but wind up spending the day in a swanky hotel when Mickey switches clothes with a rich kid. He heads for the hotel with the gang, a goat and a monkey in tow.

    Must have made quite an impression on me some thirty plus years ago.

    And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Little Rascals, the Mickey referred to was Robert Blake, of Baretta and Bonnie Lee Bakley fame.

    1. Yes those TV guide style plot descriptions are the last word on the drugged animal riding the back of that goat.

      Great eye on locating the clip source. I definitely would have had “Little Rascals” as one of my guesses.

      I Still think that is a dog on the goat. Having worked in film production myself, this certainly seems like a efficacious choice for an animal wrangler.

      Do you remember seeing the monkey in the episode?

  12. Wow. “Orange Blossoms” is all kinda wrong. After watching that my DNA hurts for my monkey ancestors.
    Who knew animals in stereotype human drag could be derogatory and racist to other animals playing racist humans?

    And I definitely recognized several prominent voice actors from WB cartoons of the era.

    Hmmm. Maybe “Orange Blossoms” is all kinda fresh.

    I’ll concede the monkey on the goat (that sounds like a kama sutra position)…

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