Christina Hendricks: "Mad Men" star, Etsy model

Voluptuous Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has been moonlighting as an Etsy model. As a male friend noted, this may be the first time the website, known for offbeat crafts and lumpy hand-crocheted scarves, has managed to give so many men a boner.


  1. Actually, if you take the time to peruse the website, there are plenty of Etsy vendors who sell undies, garters, stockings, and other sexy wear, modelled by quite attractive ladies. Plus the occasional deliberately-gratuitous top-boob shot with necklace models.

  2. What bothers me is how bad the photo of the item for sale is in some of these shots. You can’t actually see the garment Christina is modeling. You can see Christina and she looks lovely but the point is to sell the garment. It is more like she is using her famous friend to sell things than the actual objects themselves.

  3. This is really petty little comment I’m about to make, so I apologize in advance, but something really annoyed me about this post:

    This is a two-sentence blog-post with five different links, three of which are unnecessary and none of them are a link to the actual etsy-page (if I’m confused about who Christina Hendricks is, I can look that up on wikipedia myself, thankyouverymuch!).

    It’s not a huge deal or anything, but it really confuses the post. You have to spend mental energy trying to decide if there’s a good reason to click the Mad Men link (which, since it’s just a link to amc, there’s not), and it becomes much harder to to know where to go to get the full story.

    Again, I apologize for general pettiness, but it just really bugged me.

  4. Shwing! … ahem.

    Also, if you care to post about how you think Mdm. Hendricks isn’t “all that”, please reconsider and go find something else to do with your time.

    1. It’s soap opera starring a chin, a blonde, an enormous pair of tits, and a spunky lesbian proto-feminist. People watch it mainly for the set decorations and pretty clothes.

  5. @Church:

    A really good drama series that runs Sundays on AMC.

    “Mad” as in Madison avenue. The characters work for an advertising firm, currently circa 1965.

    Hendricks plays a omnicompetent secretary dealing with more than her share of shit.

    1. I think Church was being sarcastic. I interpreted the comment not as an inquiry about the TV show Mad Men from someone who knew nothing about it; but rather as a way of saying: “I don’t care about Mad Men. All that really matters is that Christina Hendricks played Saffron (or YoSaffBridge) on the greatest show in the history of television: Firefly!!!”

      Or maybe I’m just putting my own thoughts into Church’s mouth.

      On another note: I totally agree with Oskar. I find it annoying when a post has multiple links, and it’s not clear from the labeling or context which link leads where, or which link I ought to follow if I want to get to the thing the post is nominally about (in this case, photographs of Christina Hendricks as an “Etsy model”).

  6. “””this may be the first time the website, known for offbeat crafts and lumpy hand-crocheted scarves, has managed to give so many men a boner. “””

    Your friend must SURELY be mistaken, as this wonderful unicorn chaser is nothing short of highly highly erotic!

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