Slow-motion video of Lindy Hop dancing

What could possibly be sexier and dreamier than those slo-mo videos of female tennis stars, Boinged earlier today? Why, this Discovery Network slo-mo video of professional dancers Nick Williams and Carla Heiney, doin' the Lindy Hop. Speed gives them the momentum they need to execute dance moves like the spin. Slowth gives us the ability we need to—well, to drool over how physically impossible it all seems. For audio accompaniment, may I suggest some Sigur Rós, or a Justin Bieber Xanax Remix?

Discovery Channel Video: Time Warp: Lindy Spin

[via Submitterator, thanks chuko]


  1. As someone who’s a huge fan of swing, but who can’t dance a step to save his life, I really enjoyed this.

    But, once again, to reiterate an earlier complaint from another thread, you’ve got too many “red herring” links in this post. When I clicked on what seemed like the right link, instead of going to a video of swing dancers, I got a Wikipedia article about the Lindy Hop. Isn’t there a better way of labeling the links so it’s obvious at a glance which link leads where?

  2. I personally thought this was fantastic. When that girl’s face lit up at the end, I couldn’t help grinning with her…

  3. Yeah, I’m totally checkin’ out the Heiney. I mean, uh, Carla Heiney. LOL. Appropriate name for the win!

  4. All this needs to be the beginning of a David Lynch movie is some ominous music in the background.

  5. Don’t watch the cheek piercing video on the same page. Not because it’s gross (depends on your squick-o-meter’s sensitivity), but because it’s kind of boring.

  6. Lindy hop is really fun. And you don’t start doing throws and stuff for ages (I’ve still never done one). It’s worth finding out if there are dances with a beginners lesson at the begining in your area so you can try it out.

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