Tom the Dancing Bug: Odious in the Uterus

By Ruben Bolling


Published 12:32 pm Wed, Aug 25, 2010

17 Responses to “Tom the Dancing Bug: Odious in the Uterus”

  1. Raymee says:

    Ender’s lost children?

  2. eviladrian says:

    Last week, a truck was stopped at the US border carrying hundreds of frozen embryos from Mexico!
    Who knows how many more are sneaking through, defrosting and taking root in the fertile loins of mama grizzlies across the non-gay states?

  3. eviladrian says:

    I thought one might try to use his natural-born status to become president, but we know that’s no longer necessary, amirite?
    #nobama #tcot #palin2012

  4. urbanspaceman says:

    On a related note, a rather unusual comic strip drawn by a “prolife” cartoonist. Its main character is a fetus inside the womb. And the strip is now in its tenth year of publication. Ten years…I think even elephants have shorter gestation periods…

  5. Trotsky says:

    When I saw the image up top, I immediately thought it was the cover to a gangsta rap CD.

  6. BrotherPower says:

    So THIS is what Arlene’s afraid of if she carries Rene’s baby to term…

  7. benher says:

    *sigh* we ALWAYS get defeated by our own lofty principles…

  8. social_maladroit says:

    I was so going to read the whole thing, but after seeing the first panel, I got cold fetus. So to speak.

  9. lewis stoole says:

    i find the image of a fetus smoking a cigarette in such a confined space to be highly distasteful.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious, especially in light of the long trend of anti-choice cartoons that only show the fetus and completely erase the mother, leaving her a darkened silhouette at best.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Difficult to speculate as to what the artist was thinking, but if I’m guessing right I think he is spot on. Obviously no one blaims the fetuses, but by showing the fetuses he is able to debunk everyone’s over protectiveness side that inevitably dismisses the issues at hand rather than facing them.

  12. princeminski says:

    See “First Trimester Fetus: Criminal Mastermind” on the Onion’s CD NOT FOR BROADCAST (1994). Much funnier.

  13. SpaceGhost says:

    Whats really amazing is not the level of intelligence of those unborn fetuses or their ability to coordinate attacks on the U.S., but the fetus’s ability to shoot the agent directly from an image of himself on a sonogram.

  14. Joseph Hertzlinger says:

    I have a suggestion for a moral principle: Whether a person has rights is independent of the emotional state of anybody else.

    This has implications for both unwanted children and unwanted aliens (better known as illegal aliens).

    In related news, the saying “You’re nobody until somebody loves you.” looks less sappy and more horrifying.

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