Crappy animation of buffed-out be-Speedoed Horuses is hypnotic

You can't stop watching, try as you may. The fact that it's from Japan is beside the point. Dancing Gay CGI Horus-men, in Speedos!


  1. I was able to stop watching after about 30 seconds. But then again, I wasn’t trying very hard to stop.

  2. Pressed FF at about 1:30 and skimmed through to the end. I do believe that we have just seen the worst piece thing created so far this century. An award should be given for its utter ‘whatthefuckness’.

  3. What is that amazing music playing in the video? Was it made especially for it? I must know, I need more!

    1. This is Furiketa or Ochame Kinou (Mischievous Function).

      It started as this animation for a simple song:

      That seems to be a soundless version of a vocaloid-style tune :

      Caught in the carameldansen-style loop animation meme (with the advantage of actually being a whole song), it started getting recycled in all sorts of brain damaging ways, including this human-voiced 10 minute earworm:

      And of course youtube (well, niconico) poop/trolling bizarre stuff soon followed.

  4. Woooo, David A trumps original post with that first link imo. Don’t see races like that on Top Gear (mores he pity).

  5. What ever. I didn’t even make it 30 seconds.

    That BearForce 1 video was way better than this crap. My wife and I probably watched that like 10 times…it’s like cheese on top of cheese…it’s the cheesiest.

  6. Why them bird men gotta be gay?

    Ya know, they could just be perfectly heterosexual professional wrestlers.

    1. Actually the base model is of Billy Herrington, a gay porn star who’s works wear used in various videos on NicoNico Douga as a meme to comedic effect. Takashi Omoto explained the song and the dance(Actually I think he neglected to mention that along the way two different dances became associated, hip swinging and head swinging, which I do not beleive are ever performed by the same individual simultaneously), but the Horus head thing is new to me. And one video of the meme that I personally like, is Touhou Project’s Alice Margatroid doing the fukkireta hip dance with her Shanghai dolls(the doll is named shanghai, she’s not of Shangai) joining in first doing the fukkireta dance and then the Geddan dance, but to “World’s end Dance Hall” by KinoP, who used Hatsune Miku for vocals. *breathes in*

  7. I’m offended that you damage the very reputation of Speedos by calling those monstrosities Speedos

    Speedos are a respected brand and never made assless versions especially for men

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