Memory Palace podcast: Lost Lobsters

Lobsterrrrr In the new episode of Nate DiMeo's terrific Memory Palace podcast, we hear "The story of the lobster from sea pest to delicacy to sad, stunted little creatures who are never allowed to live up to their true potential: Gigantic Monsters of the Deep!!!" Memory Palace: Episode 33, Lost Lobsters


  1. neat, the soothing voice of the lobsterist historian-when they were prison food which was ruled cruel to serve more than 3x week, information rocks!

  2. As tasty as those little buggers are I just don’t order ’em anymore. Red Lobster has to break out the macro lens to make their commercials and I just can’t help thinking, whenever I see one of those tiny replicas of the lobsters I knew as a lad, that this is the state of all fisheries now.

    The fishing nets have selected for small adults in most species and some, like Tuna, may soon be gone entirely. Worldwide fish populations are half of what they were a few decades ago.

    Monterrey Bay Aquarium has a nice card thingie you can print out and bring to the restaurant or store so you can make sustainable seafood choices.

    1. Don’t go to Red Lobster. It’s like going to McDonald’s and expecting to get, er, food…

      Me, I can just ask my lobster fisherman neighbour.

      (Well, I can’t get a decent (or any) chicken tikka massala around here, but we have fresh, inexpensive lobster.)

  3. Just the other week my maritime in-laws were saying how they used to bitch about always having to eat lobster because it was the cheapest thing at the market.

  4. My grandfather used to use lobster as fertilizer because it was worth more in the ground that it was to sell it, they made their living catching cod fish. My father and myself until I turned 24 and moved onto a different career worked the opposite way, there wasn’t much money in cod fishing so it was something we would do in the summer if we had nothing better to do, but lobster fishing is how we made our living.

  5. Can’t catch lobsters in Minnesota so I’m SOL. Red Lobster does indeed suck, but the kid’s insist once in a while (less so since we went to Monterrey Bay Aquarium -I guess they do learn). I get Talapia cooked in a paper bag (we farm those suckers in old mines up north on Da Iron Range).

    In Minnesota, however, Walleye is king. It is probably closest to the more delicate flavor of flounder or fluke. After growing up on Long Island though, I never did get into fishing here. I mean you have to wait sometimes all day to get one fish. I’m not looking for sport -I’m hungry!

  6. We were at the beach

    Everybody had matching towels

    Somebody went under a dock

    And there they saw a rock

    It wasn’t a rock

    It was a lost lobster!

    Lost Lobster!

  7. I love Memory Palace. But NAte recods everything too god damn low. He needs to up his db’s a bit. Even the lobsters will thank him.

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