50 Cent Meets Rainn Wilson

Inspired by the smooth wordsmithery 50cent has been dropping on twitter, my lovely wife Tara Brown decided to whip this imaginary chat between him and Rainn Wilson using their actual tweets. While this conversation never happened, when you watch this, you know it totally could have. [video link]


  1. Turned this off after 5 seconds. I don’t care what celebs have to say, and I care even less about fictional conversations made up of the things they say. Celebrity worship is not a wonderful thing. Sure, their tweets are ridiculous, but you could probably come up with something a lot funnier by mashing up corporate PR tweets or something.

  2. I waswrong….sadly there is little difference between their voices…..it proves that 50 cent is very self absorved but did we need something this silly to illustrate this

  3. Mr. Cent made a keen observation went he stated that he should be cautious about his (own) profanity should he, at some point in the future, entertain political aspirations and run for President.

  4. I think i could easily take fiddy in a fight,shit with allathem bullet wounds an all,fucker be weak.
    peace out!

  5. Good point. After all, it’s not like this satirizes celebrity worship or anything.

    One of my Captcha words is “Mikva.” Awesome.

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