Scott Pilgrim vs. The Last Airbender

Edgar Wright recently posted this mash-up of Scott Pilgrim and Avatar: The Last Airbender on his blog. It's a great video and, as Wright points out in his post:
Fun Fact:Mae Whitman appears in both Scott Pilgrim as Roxy Richter and in The Last Airbender (animation) as the voice of Katara; one a nemesis and the other a friend.
Even better, Wright has a small exchange with the mash-up artist in the comment section. I can't help but think that must be a pretty amazing fan moment. Earlier this week, Wright posted about The Matrix/Scott Pilgrim mash-up. There's been a lot of interesting fan art related to Scott Pilgrim this summer (I blogged about a Scott Pilgrim/The Venture Bros. mash-up over at LA Weekly last week) and it's nice to see Wright sharing some of the output.


  1. And Mae Whitman guest-starred in “Arrested Development” as George Michael’s girlfriend Ann. George Michael was played Michael Cera, who also plays Scott Pilgrim in the movie.

  2. It’s too bad more people aren’t going out to see Scott Pilgrim. I had way more fun watching SP than Inception without a doubt. You don’t have to be part of a specific demographic to enjoy it.

    If you can still see it in theaters, go!

  3. Man Avatar the last airbender was so perfect and amazing, I wish M. Night didn’t destroy it with that awful movie.

  4. The movie is a horrible corruption of the incredibly excellent TV show. Flawed human characters, families separated by war, the show explores conflict in all its guises and motivations and tries to find (in Ang’s guise) a way to peacefully solve as many as possible. It also investigates how some forms of violence can only be defeated by other forms of violence or extreme action.

  5. Don’t forget the awesome Scott Pilgrim remix contest thats going on over at Indaba right now.
    As much as I hate viral marketing at least they’re doing it right.
    I mean the winner gets to collaborate with Dan the Automator!!! How cool is that.
    Shameless plug…vote for me

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