Kisai Traffic: telling the time with stylized animated traffic-maps


12 Responses to “Kisai Traffic: telling the time with stylized animated traffic-maps”

  1. turn_self_off says:

    at least this one actually have numbers, and seems to have them distributed in a fairly traditional pattern.

  2. hassenpfeffer says:

    Want. I wouldn’t use it to tell time; I’d just love to have a quasi-random OLED display on my wrist. Flashbacks to the wrist control bands on “Ark II,” one of my favorite Saturday-morning brain-rotters from childhood.

  3. rarebeasts says:

    I love TokyoFlash watches so much, I don’t care if they are impractical, they represent something pure and geeky. I will get one, one day.

  4. dreamparacite says:

    It’s neat and all, but as much as I like unusual watches, they always seem to make telling time that much more difficult. Then again, these are novelties, so readability isn’t a feature, heh.

  5. JayConverse says:

    What a stupid, expensive waste of plastic and metal.

  6. Hokkaido Hillbilly says:

    Amazingly enough, this looks like a pretty good representation of the Sapporo Subway. They’ve even got the colors right!

  7. Michael Leddy says:

    What time is it on that watch?! 4:30? 10:30? Does “15″ mean seconds or the date?

  8. InsertFingerHere says:

    Looks like gridlock. Know what time it is? Time to take the bus !

  9. claycourter says:

    “Not recommended for use while drinking heavily”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Come on, its not hard. 12:59 is the time on the watch; there is even a key that shows you quite clearly what each part means!

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