Your cremated ashes made into vinyl records

Vinylrecordddddd Via the Submitterator, I'm informed that Rest In Vinyl offers to press your cremated remains into vinyl records with your choice of audio. The price is £2000 for 30 discs. Custom artwork, backing tracks, and "bespook" music is extra. Vinyl records made from cremated ashes


  1. It’s nice to see there’s more than one way to be immortalized in vinyl. The music for my release (ahem) will have to include my covering of at least one Grateful Dead song, and perhaps the old traditional blues ditty Death Don’t Have No Mercy.

  2. My friend Ben on being told of this: “I hate the thought of being sold at a yard sale for 10 cents.”

  3. In the 1950s Emory Cook pressed his Cook records starting with vinyl powder. His records were translucent so you could see the explosion pattern. I assume these records might look the same.

  4. Even more fun would be to get a collection of a dozen identical looking ones with different messages recorded by you which a collaborator could surreptitiously swap out in an appropriate fashion. Messages not in the original that show up in the new ones “I always liked it when you wore that red skirt”. “I’m glad you’ve decided to start dating again”. “How bout those Patriots? I think they might go all the way this year.” “You should tell the gardener at the cemetary to switch back to the old fertilizer, the new stuff tastes like crap.”

    Sure she’ll be mad, but you’re dead, what can she do?

  5. Vinyl nostalgia is already played out. When I die, I want my ashes spread on a field of hops that they use to make PBR.

  6. I think its great. My problem is , most people think I’m a duschbag , so no one would listen to my music selection anyway.

  7. Screw recorded music! I’m going to have my skin stretched into drums and my skeleton made into a xylophone, then have the whole setup donated to a Middle School band program to inspire the next generation of death-obsessed rock musicians.

  8. The DJ”s Prayer!
    When I die, bury me, with two turntables by my feet, and two giant speakers by my head, so I can Rock The Living Dead!!

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