Dub Kweli


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  1. Baldhead says:

    This one is better than Mos Dub, methinks. I think because it sounds less like he just took a Scientist record and played in the background than the first one did.

  2. jungletek says:

    The mashups themselves are great. Dude just needs to work on his mixdown/mastering skills, as those tracks were seriously clipped and distorted.
    Such is the downside of being an homemade producer still figuring things out.
    I forwarded the links to my brother, though, as he’s a huge Black Star fan (Mos and Talib, FYI).

  3. C White says:

    If you have enjoyed either Dub Kweli or Mos Dub, I highly recommend a new album out by Roots Manuva which is called Duppy Writer. It’s remixes of tracks from his most recent album, plus over the years, all with dub reggae beats, and his wonderful flow.

  4. dubvulture says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Just snagged all of the available material. Love what I’ve heard so far.

  5. C White says:

    Really enjoyed Mos Dub. Looking forward to listening to this later tonight.

    Next up we need a Dub Black Star.

  6. sing it, baby says:

    As Snoop Dogg referred to Max Tannone’s last album “It’s a piece of shizzle”.

  7. teh_chris says:

    i really enjoyed most dub, and i have been wanting more tracks like these.

    i am a big fan of mashups, but not all mashups are created equal, some of them just sound like two songs being played at the same time.

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