Apple event, September 1: The Boing Boing Liveblog


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  1. whisper dog says:

    Anybody know the dude sitting with Woz?

  2. okkent says:

    The quality of the apple stream is amazing

  3. python_boot says:

    I love the wording at

    “Apple® will broadcast its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards.”

    Open standards! Huzzah!

    “Viewing requires either a Mac® running Safari® on Mac OS® X version 10.6 Snow Leopard®, an iPhone® or iPod touch® running iOS 3.0 or higher, or an iPadâ„¢.”

    Closed platforms! Harumph!

    • tros says:

      I imagine open means that the standards are well documented, not that everybody follows the standards. Considering all the drama behind codecs and only-use-open-source-and-free spirit, I’m not surprised that you have to use a Safari-based browser to access a stream that’s not encoded in FLV, Vorbis, or VP-8 (which is actually just H264, but retarded* enough so Google can’t be sued).

      *: I mean this in the literal sense.

  4. DangerJackson says:

    Project Sword? Really? What an appropriately lame name for a bland looking game.

  5. DangerJackson says:

    Actually, could we not play that Jack Johnson?

  6. stretchoutandwait says:

    you should really differentiate paid content like this more clearly.

    • Rob Beschizza says:

      Yeah, the $5 rental thing and the only 2 networks thing, together, are probably why it was still introduced as a ‘hobby’. Apple isn’t quite able to to pitch it 100% when it knows the gear is being used to get to other people’s services: netflix and existing dowloaded collections.

    • dculberson says:

      Oh, stuff it. First time commenter making useless baseless accusations – oh, tons of credibility there.

      Re: the AppleTV: $4.99 rental is just too flipping expensive. I haven’t paid that much to rent a movie in almost a decade. The local rental place is $1 for general releases, and something like $3 for new releases.

  7. netdiva says:

    No kidding. I am so tired of Jack Johnson.

  8. ryane says:

    heh, my keynote stream just failed, and went back to the begining as soon as the iPods were being mentioned.

  9. Crackermack says:

    But remember, Adobe is evil. (and available for streaming applications on all platforms…)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Keynote streaming fail-now i’m watching everybody take a seat during the begining! Reality distortion…

  11. grimc says:

    WTF is the point of multitouch on such a tiny screen?

  12. whisper dog says:

    Stream keeps failing for me too, I have to restart Safari to get it back.

  13. DangerJackson says:

    The “Demo” font fills me with disgust.

  14. Chinny Racoon says:

    Looks like they’ve dropped the classic.

  15. Charlotte Corday says:

    “(demo includes ability to rotate display with touch gesture, to many whoops and claps.)”

    Cosmic, man. I’ve been crying myself to sleep, waiting for -that-.

    Give me Rockbox, or give me death.

  16. okkent says:

    Woz is there. It must be a Beatles announcement

  17. DangerJackson says:

    What a shitty itunes icon.

  18. Chinny Racoon says:

    “A social network for music”

    When did show up?

  19. DangerJackson says:


    Jesus, iTunes is now unusably bloated.

  20. netdiva says:

    Itunes is already a behemoth that slows down my macbook pro, do we really need this feature as well?

  21. ColHapablap says:

    Man, 16 GB max for the nano? What year is this, again?

    • tros says:

      Seriously, can you plot out a better PCB with an ARM chip, and 16-GB storage, and the same battery life? Or find one on the market?

      There are really only three options to expanding storage:
      1) Switch to a mechanical storage, but this defeats the idea of an mp3 player you can jog with.
      2) Switch to the higher density chips, but this would likely be reflected disproportionately in the price.
      3) Provide an external source of storage. IMO, they could provide an SDHC slot, since they don’t require so many pins to run. But to run fast would require a little more magic.

      Anyway, the “what should have been” should be reserved until ifixit comes out with a dissection, and the parts can be seen.

      • ColHapablap says:

        What’s wrong with option 2? Them theoretically overcharging for the extra storage isn’t really a reasonable impediment. I guess the ifixit breakdown will shed some light on it, but if the Touch has 32 and 64 GB of flash storage, why not give the Nano a bump? This is now the third straight generation of only having 8 and 16 GB options. It seems that for people like me who already have an iPhone and want an iPod just for music, there’s a huge disconnect between the elegant 16 GB Nano and the almost unnecessarily large 160 GB Classic.

  22. arkizzle / Moderator says:

    iTunes is now unusably bloated.

    Hey, no need to be mean. iTunes was born like that.

  23. netdiva says:

    Itunes is already a behemoth that slows down my macbook pro, do we really need this feature as well?

  24. coop says:

    I just hope the manage to make iTunes sync reliably with Outlook.

    Maybe they could, I dunno, test it or something.


  25. littlerunninggag says:

    (Demo begins. A knowing flutter of chuckles in the crowd upon privacy mention, clearly Apple learned from Facebook’s epic failures in that arena.)

    … Apple?

  26. DangerJackson says:

    Alright guys I can’t take the Alanis Marmoset, I’m out.

  27. Vickers says:

    Well, shooooot. No more video in the Nano? Maybe now I’ll finally get one. The old one. For less.

    Thanks, Apple!

  28. Art says:

    Am I the only one who is growing weary of all this digital bullshit?

    Just Asking.

  29. TheFirstMan says:

    Ah, well. If the iPod Classic’s gone, then I’m done with Apple. It’s bad enough that the Classic’s OS is encrypted.

    Apple makes nice stuff. Some of it’s really nice. I just worked on an old PowerBook G4 and it’s still an impressively nice machine.

    I just don’t have the time or the money to invest in the same functionality I have had for years now.

    I’m glad they innovate. They’re good at doing risky things in a way that lets people notice the potential of a device. And, contrary to most people’s opinions where they see others aping Apples innovation as a shameful thing, I see it as a good indication that the concepts that Apple are putting out there are being taken seriously, discussed, and potentially improved upon.

    Though it does seem that social networking is a bit of an ancillary issue unless Apple’s got some new paradigm up their sleeve. I have and Pandora hooked up to Facebook. iTunes submits tracks to And there are times I do not want to be tracked. I’m growing tired of never being alone.

    Let the early adopters and fanboys and haters do what they do. I’ll stand back and make a decision if and when I need a new device further down the discussion curve.

  30. tomrigid says:

    Rent everything. Prices are more affordable. No storage problem. Rental prices are so cheap that you can watch a few times and it’s still cheaper than if you’d bought it.

    Once you’ve had streaming Netflix will you really buy into the rental model? I won’t. But I’m poor, and can’t afford to let my eagerness for new releases get to my wallet.

    I hate Apple. I don’t want to…these days, they just make it easy.

  31. Caroline says:

    So we’re still talking Apple’s rental model, where you have a countdown clock that starts ticking when you start the movie, and you just lose out if you don’t finish watching it in 24 hours?

    Because that rental model is stupid, unnecessarily tied to patterns of renting physical media. You need pay-per-use, time-limited rentals to make money if you have a limited number of copies you can rent out. A flat fee with no time limit won’t work because pretty soon, all your movies will be out, people won’t be able to get the movies they want, and you’ll lose customers.

    But when you have no limits on how many copies of the movie you can rent out at a time (other than your bandwidth), and the technological ability to let people watch the movie without actually having a copy of the data (i.e. streaming), it just makes sense to take advantage of psychology and offer all-you-can-watch for a flat fee.

    This is why Netflix’s physical disc-rental business is absolutely trouncing brick-and-mortar video stores, and it’s why Netflix Instant Streaming will continue to trounce iTunes movie rental.

    This model works because it reduces people’s perceived risk in renting. Before the days of Netflix, I used to go to the video store, spend 30 minutes agonizing over whether I would actually enjoy any of these movies or just feel like I’d wasted $5, and end up leaving without renting anything because I didn’t want to take the chance. I would also sometimes choose not to rent anything because I wasn’t sure I’d get to finish watching it before I had to bring it back. So I actually rented movies very, very seldom — maybe once every couple of months.

    With Netflix, I happily pay them the same as it would cost me to rent a movie every week. This is because I know if I start watching a movie and it turns out to be terrible, it won’t cost me any more to return it and get a new one. Instant Streaming means it won’t even cost me time — just quit playback and choose something else.

    And of course, it’s well known that when people have to pay per use for something, they get unhappy and tightfisted — but when they pay a flat fee for unlimited access, they feel like they’re getting a great deal, even though most people won’t really use enough to make the flat fee cheaper than per-use fees. (Admittedly, I use a hell of a lot of Netflix instant streaming. But their costs have got to be pretty low for that.)

    I mean, I buy music and movies on iTunes. But I have never — not once — rented anything from iTunes. It’s got all the risk of renting from a brick-and-mortar store and it’s not any cheaper.

    Exception: I might pay 99 cents to watch a TV show commercial-free, if we’re talking about the episode I missed a couple of days ago. If we’re talking about last season, not so much.

    About the only reason I might buy an Apple TV is for the convenience of streaming something I bought on iTunes directly to my TV, without having to mess around hooking up the laptop to the TV and the external hard drive to the laptop (our household iTunes library is big enough that it needs to live on an external drive). Is that $99 worth of convenience? I don’t know.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Like it or loathe it, the AppleTV future is probably a future without porn (or James Joyce), if recent experience with the app store is any clue.

    I like porn, and I don’t apologize for that.

  33. Jmoes says:

    I was hoping the new apple TV would be a simple way to hook up a Home Media Center. But the apple TV has some shortcomings.

    boo hoo

  34. MattWPBS says:

    Oh look, Apple thinks it’s invented Last.FM.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I wants me some of the new AppleTV. Good job Xeni!

  36. imag says:

    I’m really happy to be far from the Apple universe. Their stuff doesn’t appeal to me, and watching friends struggle with Apple issues while talking about how great they are makes me laugh…

    That said, the are putting MSFT to shame on innovation. I’m sure the crew in Redmond is thinking, “Oh great. Another bunch of stuff that we will now have to try to copy and improve upon. Why didn’t WE start working on that two years ago”. It’s pretty pitiful to watch.

    • grimc says:

      “Oh great. Another bunch of stuff that we will now have to try to copy and improve upon. Why didn’t WE start working on that two years ago”

      I wonder if it’s more often the case, “Why didn’t we KEEP working on that two years ago instead of letting internal politics kill it off?”

  37. bardfinn says:

    “Facetime and front-facing camera and rear-facing HD, all in the new iPod touch … [from] $229″

    Just when you think you’re out comes the adveni, adveni! siren call!

  38. whisper dog says:

    Man, what’s with all the Apple haters? If you dislike it so much why are you following along?

    • dculberson says:

      They need to be updated on what to complain about and rail against.

    • bardfinn says:

      I like my iPod touch, I loved all three Macs I had.

      Then my Mac Mini died two years to the week after purchase (thankfully mobo not hdu) and I could pick a new Mac Mini for ~700 US or buy a netbook for ~200 US and drop Ubuntu on it.

      I did so.

      I recently had to borrow a PC to put some of my purchased music back on my iPod touch, because there is no way to manage it without jailbreaking it or using iTunes. People do not realise just what a pain in the *ss it is to work with an iPod without a MAc or Windows until they have to try it.

      Dear Apple: I want a native app on the IOS that I can tell “Here’s my protected content, here’s my iTunes store signin, give me the auth key.” I want a pocket computer, with the ability to back up my stuff. That’s why it’s protected in the first place. Do it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Apple would tell you what I would … if you don’t like it then don’t opt for the false-economy option.

        Buying a $200 netbook saves you money for about 5 minutes and will cause you frustration for the 4 months that it works. I agree that 2 years for the mini is disappointing (but hardly devastating), but if I were you I wouldn’t expect to get any where near that long out of a cheapo-netbook; although clearly they’re different devices (mini=small inexpensive home computer; netbook=tiny portable for checking email) so I may be right in assuming your needs changed.

        I, like many people, love getting a good deal. But in my experience the higher price of a Mac always pays for itself. My macbook would have been destroyed after a few weeks simply if not made of aluminium (I got a big dent instead of a massive smash); let alone the benfit of having a tailor-made device rather than a frankenmachine (stability and reliability … also fewer surprises with compatibility and performance, the later of which you’ll get none of from a netbook).

        Comparing the price of a Mac to a ‘nix netbook is like asking why anyone would buy a Bentley when there are Volvo’s.

        Also to the open standards jokers among us: Although there is something vaguely chucklesome about the whole ‘open standards’ … ‘but only on our hardware’ thing. You clearly don’t understand the situation. The reason it’s only available on their hardware is because they’re the only ones that support the standard as of yet – because it’s new and they’re innovotive. That doesn’t in any way mean that it;s not an open standard. Once upon a time HTTP only worked on one type of machine … didn’t mean it wasn’t an open standard – in fact I would assume that pretty much any open standard starts its life on one machine.

  39. fyreflye says:

    It’s all about Entertainment, not Information. No wonder this country is so fucked. Thank goddess they haven’t discontinued the Mac yet.

  40. dculberson says:

    The screen on the iPod Nano looks square in the pictures. The current one has a rectangular screen. Why would you need to rotate a square screen? (Or am I seeing that wrong?)

    I love the smaller size, not a huge fan of losing the physical buttons, but most of the time my Nano is either plugged into the car which means I control it with the stereo, or it’s in the garage which means greasy fingers. The screen will clean more readily than the physical buttons.

    Big fan of the HD camera on the iPod touch. Not sure I’ll shell out the bucks for that one any time soon, but that’s pretty neat.

    • littlerunninggag says:

      Why would you need to rotate a square screen?

      Screen faces up no matter which way you are holding it. Good feature. And I think they said gyroscopes (instead of accelerometers) which will make it more accurate (won’t have to shake it to get it to work).

  41. bardfinn says:

    Liking Coldplay is /actually/ prima facie proof that Steve Jobs is now a cyborg, because as someone Internet famous once said, “Coldplay is the kind of music computers would make if they were sentient, and hated humans.”

  42. dculberson says:

    Ahh, marketing. I just checked the Apple web site for details on the new Nano. They manage to sell a removal of features as a new thing: “iPod Nano is now all music.” It appears they’ve removed the ability to watch videos along with removing the internal camera.

    I do not use my current Nano for watching videos, but thought the camera in the last gen Nano was a positive addition. Also seems odd to have a color LCD and all the driving circuitry along with sufficient storage and a means of transfer but not support playing videos.

  43. JackThompson says:

    So…the AppleTV is a dirt-simple way to get content from the ‘net to your TV without a full-featured computer in the mix. Awesome idea – most media centers I’ve played around with are pretty kludgy.

    Problem is, I’m not especially interested in paying 100 bucks for a device that doesn’t have the capability of streaming video content from any of the other video sites on the net that aren’t youtube (46″ of hamster dance? pass) or netflix (nice, but limited by DVD availability). I mean, I understand Apple’s position – if you can get The Daily Show from them for a buck or from for free, I’d take the free one.

    But I’m not sure appleTV will work for me, which is a shame – I was hoping to try it out.

    • JackThompson says:


      Plex conveniently released a new version yesterday. I’m gonna have to try that out.

    • Crackermack says:

      Apple makes physical shopping devices you have to pay for up front. Other companies make solutions. I have a Patriot Box Office device that can access my network, a connected USB drive, or BT client and stream almost any format to my TV via HDMI.

      It cost all of $85 and doesn’t require me to re-rent media I own or already get via antenna.

  44. delt664 says:

    I dont get it…they invented iTwitTunes?

    This event seems to be light on the innovation and heavy on the self-congratulatory masturbation.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t iPods, the industry leader, have such an obvious and useful feature as expandable memory? That automatically makes all other brands superior IMO, even without the hateful iTunes software.

    Why is a clip superior to the armband? I find the armband allows you to see what song you’re playing, whereas anyplace you’d clip it to would not.

    The iPad is pretty and fun to play with, I must say. Prefer my netbook all around, but the iPad display is much better.

    • eviladrian says:

      Why don’t iPods, the industry leader, have such an obvious and useful feature as expandable memory?

      The only point of differentiation between the cheapest Touch/iPad and the most expensive is that one can hold my iTunes library and one can’t. Putting an SD card slot in the 8GB model would remove the incentive to spend the extra two hundred bucks or so.

  46. Anonymous says:

    If you think a 160GB music player is too much, you clearly don’t have a invite.

  47. deckard68 says:

    If iTunes is about to surpass CDs, then it is high time for iTunes to sell music in Apple Lossless format.

  48. jcfiala says:

    “Why don’t iPods, the industry leader, have such an obvious and useful feature as expandable memory? That automatically makes all other brands superior IMO, even without the hateful iTunes software.”

    Well, given the number they’re selling, they apparently don’t need to add it as a feature in order to sell more units.

    I’m guessing it’s something to do with how iTunes works.

    • delt664 says:

      “I’m guessing it’s something to do with how iTunes works.”

      Nope. Certain apple devices already use flash memory, just not removable flash memory. This is about scalability and planned obsolescence. In a nutshell, eliminating the former and implementing the latter is a strategy to sell more devices.

  49. Anonymous says:

    why would anyone buy this iTunes in a box and pay 4.99$ per movie when Netflix’s Roku is 60$ (and not needed if one has a current generation console, they all stream netflix) and for 9$ per month they have an all you can eat deal? If AppleTV could play iApps natively it would justify its existence and build into a home entertainment box, but having a rental streamer just to rent content is way too low for my needs.

  50. Crackermack says:

    “to watch the HTTP Live Streaming, you gotta have a Mac/iPhone/ipod/iPad.”

    Sigh… just sigh.

  51. tsdguy says:

    Sheesh. Apple haters make me cry. Where would the industry be without Apple innovation? You’d be typing at a DOS prompt on your music player and songs would cost $5 each.

    Apple is one of the few companies that is willing to bet it’s corporate fortune on ideas which are not always obviously the correct ones. There is plenty of room in the world for simple consumer devices that can’t do everything but what it does fills a big niche and does it in a pleasant and intuitive way.

    I doubt you would see Porsche fans criticizing VW Beetle owners on forums especially if the Porsche costs about the same as a Beetle.

    That being said, did anyone hear what is going to happen to existing AppleTV owners? Are we SOL?

    That damn Apple – they hate the early adopters. 8-)

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d rather type in thousands of DOS prompts than buy overprices apple products. And no – until Apple got onto the music software scene, former Apple users downloaded music for free. As non-Apple users do now. price tag for any apple product should say: (2500 bucks + many more grand you’d spend on our expensive bullshit to make the original product any useful). Hell, im sticking with microsoft.

    • Crackermack says:

      Apple makes great products for the don’t know/can’t learn/wont try crowd. And they deserve to be served. But they shouldn’t think it means theirs is the only path.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Pregnant bumblebee is not pleased

  53. McMe says:

    maybe at the next event the security guards can get a quieter colour.

  54. Anonymous says:

    They’re getting rid of the Classic? Well I guess that’s the end of my foray into Apple products. Sigh.

  55. whisper dog says:

    Pretty sure that was the back of your head we just saw, Xeni.

  56. okkent says:

    We got to see the back of Xeni’s head

  57. Anonymous says:

    I’m assuming any comment criticizing this post or Apple will be censored?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I’m assuming any comment criticizing this post or Apple will be censored?

      In that case, I’m assuming that you haven’t actually read the comments in this thread.

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