Hands-on with new Apple TV and iPods; and notes on Ping, the iTunes social network


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  1. Drew from Zhrodague says:

    Neat ideas, and pretty products. However, it’s MythTV + Hulu + Netflix for me.

  2. Lady Katey says:

    I’m so sad that they’re killing the iPod classic. :hugs her 80G silver Classic) I COULD have bought a Touch, but I prefer serious HD space to being able to play lame 99 cent games.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sad to see that Apple has failed to make the Apple TV what it should have been all along; the old Web TV only better.
    Where was the slick wireless keyboard with integrated trackpad? Where was the Blue ray player?
    It didn’t have to run Snow leopard. It could have operated under it’s own OS, and that would have protected Apple’s computer business.

  4. netsharc says:

    Oh, the new Nano as a watch, eh? I wish it did run apps, then I could promote my iApp: http://bit.ly/nhandsclock

    The “iPod Touch 4″ would be a neat complement to someone with an Android phone, set up the phone as an access point, connect the iPod to the wifi, voila, FaceTime!

    And, now they’re in the social networking game too, looks like it’s a move into last.fm’s territory, which is interesting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anybody else notice the Nano lost its camera but somehow got more expensive?

  6. Astragali says:

    So M$ has Bing, and Apple has Ping. All we need now is for someone to bring out Cha-Ching, and we’ll have the complete set…

  7. Thlom says:

    People don’t want to own digital copies of TV-series and movies, they want to watch them. Same goes for music, people don’t want to own the digital files, they want to listen to them. That’s why Spotify is a smash hit where it’s available. It’s easy, no hassle, you don’t have to manage a music collection. Just search for songs and listen, add to playlists, send to friends. Easy.

    As long as the price is right of course. For 99 cent a episode I would definitely rent them with one click instead of buying (or pirating) them.

    • gbmbg says:

      I’ll see your anecdotal evidence that people don’t want to own digital copies of video/audio, and raise you MY anecdotal evidence that people DO want to own digital copies of video/audio.

    • adonai says:

      I’m not entirely sure what you’re smoking, but I hope you brought enough for the entire class.

  8. mechno says:

    So, what’s the USB port on the Apple TV for? Even if it’s not for anything useful at the moment, I might get one in preparation for what it will do once it’s been prison-skipped.

    • Haakon IV says:

      It is officially “for service and support”, but I think that was true of the original AppleTV as well, and you could boot to USB and hack it, including installing a full (hacked) OS X kernel. The new version won’t be as easily turned into a full computer, I expect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be modified.

  9. SteveNZ says:

    Well, this is the test, isn’t it? If they sell ship-loads of these things then we’ll know people do want to rent movies and TV shows; and if not, not.

    Apple may be right — I know I only want to keep and rewatch an exceptional minority of the movies I see. Many films I consider acceptable entertainment — once — but I don’t care if I never see them again.

    By the way, I’m waiting for someone to show up and tell us how this is all a filthy plot to deprive us of our sacred right to hack and Steve Jobs is actually a shape-shifting baby-eating reptilian demon. Anyone? Cory?

  10. dculberson says:

    At $99, the Apple TV is a great Netflix box.

  11. Luke Hunter James-Erickson says:

    “Mortal Kombat”

  12. sloverlord says:

    Having a screen on the iPad nano seems like a really lousy idea to me, but I’ve said that before about Apple products and always been wrong. Also, Apple TV actually looking pretty good now.

    • mdh says:

      Still prefer my roku player, which I am sure will be true for about 5 more days at which time Steve will roll out epic content for his little box.

      still, for this week at least, glad for my choice.

  13. Jack says:

    I am so happy that horrendous iPod Shuffle without controls is now gone and we’re back to the best form factor for it. The iPod Nano seems like a novelty or joke. But the new iPod Touch… Really great! Just a tad disappointed that the back facing camera is 0.7 megapixels (960×720). Is that a software limit? Whatever. I will get an iPod Touch now. All the pluses outweigh that one minor annoyance.

    But I do wonder how that camera would fare for UPC code lookups and such. Could those apps still work on this iPod Touch with that low resolution?

    • Rapatski says:

      Disappointed the back facing camera is only 960×480?! WTF is wrong with you people?! For a video camera, that is phenomenal. It isn’t HD, but well above normal standards.

      • Jack says:

        Rapatski, for video it is great. But the iPhone can do that res for video AND do 5 megapixel stills. The iPod Touch camera is clearly crippled in still mode.

      • Anonymous says:

        The rear facing camera records video at 1280×720, and also takes stills at 960×720.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is this a hands on because the Apple TV is ON YOUR HAND?

  15. Tagishsimon says:

    Ping. Bing. Two peas…

  16. tunacanjones says:

    Once again, these device look great.

    There is one thing that just haunts me and torments me.


    It is unusable. It gets slower, bulkier and just downright unusable on any level with every update. I dread every moment I have to click on that icon.

    Oh! One more thing…


  17. darren says:

    I think they’re taking the right approach with Apple TV.

    I can still buy content. If I want to actually buy and own something, it’s much more important that the content be on my computer, and I can always stream it to my TV.

    There are a bunch of cable shows I’ve heard about but have yet to see: Big Love, True Blood, etc. What I do now is rent the DVDs from my local video shop, and then usually rip the DVDs. At 99 cents I would absolutely dive into Apple TV instead.

    Here’s hoping the TV studios come to their senses.

  18. Crackermack says:

    So what will we call the utility used to test the connection to a host on a network? Obviously Apple copyrighted Ping for all computer references, right?

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