Cartoonist Pete Emslie posing with Julie Newmar

201009021524 I can't stop looking at this photo of talented cartoonist Pete Emslie posing with my favorite Catwoman, the beautiful Julie Newmar.

Pete Emslie at Fan Expo 2010


    1. Well, I was going to be a little more diplomatic and say “that’s not a flattering look”. I think it’s the pulled-back hair combined with the grimace.
      But I’m with you on that…
      Pete looks like a cartoonist.

  1. Newmar fans should seek out “Seduction of a Nerd.” It’s an oddball campy film with a cool Quincy Jones soundtrack. Troma re-released a while back.

    1. They probably look freaked out because they were being photographed with a very wide angle lens probably up very close, that’s the reason Pete looks like he has a tiny head.

  2. Julie has an autistic son who is blind and deaf. There was a beautiful spread in “Next” magazine a while back about the garden she designed and maintains specifically for him.

  3. Who’s the ventriloquist, and who’s the dummy?
    That’s what’s so great about it – it looks like both of them are dummy and ventriloquist at the same time.


  4. This could sound like an insult, but since he’s a cartoonist maybe it’s a compliment: He has the features and proportions of a real-life Wallace (of Wallace & Gromit).

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