Looking for Bigfoot in Minnesota


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  1. celestialelf says:

    For something totally unscientific,
    heres my Bigfoot Machinima film

  2. plainsaman says:

    To JDavid:

    Yes, adhering to the scientific method and solid empirical evidence is SUCH a burden (and did you even bother to read the article so you could refute something SPECIFIC?). Would you proffer equally negative aspersions towards the James Randi Educational Foundation? I believe they have also professed great skepticism regarding the lack of evidence for Bigfoot, among other dubious entities.

  3. ciacontra says:

    I believe that particular surfing Bigfoot is resident to the Washington coast, between Copalis Beach and Ocean Shores.

  4. greycap says:

    I have been thinking that this Bigfoot looks very familar to me. He is Homer Simpson. Does anyone agree?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bigfoot is very much all over the temperate zones of North America. In my home state of Vermont there have been a lot of sightings on the US Route 4 corridor between Rutland, Vt and Whitehall, NY.

    Some friends of mine once wanted me to dress in a gorilla costume and scare people driving that road, but since it was rural Vermont I declined out of fear of being shot and ending up on somebody’s mantlepiece–the Lake Champlain monster is the only protected cryptozoan in Vermont.

  6. Larry7 says:

    Someone whould tell Mr Wooden Sasquatch he’s holding his surfboard the wrong way. The fin should point in towards your body- else you might hurt someone on the way to the beach!


  7. Anonymous says:

    in 1994 or there about, my parents went up to see the flow of a river that they dredge for gold during the summer. In Febuary the rains are intense and observation is to see where the high currents may push the gold at different angles than when the water is lower. My parents came away with a picture of a foot print in the sand that was very much larger than my own size 12, and bare in the middle of winter! They then relayed to me a time when they had heard something rather large run full blast right up to their tent in the middle of the night and stopped. That would be scary enough, yet this beast was not heard breathing or gasping for breath as a person most likely would given the hilly terain. My parents now understood what had awoke them this particular evening. The area is called Iowa Hill. It is east of Highway 80 in Ca. near the town of Colfax. Iowa Hill is very remote and quite devoid of people other than miners or campers. Beautiful, yet desolate.

    • travtastic says:

      Depending on local terrain and conditions, there’s a very good chance that that print started out at a normal size, but was then enlarged by erosion.

      And I’ve been woken up or disturbed on multiple occasions by curious deer. Or in their case, it could even have been a curious bear. Movies and TV have greatly exaggerated the kind of breathing and snorting we expect out of animals.

  8. braininavat says:

    If Sasquatches really existed there would have been roadkill by now.

    just sayin

    • JDavid says:

      Oh, you mean the same fundamentalist skeptic organization started by Secular Humanism? You know, the “organization” that essentially says “Don’t believe what you do, believe what we do.”

      I don’t think they’ll ever admit they’re actually a religion themselves. Aggressively defended notions based on events they didn’t witness. Sounds familiar.

      It’d be nice if there truly was an impartial study of this sort of thing, SE ain’t it.

  9. Brainspore says:

    I think we’re just as likely to find a Bigfoot in Minnesota as anywhere else in North America.

    Odd that most “non-human hominid” legends seem to be in parts of the world so far from Africa, though. If we have any extant evolutionary cousins still waiting to be discovered it seems like that would be the most likely place to find them.

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