Noir movie for free download: Two Dollar Bettor (1951)

I subscribed to the Internet Archive's RSS feed for noir films. This movie, called Two Dollar Bettor, looks good!
201009020840 Bank controller John Hewitt is a much-respected member of the community. One afternoon he is persuaded to make a small two-dollar bet at the racetrack and collects a couple of hundred dollars when his horse wins. Such a return-on-investment intrigues him and he begins to frequent the track and making larger bets. After a short period of winning, he hits a losing streak and his savings are soon wiped out. He then starts to take money from the bank and is soon thousands of stolen-dollars behind. Mary Slate, secretary of his bookmaker, advises him that the bookmaker has a sure thing, and if he will liberate $20,000 or so from the bank, he can get in on it and solve all his problems.

If you've seen and would like to review it in the comments, please do! Two Dollar Bettor (1951)


  1. The plot sounds exactly like that of Owning Mahowny from 2003…makes me wonder if they ripped off Two Dollar Bettor.

  2. Neat one. Marie Windsor was awesome. She was even nastier in Kubrick’s ‘The Killing’, tho for years I thought it was Audrey Totter, another great noir “femme fatale”. IMDB has finally set me straight!

  3. Marie Windsor starred in Cat-Women on the Moon, Swamp Women and Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy.

  4. Just watched this on the commute home. Fantastic! Not only does it have the wonderful Marie Windsor (with foreshadowing of her role as the double-crossing wife of Elisha Cook in The Killing) but it also features small roles by Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer and Barbara Billingsley.

    I wouldn’t say it’s a straight down the line Noir, but maybe a little more of exploitation/cautionary tale flick about the perils of betting on the ponies. Definitely worth downloading.

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