TipEx's clever, raunchy YouTube ad


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  1. aolson says:

    “gets drunk with” is the best one I’ve seen yet.

  2. Angstrom says:

    “drinks” is disturbing !
    “finds” is entertaining
    “is” also funny
    “smurfs” is not what I was expecting
    “smokes” is smokey

    I shall go and buy some of this bear removal cream immediately. Whatever it is called.

  3. Xanthippas says:

    Subservient chicken? It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure!

    (Some of you kids might be too young for that reference…)

  4. apreacher says:

    type in “votes for” to see tipp-ex’s scathing indictment of modern-day democracy.

    also “cons” returned something interesting, he must be running a long con.

    sad to see “reuscitates” and “circumcises” didn’t make the cut.

  5. Griffin says:

    Try “erases”

  6. apreacher says:

    “prays for”, apparently the hunter belongs to the cult of dionysus.

  7. thefuture says:

    For some weird reason, the first one I tried was “eats a bear”, and it’s awesome that they actually have a video for that.

  8. AaronA1C says:


  9. Felton / Moderator says:

    “mows with”

  10. Anonymous says:

    “eats” is kinda disturbing LOL

  11. AaronA1C says:

    Oops, forgot “drives”

  12. apreacher says:

    glad to see tipp-ex doesn’t recognize a difference between “marries” and “gay marries”.

  13. AaronA1C says:

    “calls” too.

  14. aolson says:

    Oh dear… “farts”

  15. ben says:

    feeds == cooks

  16. Anonymous says:

    combine that with the ELIZA thing – “is it important to you that the bear is fondled?”

  17. Anonymous says:

    Actually enter “shoots” in the box and be prepared for a duel.

  18. Sxe says:

    “plays games with”

    “pretends to be” = “becomes”

    “can has”

  19. facetedjewel says:

    Try the following key words: films, high five, soccer, teases, Michael Jackson, meets, becomes, funk, marries,fart,drunk,dances with, mows lawn, tickles, erases, smokes weed, moons, circus act, burps, phones, fishes, paints, plays music, plays games, pisses with, riding, eating, wrestling, hugging, shoots, sleeps cooks, brushes teeth, pgoes shopping, watches TV,plays house. There may be some repeats.

  20. PaulMorel says:

    awesome, just awesome.

    Who are the geniuses who came up with this?

  21. anomaly69 says:

    It would be a lot more funny except for the jerk move of ramping the volume way up. And of course the reaction to move the volume slider doesn’t have effect so you’re left scrambling to find a way to turn it down.

    My solution was to close the window completely and never go back. You jerk me around like that and you lose me forever.

  22. sergeirichard says:

    Sorry, but the Inner Pedant can’t let this one go. Tipp-Ex isn’t a “Commonwealth analogue for Wite-Out…” For a start, it’s German!

    And Commonwealth is quite wrong if used to mean “English-speaking countries that aren’t America” – the inference that there’s a single Commonwealth market more misleading still. Tipp-Ex is the leading correction fluid in the EU market.

    Incidentally, the original Tipp-Ex was a typing correction paper – kind of like carbon paper but white. You’d put it over a mistyped letter, backspace and then re-type the wrong letter to vanish it. Only later did they start making this analog of Wite-Out / Liquid Paper.

  23. turn_self_off says:

    This belongs in the archive just to make sure its kept around for future generations to enjoy.

  24. hershmire says:

    How’s this for stupid: You can’t click on the Tipp-Ex icon to visit a product page. I’m still not sure what exactly the product does, which is an advertising fail. Cool idea, though.

    /Plus, not “Hunter builds a bear”

  25. Mike says:

    “hates” has not been listed yet.

  26. oxrs says:

    That WAS fun. “Tipp-ex” was actually the first one I thought of, but that might be because I went in expecting the product and everything. I see a trend, but of course it will just be low quality, pale imitations and we won’t get anything original for a few years.

  27. Cory (a different one) says:

    That’s funny, reminds me of Burger King’s subservient chicken:


  28. Anonymous says:

    Haha, the video for “blows” is quite fun as well :)

  29. jonathan_v says:

    the content is pulled in from an iframe here: http://bit.ly/dDrwMU

    i’m guessing they just paid youtube to embed the iframe for that link — there’s no real youtube integration other than replacing a standard page with that.

    the entire ‘youtube’ looking area is really just a single flash file.

  30. PlayPennies says:

    I put this in the submitterator a few hours ago… :)

  31. mattofdoom says:

    First thing that sprung to mind was “is”.

  32. Anonymous says:

    me loves “plays football with”

  33. Xopher says:

    I like how they handle the ones they can’t do. A fun toy.

  34. pjcamp says:

    Eats is good. Drinks is good. So is pisses on. Photographs is boring.

    Tried “gives birth to” and got back something surreal.

  35. Anonymous says:

    try “cleans” its pretty cool

  36. Talia says:

    Gotta admit, I love it. Fantastic advertising move.

    I don’t particularly have any need of that product now but I will likely remember the company for some time to come as those people who kept me entertained of an evening. :)

    “sings to” is the only one I’ve “discovered” (as in not yet posted here) so far.

  37. Talia says:

    Oh, and Hugs and Snuggles are the same. :p

  38. Xopher says:

    After you click Don’t Shoot The Bear, try just waiting.

  39. Xopher says:

    “moons” and “strikes” are pretty good.

  40. revdru says:

    Some fun ones: cuts, becomes, cares about, dances with, brushes, plays, hangs out with.

    I’m not sure why I like this so much.

  41. Quothz says:

    Not bad! Some others that work: “punches”, “shits”, “shoots”, “plays with”, “plays soccer with”, “teases”, “jumps”, and “makes love to”. No, that last one isn’t the same as “fucks”.

    Not too surprisingly, “plays football with” is the same as soccer. “Plays chess with”, more surprisingly, also gives that result. “Plays Candyland with” is the same as “Plays with”, tho’.

  42. Xopher says:

    “Listens” and “listens to” are different!

  43. Felton / Moderator says:

    “Sleeps with” is not the same as “has sex with,” by the way.

  44. Felton / Moderator says:

    “shakes hands with”

    “high fives”

  45. Felton / Moderator says:

    “watches TV with”

  46. Anonymous says:

    “Tickles” is pretty amusing

  47. Xopher says:

    “Makes love to” is the same as “kisses” and “marries.”

    “Feeds” is pretty fun too.

  48. Felton / Moderator says:

    “is bitten by”

  49. Felton / Moderator says:

    “showers with”

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