Tombstone stuffed with drugs

This tombstone was shipped from Jamaica to Cincinnati, where US Customs and Border Protection at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport discovered it was filled with 50 pounds of marijuana.
Screen Shot 2010-09-02 At 7.38.27 Am Officers questioned last week why someone would ship a tombstone from Kingston, Jamaica, to London. An X-ray machine revealed packages of the drug in a metal box, wrapped in metal mesh and hidden inside the hollowed-out concrete marker.

The stone bears the name of 35-year-old Delroy Senior. Part of its inscription reads, "your place no one can fill."

Tombstone stuffed with drugs (via Arbroath)


  1. Now imagine how much stupidity and waste would be avoided if the idiots just legalised the frigging plant.

  2. Nah, dude. You got it all wrong. It’s an Egyptian Afterlife kinda thing. Poor old Delroy just needed that to pay his toll into the everafter. And maybe a little left over to pass the time in eternity.

    It’s one thing to harsh the buzz of the living. But another entirely to anger the dead. Don’t you people watch zombie movies?

  3. Whose ass do they pull those numbers about “street value” from? Around here an eighth of weed costs about 50-60 bucks. Extrapolate that and you’ve got $20,000 for 50 lbs, and that’s not even counting the discount you would get if you were buying by the pound. Is weed just really expensive in London?

    1. It could be the value of 50 lbs of pot if were sold by the joint. That’s typically how “street value” is computed — use the highest price and the smallest quantity and extrapolate from that.

    2. No, it’s actually cheaper than your quoted prices even. It’d have to be pretty fucking special to pull those prices.

    3. If it were US media reporting this story, the “street value” would be inflated to 6 figures. I’m happier with a slight (yeah, I know, 150% isn’t really “slight”) exaggeration over an outright lie designed to inflame curtain-twitchers.

    4. Your math is off.

      50 lbs = 50*16 ounces = 800 ounces

      800*8 eighths = 6400 eighth

      at $50 / eighth , that’s $320,000 or ~ £207,765

      So it would seem that their street value estimate is a conservative one.

    5. I think you forgot that there are 16oz in a pound. The street value seems pretty reasonable. We’ll assume it’s ditch weed which tends to go for $25 US per 1/4oz, a quarter bag if you will. So $25*4*16*50= $64,000 US. Pick your exchange rate to GBP on any given day and the street value they’re proposing is reasonable.

    6. Randalll guess you were high in math class.




      but Im guessing the rastas weren’t packing this tomb with DaKind

        1. I plan to have a long and meaningful life before I meet the grim reefer.

          (Just thought I’d get the worst possible pun out of the way early.)

  4. Actually, that’s a pretty reasonable street value. If a quarter oz sells for $50, one could say that shipment has a “street value” of over $160k.

    If you figure that each pound wholesale is typically between $400 and $3,000 (depending on volume and quality) then the $52k makes sense.

  5. Okay, so they have a good point about the suspicious nature of shipping a tombstone internationally.
    What they’re saying then, is that they should have shipped it inside of some sort of statuary to avoid detection?

  6. I rather dig the poem on there. I’m hoping it reads in full:

    our thoughts are always with you
    your place no one can fill
    so here’s a bunch of ganja
    be sure to smoke your fill

  7. Wait, isn’t anybody else going to point out that drug smugglers, who presumably know everything in an airport gets a pass under an X-Ray viewer, put the stash inside of a metal box, wrapped in a metal mesh?

    Who trusted these guys with 50lbs of grass? Ugh. The stupid, it burns, etc.

    1. this is the problem with trying to criminalize marijuana. its quite literally one of the easiest things to grow in the world. trusting these guys with fifty pounds of it is no problem–its very, very easy to make that fifty pounds.

      i was a juror on a case where a driver got caught trying to pass his rig through us customs from mexico with nearly a hundred big boxes packed full of weed thrown in on top of the legitimate cargo. the thing to remember is that these aren’t car stereos or bricks of gold the guy is smuggling–they’re from a plant that is easily grown. street value is very misleading. the people giving this guy orders could lose 90% of their trucks passing through the border and they might still be turning a profit, because the intrinsic value of what they’re smuggling is artificially inflated and their costs of production are negligible.

  8. What strikes me as funny is that the tombstone itself has a much higher intrinsic value than the plants it contains… It doesn’t cost much more to grow cannabis than it does to grow tomatoes or corn, so the thought of setting up an elaborate smuggling scheme where you buy a thousand dollar chunk of marble and have it intricately engraved, hollowed out, and stuffed with $50 worth of produce, then shipped at a cost of hundreds of dollars seems ludicrous. It’s like if a head of lettuce came packaged in a solid gold box encrusted in diamonds.

    What I can’t wrap my head around though, is how the hell they managed to fit 50 pounds of weed in a tombstone. A pound of weed cannot be compressed into a space smaller than a cubic foot or so… Unless this tombstone fills a small truck, or unless they’re talking about hashish, or unless there’s some sort of metric conversion going on where “british” pounds weigh ten times what an american one does, I really fail to see how you can stuff 50lbs of dried plant matter into a space that small.

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