'70s biker magazine covers

An assortment of 1970s cover scans from the motorcycle magazine Easyriders.

Articles included: "How to Get Rid of Your Woman," "Trouble With Twats," "Why Men Wear Beards," and then: "Positive Prison Reform Plan."

Above, the cover art for an issue which contained a feature article titled "How to Select a Good Ol' Lady." Apparently, the courtship ritual involves strangling her. Then, meth!

Some of the images on the aforelinked link are not work-safe.

(Submitterated by MikeOliveri)


  1. Those are amazing.

    I wonder what “Leg-wettin Scooter Features” and “Interview with DOT Muckity-Muck” were like.

  2. Leg wetting is very similar to “liver quivering” .
    “Department of Transportation assholes ” I still have that trouble with twats issue somewhere

  3. Ah yes, I remember my uncle’s Easy Rider collection underneath his bed, those cool black light posters, and those funny looking plants on the window sill…good times.

  4. I once had a boss who claimed to have been the distribution manager for Easy Rider back in the early 80’s. He always missed the days when he could put “deadline powder” down as a business expense. All he ever got for us was bad coffee.

      1. That’s *still* a rather tender subject. ;^)

        But you know, for the life of me, I can’t imagine what the “Trouble With Twats” might be.

  5. Just think: there are people in the world who REALLY DO think that way. I mean they’re not kidding; their whole world revolves around such tedious, dead-end bullshit as playing macho and complaining about women.

    The 1970’s must have been an insufferably stupid time for normal people to live in.

    1. Yes. It was tedius. But I loved the tie-died miniskirts, tube tops, hippy chicks, braless…ok, maybe not so tedius.

  6. This was a movement in the 60s and 70s. Their children (or grandchildren, given the propensity for teen pregnancy) became the juggalos of today.

    Are we not men?

  7. One of my early valentines to my wife was a lacey heart cut from the personals section from Iron Horse or some other old biker mag. it was all people in prison writing the magazine looking for pen-pals and hookups for when they got out.

    to really bring it home, in the middle, i floated the Queen of Hearts from a sad old nudie deck from the 80s.

    Needless to say, it melted her panties right off.

  8. actually now that i think about it, the prison personals might have been from Easyriders. i had a giant stack of all kinds of old biker mags, all full of gems.

  9. Ah, those were the days… barely(?)-legal girls half-naked on magazine covers cuddling with unwashed, obese, hirsute men of adventure… and here in the real world, the biker chicks I’ve seen look more like the men, except occasionally with less hair.

  10. Back when I was a teenager, I would buy a stack of motorcycle magazines with a copy of Easyrider casually sown amongst them. Little did the shopkeeper suspect that I had zero interest in bikes and that it was all an elaborate and expensive ruse to get a glimpse of bare biker boobies.
    Seriously, you kids and your internet porn have no idea what your forefathers endured.

  11. Mmmm….lol.

    Reminds of the bloke I knew who wrote for a ‘biker’ magazine in Oz about 10 years ago. The biggest buyers of the mag and the demographic they targeted was young gay Asian men. Of course they never let the subjects of the fodes know that.

  12. Even as a kid, my favorite section to read was the Obits. “For our dear beloved brother Pushrod, who was lost in battle with a Peterbuilt on Route 70, you will be forever missed by all your brothers, wives and rugrats.”

  13. Even beyond the blatant sexism, it’s remarkable how the dudes seem to be all guys in their mid-thirties, with women at least ten years younger than them, if not more. I think that they were already playing to guys dreamin’ the dream instead of livin’ it.

  14. I loved reading this when I was 12 and the thought of riding a motorcycle at 70mph was AWESOME!!
    Now, I just think “how do I get past that piece of
    Harley crap that’s slowing me down?”

    1. If someone going 70 is slowing you down you’re trying to go too fast.

      Isn’t the speed limit 65? That’s not a suggested minimum!

      1. anything less than 90 is slow. the only time to drive the limit is if you’re running drugs, or if you’re in Nevada, or especially both.

  15. Ah yes… There’s nothing like a pretty blonde with low self esteem to choke when you come home from riding. Those were the good-ol-days.

  16. ‘Twas more in the 80s, but some of my friends would occasionally read these. I loved the biker poetry- very intense.

  17. I’m pretty good at ignoring how depressing porn can be if you think about it (my secret is not thinking about it!) but DAMN do those women have some serious dead-eyes. Most of them look like they’d kill themselves if they could muster up the energy to care.

    I’m guessing that was an intentional stylistic choice on the part of the photographer, aiming at “hey fellas, she’s drugged into suggestible compliance!” but in actuality hitting “OH MY GOD I CAN SEE THE CORPSE OF WHAT USED TO BE HER SOUL.”

    1. …but DAMN do those women have some serious dead-eyes.

      Exactly my thought. This photo looks like a PSA about the dangers of codependent relationships.

  18. LOL. Haven’t seen Easyriders in forever. I recall they had a contest for the ladies called “Flash Gash for Cash”. Classy.

  19. I first learned about Easyriders from the National Lampoon parody of it. Then I just had to pick up a copy of the original, and I thought it was great. (At about age 14.)

    It’s all about freedom!

  20. “Back before dentists and lawyers were the only ones who can afford Harleys.”

    “Dude! Why’d you get rid of your Harley?”

    “It was like trying to keep a French trollop in lingerie. I’d be cruising down the highway, look in the mirrors, and there’d be $100 bills blowing out my ass.”

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