Mind-controlled Moog from Apples In Stereo

Robert Schneider of excellent psych-rock group Apples In Stereo hacked a Mattel MindFlex game, which measures brain waves, into a controller for his Moog analog synthesizer. He calls his mind-control interface The Teletron. If you'd like to make your own, here are Schneider's video instructions, "Teletron for the Populace."


  1. Hmm, does it say more about the equipment or Schneider’s brain that there seemed to be a longer lag time when he transitioned from lowering the pitch->raising the pitch vs. the other way around. Easier for him to stop brain activity than restart it?

    1. Actually this is pretty interesting but I think that it would be more interesting to attach it to the volume rather than the pitch. This way while performing a more intense part of a song the volume would be louder. It is a huge addition to the one man band.

  2. The prototype “Peniletron” controlled by a penile plethysmograph, proved difficult for Robert to play more than a couple minutes at a time …

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