WSJ vs. NYT on NMA: Taiwanese CGI geniuses take on NYC newspaper war

The Taiwanese tabloid animators recently profiled in Wired have done it again: a CGI retelling of the war between the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Animated Arthur Sulzberger, and Rupert Murdoch striking a Michael Bay action-movie pose, flanked by helicopters.


  1. I’m going to confess something here. These Chinese news 3D animated clips scare the hell out of me. Now I understand they’re produced with the intention of being funny and spoof-like in their portrayal of a current event issue. However, what scares me is that there exists out there an audience viewing these on a regular basis as a means to consume regular, real NEWS – not watching them as a curio comedy piece on a web site that collects odd happenings from around the globe, or as a comedy skit on a news spoof channel… That makes me ask myself… “What kind of people would need to be fed the news in such a bizarre surreal manner???”

    Because if that stuff gets heavy viewership in that mythical land that frightens me so, then I have another sleepless night of shivering in my bed ahead of me tonight.

    1. You should read the WIRED article on Nextmedia, as it explains much of which you ponder. The short version is that while regular newscasts would show stock footage of New York City and Rupert Murdoch with a narrative, Nextmedia provides a dramatization for entertainment value as well as to visualize the narrative. They claim to have not sufficiently monetized their efforts yet, as the production costs are quite high to meet the short turn-around time, so it may not be around forever.

      No one needs it, but many want it. Myself included!

    2. It would also worry if I thought that some people used editorial cartoons as their primary source of news. I doubt they exist too.

      I did like the West Side Story Jets vs Sharks reference though.

      Ooh…the daily Show is on! Gotta run..

    3. I think after their unexpected hit with the Tiger Woods animation, they’re catering more to the American audience, so any old topic is being made as CGI now. I didn’t even know about an NYT-WSJ war, and how would this even interest the Taiwanese?

      Great dance-off though.

    4. in the words of Stephen Fry “Don’t be offended on behalf of other people. That’s just stupid.”

  2. “What kind of people would need to be fed the news in such a bizarre surreal manner???”

    i ask myself that very question whenever i think of FOX.

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