Bizarre animation shorts by artist Joe Seigenthaler

I'm happy that Amy Crehore alerted me to the macabre animation of artist Joe Seigenthaler.

See more of Seigenthaler's work after the jump.


  1. Simultaneously funny and disgusting (and you can’t beat THAT combination).

    I sense that there is something quite important here, artistically.

  2. Man, seriously, check out the rest of the guy’s sculpture & stuff on his website. Amazing!

    One of my favorites had this caption:

    “Man with a Habit” 1987 Acrylic, Fabric, on fired Stoneware, Found Sofa
    (This work was smashed with a hammer by the artst in 1996 and no longer exists)

    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall that day!

  3. good start mr artist dude, but the movement is still in the dancing baby/polar express era for my tastes. improve the motion and you might be on to something.

  4. If it’s weird animations you want, search for “Unicycle Baby Guy”. Truly weird, a lot of fun, and eminently quotable.

  5. Brings back memories of college, just learning the basics of animation and morph targets. I’m sure his normal stuff is awesome but I don’t think he should show any more animation until he gets better.

    You know, fuck this, I’ll be frank. This is terrible, and I feel sorry for you people who don’t seem to know better.

    And yes, I need to rant, being a “grunt” animator who has been working 18 hour days the past 3 days on shit that’s 50x better and will never get any recognition.

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