Scary speech by gentleman with a "masters degree in communication"

Ohio councilman Phil Davison screams and shoots eye daggers at the people he hopes will vote for him to be Stark County Treasurer.

The best part is the way he frequently pauses his artificial anger to read his script. The college that gave him a "masters degree in communication" ought to be stripped of its accreditation. Scary Stump Speech of the Day



  1. Wow. Just… Wow. I think Bill Murray could play this guy in the inevitable biopic. Maybe he’s too old and mellow now.

    What’s really scary about this guy is wondering what kind of world he perceives that a presentation like that makes sense to him. Has he done pitches like this before? And not been ridiculed?

    13 years in public (village?) service… Is it just him, or do others drinking the same water have similar reactions to stressful situations? Love the little hiccup when he misquotes Einstein…

    “Aggressive campaigner” wow… if government could only be like WWF…

    And now the audience starts to giggle.

    INfest— ation. Wow.

    1. He sounds more like he’s doing an imitation of Chris Farley’s motivational speaker. “And I will do my job as Stark County Treasurer where I do all my work…IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!”

  2. Utterly fantastic. In his next job, when he recites specials like ROAST LOIN OF PORK IN A MANGO CREAM SAUCE!! there will be tears. Tears! God I miss Sam Kinison.

  3. Here’s a thought, mad as this gentleman appears, he surely is the most memorable speaker of the evening. I mean, how many other candidates for Stark County Treasurer have YOU heard of? Getting his name out there, that’s for damn sure.

    Mind you, he’s doing it using the Dwight Schrute method…

  4. wow, painful to watch. Assuming 4 year terms, it’s hard to believe he was elected 3 times. He comes off like a freakin’ maniac. He is, however, registered to the appropriate party.

  5. This can’t be real, can it? If it is, that man has my vote. I like to see maniacs and psychopaths in public office.

  6. His presentation technique is a little frightening to say the least. I don’t see how effective an administrator he could possibly be when he demonstrates his propensity for being a complete and utter psychopath.

  7. Dr Hibbert: Your playing days are over my friend. But you can always fall back on your degree in [checking chart] communications!? Oh dear lord!

    Lubchenko: I know. Is phony major. Lubchenko learn nothing. Nothing! [Weeps]

  8. Sure Phil, you can have the nomination.

    Just please don’t hurt me.

    [back away slowly, don’t look at his eyes]

  9. I now finally know how to hold up my fingers to represent the number 13.

    The guy’s an absolute natural, just not an absolute natural politician. Perhaps he missed the technique of writing your name and other pertinent points on your hand, though.

    At least he knows how to add a little passion to the position of treasurer, so by all means, HE SHOULD GO FOR IT!

  10. Correction Mark, the headline should read “Scary speech by gentleman with a “MASTERS DEGREE IN COMMUNICATION”.

  11. what makes this hilarious is that if he spoke in a normal voice, this would be a (mostly) average, boring, political speech.

    1. Perhaps: but then, politicking requires a lot of public speaking. It seems a crucial skill for that profession…
      Perhaps he ought to try again next time, and meanwhile, work to improve his public speaking skills:

      A skill, the obtaining of which could aid many people, not just politicians, as they go through their social lives, and which may be learned and perfected through application and experience.
      In all honesty, people really ought to get better at it – particularly in a democracy.

  12. This guy is a freaking genius! When’s the last time this many people watched a councilman’s speech?

  13. insane. completely insane. Someone needs to put a shock collar around his neck so that he never gets past the perimeter

  14. “Albert Einstein issued one of my most favorite quotes in the history of the spoken word… if only I could REMEMBER IT.”

    1. I thought the same thing…that he reminded me of an angry Steve Ballmer…except for Ballmer could remember his speech for longer than 5 seconds.

  15. Wow.Scary.Scary because the man is a few cents short of a dollar in thinking this was an appropriate way to seek nomination, scary x 2 if this is what you get with a Masters in Comm wherever he went…the likes of the ‘machines’ run by Carville, Obama (sorry – never bothered with Republican election programs, not enough at least to learn the names of who ran them)would chew on him before breakfast…doomed to circle the drain of lower echelon micro-local politics for the rest of his life I fear.Perhaps they need a shouty, sociopathic assistant litter warden (parks 1-2/10)in Poughkeepsie?

  16. @Davidget and muteboy:

    That sumbitch. You tell him, I think he’s a damn fool, Ed. You tell him I said so – H.I. McDonnough. If he wants to discuss it, he knows where to find me: in the Maricopa County Maximum Security Correctional Facility For Men State Farm, Road Number 31, Tempe, Arizona! I’LL BE WAITIN’! I’ll be waitin’.

  17. My earlier comment was deleted by the moderator. It said that “TelePrompTers are for f*gs.” It was satire, not gay bashing. I meant no disrespect toward homosexuals and I think that they would understand that. More than anything, I was making fun of right wingers. Obama has been widely ridiculed by them for using a teleprompter yet this gentleman, Phil Davison, would clearly benefit from it. You overreacted by deleting my comment and hurt my feelings, boingboing.

    1. “Teleprompters are for sissies” = levity/satire.

      “Teleprompters are for [offensive epithet]” = try again.

    2. So in your world calling someone gay is an insult and “making fun of them”?

      THAT’S what makes it offensive; not your lexical choice.

      And claiming that ‘they’ wouldn’t be offended is pushing it isn’t it? If I were of that persuasion I would be extremely offended not only that you chose such a derogatory word but also that you felt it was an insult when used in that context.

      If you didn’t think there was anything wrong with homosexuality then surely it would be as impactful as saying “TelePrompTers are for humans”.
      I think you would have been better of leaving your comment deleted and not trying to explain your obvious ignorance.

      1. Anon, you should go back and read willykea’s post or work on your reading comprehension. He wasn’t making fun of people by calling them gay. He was making fun of their hypocritical disdain for teleprompters – George Bush used them all of the time and that was okay but Barack Obama is a sissified idiot that can’t deliver a speech without one. He probably should have put his comment in quotes or something to indicate that it wasn’t his opinion but the likely sentiment of the subject of the video, who obviously wasn’t using a teleprompter.

  18. “Not only are we going to New Hampshire … we’re going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we’re going to California and Texas and New York! And we’re going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan. And then we’re going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House, Yeeeeeaaaaaargh!

  19. Okay, at long last I have finally stopped laughing and have caught my breath. And yet I’m still speechless.

  20. From Wikipedia:

    Sissy is a pejorative for a boy or man to indicate that he fails to behave according to the traditional male gender role. Generally, it implies a lack of the courage and stoicism which are thought important to the male role. It might also imply interests seen as strikingly un-masculine. This pejorative may be given to anyone as an insult. Several variations, such as “sissy boy” or “sissy baby”, exist and any term can become pejorative or insulting if preceded by “sissy” and applied to a boy or a man. Sissy is the male converse of tomboy, but has none of the latter’s positive connotations. Even amongst gay men, behavior thought of as sissy or camp produces mixed reactions. Other similar terms include “wimp,” “wuss,” “femboy,” and “pussy.”

    Pejorative = offensive.

    You must take down the “sissy” post if you’re going to take down the “fag” post.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking while watching this. Those vocal tremors? The back-and-forth pacing? The random saccades? Dude. C’mon. Rotate your benzos if you need to, but get back on that med-go-round. Your mental well-being is worth more than winning an election.

      Mr. Davidson will need time to understand this truth. Luckily, time is now on his side: he lost the nomination to Alex Zumbar.

  21. Before submitting such a thread, I would have hoped the author would have actually researched what a master’s of communication entails. First, having a master’s in communication doesn’t make you a master at public speaking or even communicating. Theoretically it should, however, that is fallacious an assumption as assuming that a master’s in sociology makes you more socially adept. It is the study of communication, which branches off into almost every other discipline imaginable (psychology, medicine, political science, etc.), not HOW TO BE A BETTER COMMUNICATOR.

    In reality, most communication programs only offer a gen ed level public speaking course, which is the same almost every major is required to take.

    So…gee, I am having a hard time communicating how this thread fails because I never took a course in politeness.

    1. Excellent idea, Galaxyhead, and I do hope that Mr Davison will be gratified that at least some good may come from this speech.

  22. I think he needs a doctor, something is wrong.

    The over the top screaming isn’t fooling anyone, but he’s truly scary in those quiet moments when he’s trying to look normal.

  23. Out of respect for the blog and the group, I will not comment any further after this on this topic. Given the context, most would not consider my original post offensive and I don’t believe I expressly violated the terms of the moderation policy. Telling someone to “shut up” in an attempt to quash intellectual discourse, however, robulus, is certainly very base and offensive. Your holier-than-thou, bully-like comment places me in a position where I’m some sort of jackass for replying, which is not the case. I’ve been a boingboing fan and reader for about the last ten years and I will continue to be. I’m sure that everyone will forgive you for being a busybody and trying to be the moderator, when Antinous has done such a yeoman’s job of it for so long.


      Please avoid using offensive words like avttre, snttbg and phag, which have been ROT13ed for your reading pleasure.

      I did tell you to shut up about it. Sorry if you found it dickish, but you are really going on and on about it. Quite dickishly.

      I was, and remain, unaware of any intellectual discourse that is in danger of being quashed.

      And yes, if I’d scrolled down and read Antinous’ post, I probably wouldn’t have bothered, and we all could have moved on with our lives, and put this unpleasantness behind us. There you go, eh?

      1. At the risk of getting off topic: Does anyone else find it a bit ironic that one of the ROT13ed offensive words in this list is the phonetic equivalent of the offensive word being debated here? (I’m not taking sides in the ongoing debate, mind you. I just found it interesting and perversely amusing.)

  24. I have to agree with willykea here. In the context in which he used the word, riffing on a cultural meme, the use of the “word which must not be mentioned” would not be considered offensive by reasonable people. A word that is usually offensive is not automatically offensive in every context. There’s a big difference between calling someone a pejorative and using same pejorative as part of a common phrase in order to parody the mindset of those who would use that phrase. Sorry, I know this is off topic but mindless application of rules gets under my skin. Especially when I encounter it among a community of intelligent thinking people.

    1. Good point, you should have that discussion with Laura Schlessinger.

      OK. I am actively derailing the thread now. I’ll stop it at once.

    2. A word that is usually offensive is not automatically offensive in every context. There’s a big difference between calling someone a pejorative and using same pejorative as part of a common phrase in order to parody the mindset of those who would use that phrase.


      Nope. It wasn’t like using N-Jim in Mark Twain.
      Which was never used a pejorative in that book.
      It was using F@G as pejorative, and insult. The fact it’s being used against a heterosexual is minor. The fact it’s somewhat accepted by so called intelligent people is disturbing.

      Okay..try it at work. Call a co-worker a f@g. Put it in your common language at your work place; and see how long it takes for to HR boot you. Why not, if you really think it’s acceptable–do it in your workplace. Please try it.

  25. AIDE: (Inaudible, whispers in DAVISON’s ear)

    DAVISON (to AIDE): It’s not?

    AIDE shakes head

    DAVISON (to audience, in a suddenly well-modulated, perfectly calm tone of voice): I’m terribly sorry, ladies and gentlemen. I have just been informed that this is not, in fact, Stark Raving Mad County. I sincerely regret the error.

  26. As a gay person. I do find it offensive, when used off hand as meaning “you’re less than human, not worthy to be paid attention too”.

    To use it ‘off hand’ is even worse, as you don’t see anything wrong.

    Despite the so called cultural meme. It’s like using the N word. (ask Dr. Laura). Cultural ‘memes’ that become acceptable that degrade a group of people are the sneaking memes that result in bigotry. Your intent might not be there on the surface, but it’s falling in line with those that wish gays to be second class citizens–and you should be called out for it in respectable conversations.

  27. I understand he uses the same delivery for pep talks to the little league team he coaches, when he gives a sermon at his church, and when he and his wife share pillow talk after an intimate evening.

  28. I can’t decide if this is funny as hell or frightening as hell!

    I want to laugh the guy off the stage, but I’m afraid if I don’t vote for him, he’ll lunge at my throat and start choking me!

    And I don’t even live in Ohio. He’s just that scary!

    This is epic. WE NEED A REMIX!

  29. I would also like to see this video dubbed with crazy Hitler speech audio and vice-versa.

    p.s. words only hurt if you let them.

  30. Make fun of it if you want, but his tone of voice has resulted in the speech getting a whole lot more attention than I bet the Stark county treasurer’s office election has ever gotten before. So who’s to say he’s not a very effective communicator?

  31. The pacing back and forthis a nice touch. Any minute I expected him to jump and smack someone in the face.

  32. Isn’t a communication degree a technical thing? i.e. the internet as opposed to speaking?

    Not to rain on the parade …

  33. Against my better judgement I’m going to reply to Sam1148. I understand your point of view and I’m not intending to antagonize you but I stand by my previous statement.
    I was talking about context. I believe your choice of venue illustrates my point – the rules for what is acceptable at work are for many good, and some bad, reasons significantly more strict that what is acceptable in conversation on, say, a website where a wide variety of subjects, some of which would be inappropriate at work are presented and discussed.
    In the choice between freedom of expression and avoiding offending people at all costs, I come down on the side of freedom of expression.
    I would like to think that the portion of the moderation policy referred to here was created to avoid people insulting others with crude epithets, not to avoid the acknowledgement that some people use said epithets in their utterances. I would also like to think that people here could be allowed to use whatever language they like as long as it’s within the spirit of the moderation policy. If Willykea had said what he posted in meatspace, in the tone and manner intended, do you believe anyone would have been compelled to punch him (the test suggested in the mod pol)?
    If the post had stood, I think it would have been perfectly appropriate for you, or anyone, to point out that that particular usage of the word was offensive to you, and why; and perhaps even some understanding might have come out of the situation. But what happened instead is someone reflexively deleted his comment because it seemed to violate the letter of the law. Okay, I promise to shut up about this now.

  34. Well, he’ll never need help from Garrett Morris, President of the New York School for the Hard of Hearing. Seriously, this guy is nuts.

  35. Davison surely studied Hitler and Goebbels. They did the exact same thing, shouting, rolling with their eyes, pacing back and forth, exchanging anger and pleading, screaming and yelling. He got his Masters degree from watching old Nazi Speech videos.


  36. I’d really like for him to move to my area and become a weather man for one of our local stations. I’d watch.

  37. i stopped watching this video clip at the 2 minute mark, because I feared this freak was going to jump out of the computer and murder my entire family. no way this guy is for real.

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