Learn like a kindergartner all your life: play, design and share

Here's MIT Media Lab prof Mitch Resnick talking about "Lifelong Kindergarten," a one-hour talk on "how new technologies can help extend kindergarten-style learning to people of all ages, enabling everyone to learn through designing, playing, and sharing."

Lifelong Kindergarten: Design, Play, Share, Learn (Thanks, Aviso, via Submitterator!)


  1. One thing I learned from tending kids is that there is no one-size-fits-all anything. I never met two kindergarteners that were alike inside their heads.

    Which is very wonderful, if you think about it…

  2. play design share, hm? sounds like being in a band or some other collective creative pursuit (like a community garden/farm or theater group) no new tech needed at all! The song is the software.

  3. Example of type of think Life Long Kindergarten does in 30 second video:

    Life Long Kindergarten has helped LEGO make Lego Mindstorms, and several other projects that have gotten out in the world. See the home page

    Another Life Long Kindergarten project explained in 30 seconds:

    If anyone has questions about the group I’m happy to answer.

    (disclaimer: i am a member of the lifelong kindergarten group as a graduate student and researcher)

  4. If anyone hasn’t got around to watching the video, the screenshot at the start is of Scratch, an excellent object-oriented programming tool that I had the pleasure of trying out a few months ago (I stumbled across it quite by accident, as ever in my case). I think it makes programming a heck of a lot easier…

    1. I just started back to school double majoring in CompSci and Mathematics. We just started using Scratch for a few homework assignments to begin to think like a programmer, and learn problem solving and whatnot. I must say, as childish as it looks, it is a LOAD of fun, and can be quite challenging if you’ve never problem-solved in that manner before.

  5. Why I became an engineer:

    1) I’m paid
    2) to play
    3) with someone else’s toys

    To me, the world is one big box of legos and no enforced nap time.

  6. I’ve played with the Scratch programming system, and it’s really clever. I have a background in programming and was very impressed with the way it took even the complex ideas and made them accessible. You can do just about anything you want to in there, and it’s a great way to introduce kids to the concept of creating their own toys on a computer.

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