Odd schoolbook cover image

Screen Shot 2010-09-13 At 10.45.46 Am

Where was this photo taken?


  1. That’s a photo taken inside of the classic Dungeons and Dragon’s module The Tomb of Horrors. Watch out kids! Do not stick your hands inside of the mouth. I won’t give away the ending.

  2. Dear god! I had that book back in grade school! I always assumed that it was a photo from a science museum on the East coast, but (obviously) I never looked checked to be sure. It was effective in scaring me away from a career in the sciences, though.

  3. A Survey of Elementary School Health Education in West Virginia
    Check Wiley about the publication; and the American School Health Association.

  4. Did I mention that the children are transfixed by what appears to be a delicious, dangly little candy bar hanging at the back of the giant mouth?
    Mmmm, candy. So close. Reach in, kids, reeeeach right in!


  6. Heart attack time! I had this book in jr high school and was so upset by the cover that I put a paper bag jacket on it. I must have conflated it in memory with an image from Man and His Symbols because for years I’ve remembered the face as having two sets of eyes, one above the other… ah, youth.

  7. I believe that’s the Halitosis Exhibit from the Museum of Science in Boston.

    (Just kidding, I have no idea where that’s from.)

  8. Back in the 70’s the Museum of Science in Boston did have an exhibit on the human body with larger-than-life models like the one on the cover of this book. I don’t remember this particular model being part of it, but hey, I was in junior high school and the models of human reproduction were way more interesting than a model of a mouth. That said, I bet lots of science museums had similar exhibits in the 70’s. So this could really be from anywhere.

  9. To re-purpose a Lewis Black joke:

    Finally, a mouth big enough to handle a man like [insert your name here]!

  10. My guess is the Hinsdale Health Museum in Hinsdale, Illinois… I went there when I was in high school in the early 70’s.

  11. % Kearney grabs Ralph and tosses him into a large model ear.

    Kearney: Tell it to the ear, baby.
    Bart: [laughs] Good one, guys.
    Kearney: Simpson, go kiss the virtual ass!
    Bart: Yes, sir.

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