"Miracle" cure actually industrial bleach

"The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment." — The FDA, on why snakeoil alternative medicine product Miracle Mineral Solutions is not likely to be healing anybody anytime soon. (Via The Guardian)


    1. Hilarious, WisconPlatt! Also, knowing the alternative/homeopathic nuts that I know, they will be more likely to use MMS now. “What is the FDA trying to hide! The mainstream health industry is so scared of real cures!” and so on.

  1. I can’t decide whether this is dangerous quackery, or some evil genius trying to kill people who’ll believe anything…

  2. Snake oil is one thing, hazardous chemicals and noxious poisons are another. Get it together FDA, stop taking your kickbacks and go ahead flush this crap along with all other “natural remedy potions” and dick pills and such down a giant toilet – provided they don’t form some kindof pyrogolic witch’s brew when mixed.

    Why would anyone make this shit? Are they sick, playing God, trying to get human evolution moving forward again? Or are they just sick and want to kill as many people as they legally can get away with, even though they’re only killing paying customers (and possibly their family/friends as well by buying it)?

  3. But they’re right! Bleach *does* kill most diseases. And, they’d get even *higher* rates of disease-kill if the entire body was dissolved away in a sulphuric acid bath.

  4. A friend of mine’s father tried this sodium chlorite stuff when he was trying to get off medications for chronic pain.

    I don’t know if it worked. My guess is that it didn’t, and if anything good happened, it was the placebo effect. It did make him poop a lot.

    Note that sodium chlorite is used in some mouthwashes (TheraBreath, for example), presumably for the legitimate purpose of killing bacteria and oxidizing other compounds (the VOCs that make your breath smell, if you believe the literature for the mouthwash.)

  5. The charlatans who sell this stuff aren’t going after your average homeopathic hippie. This poison is being marketed as a cure for some pretty nasty ailments, many of which don’t have effective treatments. Enduring the pain of your own body eating itself alive is enough to compromise many an otherwise intelligent person’s critical thinking skills.

    1. Agreed, Brainspore. My wife hides the guns when I have migraines, since they prevent me from thinking correctly.

      If you’re blinded by pain, and you snort half a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper, for a little while you will be unaware of anything other than your nose. It’s not really any less painful, just a change of pace.

  6. I once remember seeing a pamphlet for injected hydrogen peroxide, it claimed it was like hyperbaric oxygen treatment. While it sounds like something worth investigating for some zany SCUBA free dive party(what about the CO2 dummy?) I shudder at what bleaching your blood would do to you.

  7. My wife hides the guns when I have migraines, since they prevent me from thinking correctly.

    Indeed; I’ve noticed how guns seem to prevent people from thinking straight.

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