Dainty, laser-cut glasses-frames

Spotted today at my school-visit in Gutersloh, Germany: these swish laser-cut glasses-frames, all lacy and 21st century. As worn by Frau Corsmeyer, proprietor of the remarkable Buch Handlung Markus, a bookstore in a 17th-century, half-timbered building that dates to the 30 Year War. Don't know the manufacturer -- do you?

Update: They're Lafont Borgias -- thanks, Anonymous!

Laser-cut frames


  1. I can see some print on the earpiece in the photo. Did you happen to copy down any of it? Sometimes you can find frames by searching for model names and part numbers.

  2. Laser cutting can be pricey, but works for very small runs. Stamping is cheap for mass production. Mask etching would be customizable and cheap. Maybe even doable as a home project.

  3. Hmmm… I’ve got a spare set of glasses around. Shapeways, here I come!

    Apple Bottom has laser cut temples, but not like that.

  4. This type of design has become more popular in the Northwest lately. I have a few Nine West in my office that look quite a bit like that in the $130-180 price range. the Pro-Designs that #7 mentioned also have many with that same type of laser-cut temples. They tend to run more in the $200-400 range.

    Even the cheap knock-off brands are starting to do this a lot more.

  5. These are the most delicate ones I’ve seen, but cutout earpieces were all over the place when I bought frames this summer. (In the Great Plains; not some mecca of high fashion.)

    Not that it makes these any less lovely.

  6. The talk of earpieces makes me think that it would be cool if they could apply the technology to headphone braces.

  7. For God’s sake, forget the glasses. I want to know more about the building the bookstore was in, maybe even a few pictures?

  8. OOOOH Raging mea culpa!!!!!! I did the jump and looked at the photos, waaaay cool. Next time I will be less distracted….um, and whiney.

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