Erotic Monster Manual entries

Something Awful's "WTF D&D?!" column held a contest for its readers, asking them to send in entries for an "Erotic Monster Manual." Lots to like here, but the bikini-clad gelatinous cube by Mason takes the cake (or the jelly mould).

The Erotic Monster Manual Contest Winners


      1. Pretty sure we’re looking at what’s left of a hot fighter babe who missed her saving throw. Maybe a barbarian. But hey! Not judging–whatever turns you on. (Knew a guy once who always had to excuse himself from the table and “go to the bathroom” whenever we encountered a Beholder.)

  1. There actually already exists a d20 book called the Book of Erotic Fantasy, that has loads of ideas for various ways to include sexiness in DnD campaigns. It has spells, items and, yes, monsters.

    But I’m sure SA will bring the funny quite well too :P

  2. Sadly most of the entries in this contest lack any originality – their idea of ‘erotic’ = put breasts on it.

    1. Have you never read the monster manual? Or even the words in the article? If you are just going to look at the pictures of boobies, than why complain that they are badly drawn and don’t even belong on the creature that they are badly drawn on?

  3. It has indeed ingested a female warrior. Gelatinous cubes can digest only organic material. The lucky(?) adventurer who slays the above cube will be rewarded with any equipment still contained therein, the equipment will, however, corrode over time within the monster.

  4. Any DnD fans who don’t know somethingawful should read the whole “WTF, DnD” series. They’re amazing, almost as good as the early fashion SWATs.

  5. There’s some Jello on the cover of my book.
    There’s some Jello on the cover of my book.
    It is clear and it is sexy,
    It is nowhere in the text, it
    is the Jello on the cover of my book.

  6. Strictly speaking, is there any actual difference between “digest” and “corrode over time within the monster”?

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